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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 15


Chapter 15: That gun........

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The Illume-union was clearly stronger, yet their situation turned out to be the worst. Hence, there could only be one reason.

The appearance of a legendary creature! The creature storming through the western and southern regions was a cumbersome, solid and mighty legendary creature, the Sturmbeest. Instead, the legendary creature the Illume-union was facing, was actually a giant leopard like creature!

According to Uzel's description, it seemed like the creature was the apex land predator of planet Pandora, a Thanator! Which was also known as Palulukan in the na'vi tongue, which meant dry mouth, bringer of fear!

Not only did it possessed shocking strength, it had the agility that a Sturmbeest lacked!

Just by thinking of Archeaphill's heavy shield, one could tell this was indeed an unfavourable match up. Once he squared off with a highly agile enemy, multiple loopholes could definitely be exploited. These loopholes not only mean that his situation would be perilous, but even the defensive line with Archeaphill as its core, would be burdened with holes.

Citing the earlier western region battle;once Reef retreated, Sheyan would still be able to temporarily mend the defensive gap. Yet even if Archeaphill could afford to leave his fort to deal with the Thanator, how would Huckle possibly assume such an immense responsibility? Never ever forget, alongside the Thanator were floods of viperwolves and slingers. More crucially, they were further reinforced by loose beasts from the western region......

Reef stroked his brows as he spoke to Sheyan.

’’Even though I have a previous grudge with the Illume-union;but talking about now, if they were to be defeated, then we definitely wouldn't be able to hold the fort until the Golden side Mission surfaces.’’

Sheyan's gaze flickered, immediately recalling about those few core members of the illume-union that hadn't acted out. He immediately called Uzel over to inquire on several matters before ordering into the party channel.

’’Rescuing the Illume-union is definitely a must, but I feel we should advance to the southern region first.’’

Reef was slightly surprised, wanting to question but Sheyan immediately hastened him.

’’Time is tight.’’

Reef sighed deeply, nodding his head as he followed according to their discussion;selecting 6 guys with the heavy burden of aiding the southern battlefield. Amongst the six were sniper Jin Ximin that Reef had rescued previously, twin-daggers agile specialist Lille, party member Jemu of the 'Sons of Caden's' and bowman 70mah of the 'Gothic' party. Apart from Jemu, everyone else was a high ranking member in their respective areas.

Currently back at the southern battlefield, it wasn't a safer haven like what they had imagined it to be. The combination of viperwolves and slingers sufficed to cause headaches. What more, throwing additionally into the pot, was a tyrannical giant bull recklessly charging around, dissolving the defensive formations into disarray. Still, their offensive output seemed rather exceptional, and they followed the tactic of annihilating the slingers first, then the viperwolves and finally the Sturmbeest. Nevertheless, they still had to constantly evade the charge of the Sturmbeest. Since they didn't possess a Reef calibre person to tank the Sturmbeest, they had to cruelly sacrifice lives in the process!

This tactic was undoubtedly equivalent to offering any arbitrary life to the boss Sturmbeest. Strictly speaking, once the Sturmbeest locked onto someone, based on its cumbersome flaw, then chances of surviving for long and even escaping would surface as long as one repeatedly circled around it! However, that was in a 1v1 situation! This was a messy as hell battlefield, where contestants were distracted and deadlocked in gruesome combat with other viperwolves and slingers. Therefore, death was inevitable.

But at this moment, Sheyan and company appeared!

With Mogensha leading, the 4 long range combatants raised their guns/bows in unison, aiming towards the Sturmbeest's buttocks that were in sight, before firing! Instantly, a miserably mutilated and ruptured anus could be seen.

Right then and there, the massive creature's eyes turned bloodshot;its gigantic hooves braked abruptly, producing 6 deep depressions on the ground. Amidst the puff of sand and dust, it turned and buried its huge head forward. Without hesitation, it charged towards Mogensha!

Similar to previous times, before the Sturmbeest could connect with its target, Reef had cast his 'Courage' ability. Like a war god, he sped in front of Mogensha! Raising his shimmering silver 'Alien skull' shield. A muffled boom erupted, Reef was once again sent flying as he left a trail of sorrowful blood wafting through the air!

The contestants of the southern region all gasped in surprise!

As Reef was knocked flying, he did a somersault in mid air and landed half kneeling which his left hand pressing onto the ground. Then calmly and cooly, he stood up and bandaged himself. As for the Sturmbeest, it froze right after the collision. Seizing this opportunity, Sheyan reused old tactics;tossing a flask over. Then he proceeded to cover the bandaging Reef, earning precious time for him to heal up.

The contestants at the rear naturally seized this chance to pour in frenzied assaults! With someone curbing the danger at the front, the tremendously cumbersome Sturmbeest found it extremely tough to free himself from the yoke of its aggressors. The southern contestants were in an uproar, because everyone desired to be a naked snatch thief!

Even a moron would know that a legendary creature would produce a Silver storyline grade equipment, even higher grades were a possibility. However, they were still being tied down by hundreds of viperwolves and slingers. Moreover, another notion welled up within them;which was how to snatch the Sturmbeest back from Sheyan's hands. Perhaps, only if someone possessed unprecedented might, and could deal a fatal blow to the Sturmbeest instantly. However, one still had to consider if they could tank the impending terror of the Sturmbeest's charge.....

Sheyan and the rest were both battling and retreating, gradually luring this bad boy towards the western region. With their earlier experience, though the Sturmbeest was massively formidable, being under the constant pressure from all directions, its life would swiftly deplete.

At the moment the Sturmbeest's health plunged to 20%, Sheyan suddenly noticed the back of his hand! He discovered his hairs had all erected up,

This sensation.......

This was indeed a difficult sensation to describe, it was as though his soul was being stabbed through!

Almost instantly, a gunfire echoed from the distance. The gunfire was strange, it sounded like a delayed echo that bounced through a thousand mountains valley.....the sound of an ancient mellifluous echo.

When the gunshot resounded, Sheyan immediately felt a tremendous threat. He ferociously darted forward horrendously, rolling onto the ground as dust and soil smeared against his face. Then he swung back in astoundment.

The Sturmbeest in front of him was momentarily stunned, every single attack struck against its body.

Then, its basketball sized eyes suddenly exploded, black and greyish fluids gushed out;raining over Reef and the twin-daggers agile contestant, Lille, beside him. Ash grey semi-liquid fluid spilled out of its nostrils and mouth - it was the Sturmbeest's brain sap. After a brief moment, the giant beast seemed to be stripped off its soul, and crashed to the ground!

What sort of frightening assault was this;one that could deal a one-hit-KO strike to an enormous beast, with close to 20,000 HP remaining?!

Sheyan turned his head in shock, viewing a skinny tall figure keeping a rifle. Cyan smoke lingered persistently in the air, as the figure turned around and headed back towards the south;adopting a somewhat haughty and forlorn figure. His figure arrogantly trudged forward, just like a lone wolf staggering into the distance. For some unknown reason, Sheyan suddenly recalled Diaz, who had died to the Metals professor's hands.

Bunch of western snatch thieves! I, your father can snatch it back too!

No doubt, that contestant belonged to the southern region. Although his gunshot was unable to change the fact that Sheyan and the rest would still obtain the dropped key, he had snatched away a huge portion of battle contribution. It was like a slap in the face to the western contestants. One must understand, the contestants alive now were mostly all exceptional ones. Who could tolerate such an act of provocation?

Consecutively, malicious glares flashed in several eyes, especially the twin-daggers agile contestant, Lille. It was utterly possible to imagine a guy like him handling long range combatants viciously;once he got close, everything would simply point to disaster. Fortunately, everyone's attention quickly flashed back to the silver glowing key that was dropped.

This time, Reef didn't monopolize the key. The silver key was to be arranged according to their pact - auctioned on the spot, the proceeds of the auction would then be evenly split between the participating contestants. In the end, a weapon emerged, called 'Knocker-horn'.

This weapon was a single-handed knife;enhancing strength and agility attributes. Its effects included blood loss damage, 8 points of damage neglecting opponent's defence. Yet, it just had to have a unique equipping requirement.

That was lvl 5 'Basic eloquence' (Based on charm). The weapon's description was - you had to convince the weapon's soul to be able to display its greatest potential.........

No doubt, this was starkly incompatible with Sheyan. To him who always lacked utility points and potential points, he would even take months and years to make an investment to reach 'Basic Eloquence lvl 5'. Moreover, before this, the trio had squandered their wealth before entering, and could at most produce 3,000 utility points. Their networth was even inadequate for the the lowest auction bid!

After a series of intense battle between giants*, the weapon was purchased by the party 'Sons of Caden' with 47,000 utility points, and 6 potential points.

(TN:* meaning squabbling or negotiating)


Author's notes:

Destroying the 20,000 HP Sturmbeest in a split second, is indeed a contestant's ability. But, using this ability has loads of restrictions, and will definitely not influence the balance of this novel. When this ability is publicly announced later, everyone will understand.

Guess the name of that ability!

Clue: The name of this ability comes from a fiery movie's name.


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