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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 17



Observing the current influence Reef and Sheyan possessed, that longbow woman from before shrank into a corner;feeling vexed and dispirited, she no longer dared to speak up anymore. Reef wasn't a scumbag tyrant;he gestured everyone else to rest up till they were almost completely healed. Then they proceeded to rush towards the Illume-union's region.

One had to admit, Reef was indeed one who understood the bigger picture. Although he had dueled with the Illume-union several times, since both parties were now on the same boat, he would naturally think for the other party. Yet truthfully, this was also his weakness. A selfless and righteous individual, this was no doubt a tough path to traverse on in this realm. As the proverb goes;water that is too clear has few fish, and one who is too critical has few friends. If his manner of governance always differed from others, then even one who possessed unsurmountable strength would be washed out eventually.

The reason why Sheyan had decided to help the southern battlefield first, was obviously for the Illume-union to pile up more casualties. This was due to staying with them briefly before. Hence, he understood the underlying terror of their party. He reckoned that they would definitely become their greatest enemy with regards to vying for the Golden side mission. Sheyan didn't harbour extravagant hopes that the major powers of the Illume-union would suffer losses. But at least, the supporting crew would be damaged substantially. This was akin to sampling if a citrus was too sweet, one had to first peel off its external skin!

While Sheyan followed Reef as they arrived hastily at the northern battlefield, he finally caught glimpse of Pandora's apex land predator, Thanator. It's overall appearance was akin to a magnified black leopard;with its glossy black skin and yellow/red stripes, its maliciousness multiplied manifold.

Around its rear skull, there were 10 strands of beard like sensory quills. These quills were like sensory amplifiers, increasing the Thanator's senses by ten folds. As it widened its jaws, this savage creature revealed a folded upper lip, leaving its largest fangs to stretch out. The speed of its neck and jaw strike would swiftly crunch out terrifying damage to enemies. Moreover, it had solid armour covering its neck all the way to its tail.

At present, this impressive legendary creature was ravaging through the crowd. However, the Thanator's mobility no longer appeared agile;and vividly noticeable, it seemed to have glue poured over it. Such a hunting trick that was as subtle and gentle, as mundane as breathing or eating, definitely required a huge consumption of energy to produce it. As for its ferocious claws and lethal fangs, it could only lash them out against several summoned creatures pestering around it. The contestants were frantically dishing out damage, beating till it roared passively.

Previously when Uzel scouted, he didn't dare go near the battlefield. Hence, he couldn't obtain a report on the Thanator. Now, he displayed his full abilities.

Junior Thanator (Tier-2 legendary creature) (Thunder beast)

Na'vi tongue: Palulukan

Scientific name: Thanatora Ferox

Height: 2.5 metres, exceeds 5.5 metre in length

Weight: over 2 tons

Description: Pandora's apex land predator. Six legged sprinter. Even Na'vi, renowned for their courage, would shiver in fear by its approach. Na'vi folks would never sing nor dance to extol it.

Strength: 30 points

Agility: 50 points (Max)

Physique: 25 points

Spirit: ? ?

Intelligence: ? ?

Legendary creature ability: 'Mother-earth skin' lvl 4 - Grants additional 15,000 HP/ lvl 4 effect, grants additional 6 HP per 5 seconds regeneration.

Legendary creature ability: 'Iron will' lvl 1 - most speed reduction effects would be bad against this creature.

Creature ability: 'Lightning pace' (Passive) - movement speed and attack speed are significantly enhanced.

Creature ability: 'Brutal' (Passive) - When attacking, it easily results in loss of blood, fracturing or other negative states. The Thanator's assault damage increases by 10% against enemies in negative states, maximum stack of 50%.

Creature ability: 'Quill sensor' (Passive) - Possess an extremely powerful foreseeing sense towards danger. Lowers enemy's explosive strike rate by 30%, raising its own evasion by 15%.

Creature ability: 'Tail-whip' (Active) - The Thanator's tail is its greatest weapon. It can ruthlessly slash opponents like a whip, dealing a (strength x4) damage and stun the enemy. Duration of 5 seconds.

Realm war additional bonus: grant additional 200,000 HP/grants additional 30 HP per 5 seconds regeneration.

Suddenly, the Thanator sent a contestant flying with its tail, before turning to glare at the valkyrie's interior channel;as it howled sorrowfully. Its sensory quills suddenly swelled and flared up, demonstrating a menacing expression. The movement of these quills were either for warning or flaunting, which was rather similar to a peacock displaying its plume during mating season!

Instead, Sheyan took notice of the Thanator's savage flashlight gaze towards the front, he couldn't help but look over as well. Eventually, he caught a glimpse of a suspended Zi in mid air, within the darkness of the valkyrie's channel. Her legs were roughly hovering a metre above the ground, and one of her revolving rhombus globes had vanished. She then stretched her left palm remotely towards the Thanator, and maintained this posture.

’’Seems like we've came too early.’’ Sheyan sighed in his heart. With one sweep of his gaze, he could tell the Illume-union had lost over 10 members. However, their displayed prowess was merely the tip of the iceberg;such show of force was already extremely lofty, yet beneath that, hid the majestic portion of the iceberg which was still a mystery! The entire Illume-Union party appeared exceedingly calm.

Furthermore, Sheyan also noticed that Reef and Archeaphill should've been former acquaintances. Their stares towards each other seemingly rubbed out tension sparks.

Faced with this situation, the westerners dared not be rash;but only remained at the outskirts and lured several elite viperwolves before slaughtering them. At least 2 dark blue keys were produced from that. Then they returned to their western region and made further defensive preparations. Of course right now, there was no need for any instructions. The contestants who had tasted the sweetness of strategy begun to take care of the carcasses themselves, cleansing the bloodstains neatly. They had even dug 3 different pit locations this time, naturally this was to better segregate the famished wild beasts.

At this moment, a black cloud of beasts once again approached from afar.......


Nightfall. After an entire 4 hours, the blood soaked and brave fighters finally heard a deafening broadcast from the internal of the valkyrie.

「 Please return to the shuttle, please return to the shuttle 」

「 Shuttle's powered unilateral nuclear fusion power engine is restored. 3 minutes to optical interference shade. Defensive shade possesses untold camouflaging capability. During the night, Pandorian creatures will be unable to pinpoint the shuttle's position. The safety of the passengers will be secured till 8 the next day 」

Upon hearing this news, many contestants immediately slumped down in exhaustion after entering the interior channel of the valkyrie;splashing water onto their faces as they sunk to sleep. Actually, Sheyan had realized one thing from the battling. Digging pits and burying the carcasses could only lessen the quantity of ordinary incoming beasts. Those powerful legendary creatures seemed to be unaffected one bit.

During the last waves of attacks, though there weren't new sightings of high tiered legendary creatures;the sheer quantity of them would be doubled or even tripled every time. Such a quantity was something that even a powerful party like the Illume-union couldn't withstand. Fortunately, the legendary creatures didn't flock over, and most of the ordinary aggressors were enticed by the buried carcasses. Thus, it allowed the contestants a break through chance.

The other regions were similarly no fools, after have bizarre packs of beasts running over from the western region, they immediately started to make investigations of the western side;trying to understand why the wild beasts were seemingly deterred by their side. In the end, such a simple matter of cleaning up the battlefield remains was rapidly learned by them. Still, after persisting till night fall, the remaining quantity of contestants had been reduced to around half!

But of course one must understand;it wasn't that many contestants had been killed, the keyword was reduced. Contestants who had survived till now, had long ago learnt to accept reality. Therefore, many contestants upon realizing things weren't looking good, had renounced their participation;paying up a hefty price of 3 highest basic attribute and 5 achievement points. Besides, living remained the basic principle.

At this moment, 5 RDA workers from the cockpit of the valkyrie emerged. They walked down from the highest floor, and finally stopped at the central region of the shuttle. After an announcement that merely scratched the surface on what was wrong in the shuttle, they located a place to settle down as well.

Every contestant could utilize pocket computers they were given, to engage in inquiries. Furthermore, they could purchase medical supplies/equipment/recipes/unknown strange objects etc. However, the only currency usable was their RDA battle contributions.

In a flash, those 5 workers were naturally encircled by an impenetrable crowd, so much so that even a mosquito would find it hard to join in. Sheyan constantly observed the 5 workers in deep thought. He even attempted to climb up valkyrie floor, but was instead warned by a robotic sound upon reaching the top;warning him of this forbidden zone. If he persisted in entering, his battle contributions would be deducted entirely by the RDA company;and the ship-based weapons would turn hostile.

Of course Sheyan wouldn't persist in entering the second floor, forbidden zone. He pondered thoughtfully before nodding, then returning back down and coup himself in a corner. At present, most of the contestants had assembled at the central aisle of the shuttle's hall. They were sitting in distinct groups, and casted watchful glances towards each other.


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