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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Hidden motives

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan had to admit, the live and death of that contestant held no relations to him, however! If they allowed those who obeyed commands to die, while those uncooperative ones to survive;then no matter if he ended up dead or alive, it would be a slap against party 'Ace's' face!

Hence, at this point, Mogensha fumed loudly as he pulled out his silver short spear;the spear metamorphosed into a dancing lightning as it bounced through the viperwolves ahead of Sheyan and Reef. The 3 viperwolves didn't possess full health to begin with, and instantly exploded into a pool of flesh.

Simultaneously, Reef triggered his 'Courage' ability, as he swiftly flew and threw himself in blocking stance in front of that sniper contestant. Raising his shield, he represented the contestant to shudder the full collision of the Sturmbeest!

Howling winds first slapped against him......

The sensation of this collision, was exactly like being trapped in a landslide on the swiss alps!

At that moment of impact, the sturdy and valiant Reef was essentially blown away like a little pebble!

In that brief instance, the sparkling 'Faith guard' was thoroughly shattered, as fragments of silver shards evaporating out before dissolving into nothing. When it shattered, it reinstated 100 health to Reef.

’’Its calculated damage is......373 points!’’ Sheyan easily analyzed the collision.

And then, he threw out a flask.

A flask of flourishing curse-mix.

After the collision, the sturmbeest would inevitably halt briefly, allowing Sheyan to seize this gap to throw out his flask, as it smashed against the head of the Sturmbeest! Right now, the Sturmbeest had already left its immune to controlling effects state.

A formless shockwave swept out, a temporary confusion penetrated the giant beast as it sprawled to the ground, while grunting bewilderedly. It's unstoppable 'Wild Collision' had finally ceased, but not only that, a fog of faint greenish miasma rapidly dispersed out;enveloping it within. The fog appeared like ants swarming over it, gnawing and nibbling at its limbs.

’’Poison fog! Lowering the enemy's movement and attack speed by 20%!’’

One had to acknowledge, the colliding might of an enormous and bulky creature like the Sturmbeest was exceedingly dreadful. Its cumbersome weight added amplified deadliness to its reckless charging. However, it was important to note, its frightening weight also compounded inertia needed to maneuver back into a wild sprinting charge!

As for the effects of the poison fog, it definitely influenced its speed. After colliding with Reef with its maximum charging speed;in order for it to accelerate back to its maximum speed, it would require another 5 seconds. However, after being confused for 1 second in addition to the persisting 20% speed decline, the Sturmbeest now required an entire 15 seconds to accelerate to maximum speed.

Flying through the air and heavily crashing to the ground, the impact force continued dragging Reef for another 5-6 metres;uprooting clumps of grass and mud behind him along the way. Just when everyone was worried, Reef made an agile roll as he climbed back to his feet. Blood trickled down his scalp, covering his face instantly as he looked extremely miserable.

Without saying a word, Reef casually wiped away the blood in his eyes. Finally clasping his lightsabre shaft tightly, he strided in large steps towards the Sturmbeest!

Releasing a grandeur that of the mighty Sparta marching towards the battle of Thermopylae under the setting sun!

Before closing up on the Sturmbeest, Reef activated his 'Faith guard' once more. After squandering his MP away, Reef's survivability undoubtedly improved once again. 'Faith guard' was indeed a rather incredible ability.

Normally, with only a hundred plus MP, Reef could only treat this ability as his trump card. But now with three hundred plus MP, Reef was able to cast one whenever he felt danger. The disparity between the past and present was simply too vast to assess.

Within 20 metres of the Sturmbeest, Reef unleashed his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar'. A ferocious ripple swept out like a ring. However, the Sturmbeest only lost a little health, its movement shook a little before it recovered to its initial speed.

This was the outstanding speciality of a legendary creature - 'Iron will' !

The Sturmbeest buried its head and charged once again. Instead, the distance required to build its speed wasn't adequate, resulting in its acceleration falling short of maximum. Reef immediately darted to the side, as he made a roll before jolting back up, before continue awaiting the beast sternly. Instead, the massive Sturmbeest had already poured its fullest weight forward, and was completely unable to retract its inertia;it stumbled several metres forward before scrambling to turn around.

Seizing this opportunity, Sheyan handed his 'Endless spirited vodka' to Reef, allowing him to gulp down two mouthfuls. Sheyan then signalled towards Reef, who didn't even possess half HP now, signalling him to cut off 5-6 viperwolves who were fleeing away. Although Reef didn't understand, he still gave up on the Sturmbeest and obeyed orders.

Sheyan himself then lunged towards a heavily wounded Slinger that was on his lateral side. Pulling out his white grade shotgun, he emptied his rounds to harvest the Slinger. It was as though he had completely given up on that Sturmbeest, and paid no attention to it!

’’If you want chaos.....then I'll give you chaos!’’ Sheyan's eyes flickered with a lethal glare.

’’ANNNGGGG!’’ At this moment, the cumbersome Sturmbeest scanned around its surroundings, as it released a bewildered long grunt. It then squinted its incomparably vicious bell-shaped eyes in search of a new target. Afterward, it no longer bothered much, burying its head as it initiate its wild charging. Presently, the entire battlefield situation had shaped up to become an increasing mess, a complete disorder! Yet right now, this chaotic battlefield caused an awkward phenomenon;a lack of accelerating space for the Sturmbeest. Unlucky contestants who were smashed by it only lost about half their health, or a little more!

At this moment, the majority of the crowd were berating and cursing. ’’Where did the f***king MT go?’’ Instead, Sheyan and Reef treated their words as fart, and lazily disregarded them.

Within a short 3 minutes, the entire western battlefield was in a total upheaval. The Sturmbeest grunted bewilderedly and furiously again, lifting its front hoofs and heavily stomping the ground. Right now, at least 3 contestants had died to it. Fortunately, Mogensha and the other sniper contestant were constantly guarded by Reef, allowing them to effortlessly unite their firepower. As for the battle situation right now, though the contestants were plagued with injuries and fatigue, the remainder of wild beasts were suffering the same fate.

As time sped by, the viperwolves and slingers were utterly eradicated, leaving behind only the cumbersome Sturmbeest wildly charging throughout the battlefield. Its gaze held contempt and great disdain, as it repeatedly bellowed furiously. Without the additional smaller pesky beasts loitering by its sides, the cumbersomeness of the Sturmbeest had finally became its greatest fatality.

Reef's life had already recovered to 90% with bandages and medical supplements, he then started to directly confront and draw the Sturmbeest's attention. Sheyan continued to assist him by his side. The chaotic situation immediately returned to its orderly state. Probably because victory had came smoothly in view of their earlier few skirmishes;hence, the contestants only realized now that the previous orderly state of the battlefield was actually unfavourable. As for the crux of the matter, it was all due to the quick wittedness of this MT in front of them, the same one they clearly neglected a while back!

At this moment, people finally started listening to Reef's orders. Without selfish ambitions, they commenced destruction of the Sturmbeest's left front leg. Yet noteworthily, as the Sturmbeest's life force gradually plunged to a critical state, Sheyan and Reef started commencing their shady businesses. Once another close combatant approached, they would intentionally not intercept or draw away the Sturmbeest, allowing it to do their dirty work!

A 'Son of Caden' party member, an agile contestant wielding a double-edged blade, wanted to approach the beast in lieu of acquiring advantages. Yet Sheyan and Reef were already roughly clear on the habits of this Sturmbeest. Identifying this opportunity, they waited for the moment that contestant attacked before retreating. The agile contestant sank his double-edged blade into the Sturmbeest's flesh, delivering a terrifying blow to it. However, he hadn't anticipated that Sheyan and Reef would abruptly and shamelessly dodge away to spectate, not participating in blocking the Sturmbeest.

Consecutively, the Sturmbeest immediately retaliated against its nearest foe. With an enraged roar, it smashed its head into that agile contestant. The contestant hastily blocked with his double-edged blade, ultimately saving himself in time;but his life force was only 200 points. After suffering a merciless headbutt, he hurriedly executed his life saving ability and swallowed down a medicine;barely pulling his HP back up.

But right at that moment, the Sturmbeest had raised its towering giant hooves, and stomped down viciously!

A thunderous tremor shook the earth, unleashing a seismic wave. The 'Warstomp' severely injured that contestant, before the Sturmbeest came galloping in with a finishing blow. With a horrified shriek, the contestant was thrown 8 metres back, crashing down as his life similarly crashed to oblivion. But at this moment, when the Sturmbeest seemed to casting a vengeful glare towards the distant Mogensha, Sheyan and Reef instead hurriedly appeared in its line of sight, blocking away its charging path.

During the process of battling the Sturmbeest, all self-esteem he had lost to the Uruk-hais through the many cuts and bruises he received in the previous world, was finally redeemed. Though the Sturmbeest had an incredible offensive might of at least 150 - 250 points;but in comparison, Sheyan's physique had reached a terrifying 45 points. His defence was now 22.5 + 2 = 24.5, absorbing at least 49% of damage! His innate ability absorbed 25 damage, as though absorbing a quarter of its attack! This was all exceedingly astronomical defensive statistics!

(TN: the Sturmbeest's average damage is around 150 - 250, while its 'Wild collision' probably does more damage as seen from its max acceleration collision against Reef)


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