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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Domineering

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Everything must have a beginning and an end;for example the Red Bull I'm drinking now, or Michael Jackson's passing, or the Sturmbeest's the contestants continued chiseling at it, its life finally declined to oblivion.

It was constantly thinking of shaking off the two pesky worms in its face, and go after the clamorous, annoying houseflies further away. However, its cumbersome physique and wounded legs repeatedly provided them with ample time to escape.

What was worse, was the fact the two pesky worms were dishing out decent damage. They were like little pebbles by the riverbank;appearing insignificant, but tough enough to break someone's tooth! Carrying an unwilling grievance, this enormous beast sprayed out massive amounts of blood;emitting a reluctant and sorrowful grunt, as it despondently collapsed to the ground. Ultimately, dropping a brilliantly radiating, silver key!

At that very moment, contestants who participated in slaughtering the Sturmbeest instantly received 1000 contribution points from the RDA company.

This key.......obviously attracted every contestant's attention. Instead, it was seized by Reef;without hesitation, he flung it into the party's shared interspatial storage. Then he swept a provocative gaze around, but none stood forward to question him! Reef then blatantly issued.

’’This key is mine, whoever is unhappy can step forward now.’’

Nobody spoke up......after completing this domineering deed, Reef remained exceedingly composed. He continued with his own affairs as he sat by the ground, bandaging and mending his wounds. Discontented murmurs could be heard around, but none dared to project their resentment. Most chose to remain silent, because they understood;it was better for things to flow smoothly.

At this instant, Sheyan deeply realized the imposing dominance of a MT - ruling by force, an evil tyrant. Anger, that would be placed on others. Therefore, for even a noble and gentlemanly guy like Reef, snatching equipments were indeed reasonable!

After a brief rest, seeing that his own health had roughly recovered, Reef widened his eyes as he headed towards the crowd of 'Sons of Caden' members. He then fumed angrily.

’’Why didn't you guys follow my instructions? If you think my orders are questionable, then you should've raised it up previously! But once the operation commences, you should've followed accordingly!! Are you idiots on your first vacation in the realm? You don't know the rules?!’’

Honestly speaking, amongst the mortality ranks of the contestants, the 'Sons of Caden' members died the most! Especially that agile dual-edged blade user, he was their current leader. After being berated by Reef, a female holding onto a longbow directly screamed out.

’’Who do you think you are? On what grounds, are you throwing your weight around for?! Also, that Sturmbeest was killed by everyone, on what grounds are you monopolizing its key?’’

Reef glanced at her, snorting coldly before turning to leave. Puffing on a cigar at the side, Mogensha leaned back, his lips curving as he hugged his golden AK and laughed.

’’Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, sounds like you guys are feeling rather indignant. Then how about you guys be the tanker for the next round of beasts? Then nobody would bother.’’

The woman's face changed, gnashing her teeth at Mogensha's back figure, but not daring to do anything. She suddenly glanced towards another close combatant in her party and ordered.

’’Jemu! You hold the front next, you'll take half the spoils.’’

Jemu scoffed mockingly.

’’What can a dead corpse do with battle spoils. Previously, treating me like wind after mission completion but after being pressured by others now, you finally realized my presence? In your dreams! You think wielding a shield and being a MT is a breeze? Let me tell you, without him and his formidable assistant, yes, that Seaman also at the frontlines;our f***king pathetic frontlines would've crumbled long ago!’’

’’Just look at that person on the right, yes, that one toying with those twin daggers. Do you know who is he? That is Lille who slaughtered 7 members of Ahdi's party in one breath! Yes, that haughty, rash and ill-mannered brat, he was someone who wholeheartedly listened to Reef's orders.....’’

Meanwhile, this period of rest had concluded. Mogensha unloaded a clip towards the faraway pack of viperwolves who were still unearthing their dead comrades from the pit;naturally his actions agitated the remaining portion of viperwolves. However, regarding the viperwolves whose deadliness lies within their pack;after getting familiar with their attack patterns, their individual threat had lessened substantially.

But with sheer numbers, they still offered unparalleled terror.

After several contestants had coordinated with Reef's formidable 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', the veterans who had long acclimatized to this world's battles swiftly and efficiently concluded the battle with overwhelming superiority.

One noteworthy observation was that for the remainder of the battle;whatever keys or drop loots, Reef no longer hogged them for himself. Even when a dark blue glowing key surfaced beside him, it was no exception. As for Sheyan, he himself understood the logic of this;since he had eaten the meat, he should leave the soup for others, and wholeheartedly supported Reef's behavior. In the long run, everyone still had to battle together as one. If things were done too excessively, then others would become dispirited or even rebel.

After the beast horde was cleansed, Reef called for 3 other influential and reputable contestants for a small meeting. After the meeting concluded, they formed a pact. Then they allowed that sentry contestant Uzel, an expert in reconnaissance belonging to the Gothic party, to head over to the northern and southern region to investigate their situation.

Right now, the Silver grade key earned through the supreme hegemony of MT Reef wasn't opened yet. Since there was ample time now, they opened the silver chest. Glittering silver loot appeared with a list of notifications.

’’You receive 4,200 utility points.’’

’’You receive 5 potential points.’’

’’You receive a giant bezoar. Valuable object/drug, exchangeable for 3000 utility points.’’

’’You receive a ring: Barbaric-demon pupil’’

’’You receive a horcrux: Sturmbeest's Horcrux.’’


’’Ring: Barbaric-demon pupil.’’

’’Equipment rarity: Black.’’

’’Detail: Strength +3

’’Detail: Spirit -4, charm -1, Basic long range combat -1 (If user doesn't possess this ability, effect will be void)

’’Equipment position: finger.’’

’’Material: Silicate calcium, two vulcanization salt, carbohydrate.’’

’’Equipment passive ability: Soul Irradiate - This pupil would occasionally strip off a fragment of the enemy's soul, dealing 10 points of damage that ignore defence.’’

’’Equipment ability: Horn-rage - Within a distance of 8 - 35 metres, inciting a fanatical charge towards the enemy. Enemy will be stunned for 3 seconds, does not deal damage to enemy. During the charge, your movement speed will assume the extreme limits of the world's difficulty, immune to all speed reduction effects.’’

’’Only when your strength vastly exceeds the target (Able to deal crushing damages), would you maintain the 100% accuracy rate of 'Horn-rage'. If your strength is lesser than the target, this ability cannot be activated.’’

’’No matter if you struck your target or not, you will be stunned up to 1-6 seconds after 'Horn-rage' concludes. (Duration of stun is determined by strength, the higher the strength, the shorted the stunned duration). Cooldown of 180 seconds.’’

’’Weight: 14 g.’’

Description: Brimming with vengeance, this is the pupil of the Sturmbeest. Although its soul has vanished, a portion of the Sturmbeest's abilities remained. Of course, for a Sturmbeest who worshipped fleshy strength, it naturally weakens your spirit.


Sturmbeest's horcrux

Equipment rarity: Silver Storyline grade

Usage effect: Usable on black grade equipments/weapons. Transforming them into soul artifacts, upgrading the weapon/equipment grade to Silver storyline grade.

Warning: If the horcrux is incompatible with the equipment, horcrux will be destroyed.

Material: ghost

Weight: 3 g

Description: Planet Pandora's special circumstances has caused horcruxes to appear by a wide margin. Undoubtedly, this is due to the existence of the Avatar's planet Eywa.

(TN: Eywa is the guiding force and deity of planet Pandora and the Na'vis)


Identifying that slut Jinkuang would be very interested in the giant Bezoar, Sheyan confided with Reef and Mogensha, before keeping it. As for the ring, after a series of discussion, both Mogensha and Reef had some form of reliance on Spirit, while the 3 points of strength would be a huge boost to Sheyan. Thus, Sheyan took it, and reckoned that its performance would be mindblowing if upgraded to a silver storyline grade.

Concurrently, this world's first milestone 'Meat owner' had been accomplished. It rewarded a title 'Meat owner', which increased 10% damage to the wild creatures of this world. Undoubtedly, this title took first wearable priority, although a 10% damage increase was rather commonly seen.

After 5 minutes, the reconnaissance guy nimbly rushed back. At present, the northern and southern sides were still locked in ferocious combat like a wildfire. After burying the carcasses in the western region which led to a lower enticement force on their side, many beasts had filtered off to the other regions.

According to Sheyan's previous investigations, the northern battlefield was held by the entire Illume-union. As for the southern battlefield, its constitution was slightly complicated. With a party named 'Los Marcos' as its core, the remaining 2-3 tiny parties comprised of many loose contestants. Moreover, there wasn't a leader type, cornerstone character like Reef. According to theory, the southern battlefield should be in dire straits. However, in light of the latest report - the northern Illume-union region was actually the one locked in a difficult situation!


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