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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Dash and slash

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:TN and nElkassar

The imposing manner of which the Sturmbeest stampeded in, could only be described as an magnified steam train rolling in rapidly!!!

Facing such an impending horrific collision, who would dare to dash and slash?

Within the western region;there were probably a hundred or so contestants, amongst which were at least 70 long range combatants. Minusing those weirdos who picked unorthodox combat paths, and those agility based close combatants, then the genuine few would could hold the frontlines were barely more than 10. However, the only one that dared claim to be a MT, was Reef. Only he possessed a defence base innate ability! It could be told how rare a MT was.

As Mogensha sprayed out long fiery tongues through his trademark golden AK, the other long range combatants followed suit, as they commenced bombardment on the giant beast's left front leg. Of course, the battle line was as broad as nearly a hundred metres;due to awkward angles or various reasons, only a third were genuinely able to concentrate their firepower there. The rest still had to deal with the pesky average viperwolves.

Actually, if this Sturmbeest was alone;solely focusing their firepower could in fact swiftly beat out a crippling effect onto it. With a plunge in its movement speed, its threat would be reduced substantially. After all, not possessing long range offensive capabilities was its greatest flaw.

The true terror of the Sturmbeest was displayed with its ability to plough through their defensive formation, slaughtering a gap for the viperwolves behind to rummage towards the rear lines unobstructed. With such a focused assault, it instantly threw the entire battle into disarray. If an ordinary party was inflicted as such;even if they weren't annihilated, they would've suffered immense casualties!

Fortunately, Reef had a handy AOE speed reduction ability, naturally he was able to hinder the viperwolves from their reckless wild charge. Though an average viperwolf dealt decent damage, they were incapable of long range assaults. Luckily, there were still 10 or so others alongside Reef, sharing the burden of these beasts;not expecting to slay them speedily, but just hindering them was enough.

When the Sturmbeest was finally dealt a crippling blow and its mobility had waned greatly, it finally allowed the slightly faster contestants to draw its attention and lure it away. The rest of the contestants then concentrated their firepower against massacring the viperwolves, before they would proceeding to slay the Sturmbeest easily.

In theory, Reef's battle plan showed no flaws, however, unexpected variables would always drift into the battlefield like a looming spectre. At the instant where the Sturmbeest arrived 20-30 metres away from the valkyrie, a dozen plus weird beasts clad in golden exterior simultaneously flashed out from its rear buttocks. These peculiar beasts could aim faraway towards the long range contestants who had just emptied a round of fire, before their cheeks swelled and abruptly sprayed out a gust of air!

The external appearance of these golden beasts were queer. They had slender long beaks like a red-crowned crane, a curved neck of a pheasant, yet its lower body had an oval shape of a turtle. It had 6 legs, amongst which 4 were used to gallop while the front 2 were oddly crooked;identical to a praying mantis sawtooth blades, looking extremely menacing.

Their skin was smooth yet dry, exposing loosened creases due to its relaxed state. The outline of their muscles could be vaguely seen beneath their skin. When these freakish beasts locked onto the distant long range contestants, their necks weirdly cocked back into a striking position like a cobra. From its sharp beak, a shocking venomous sting erupted forth, carrying a deadly neurotoxin!

Within the disorderly mess, that sentry contestant was actually still able to report information of that creature at first notice.

Slinger (Ordinary)

Na'vi tongue: Lenayga, scientific name: acediacutus xenoterribili

Height: 2.4 metres. Weight: 62 kilograms

Strength: 13 points

Agility: 25 points

Physique: 8 points

Perceptive sense: 17 points

Charm: 3 points

Intelligence: 7 points

Spirit: 7 points

Basic long range combat lvl 4, basic footwork lvl 4

Creature ability: 'Thunder-rock embrace' - grants additional 1000 HP.

Creature ability: 'Camouflage' - Slingers can effectively alter their pigment, concealing themselves and inciting sneak attacks.

Slinger special ability (Passive): 'Neurotoxin overflow' - Cause target's muscles to turn rigid, and impair breathing. Movement speed decrease 33%, attack speed decrease 27%. Additional 5 damage/3 seconds, duration lasts for 15 seconds.

Slinger special ability (Passive): 'Hairless skin' - elemental damage dealt to it reduce by 15%. 'Hairless skin' has a 10% chance of causing enemy to miss.

Slinger special ability (Passive): 'blade-foot' - Every first successful physical claw will be an explosive strike. However, its crooked claws will easily lodge into the enemy's flesh, and become unable to withdraw. Hence, after successfully striking the enemy, there is a 50% chance of disability of engaging in close combat for 20 seconds.

Description: This creature named lenayga in the na'zi tongue, is the strangest discovery on planet Pandora up till today;and is also one of the most dangerous species. This terrestrial carnivore loves to perch in tropical rain forests, and primarily prey on Hexapedes*.

(TN: *another species in Avatar, a land herbivore)

It is as tall as 2.4 metres and possess a muscular neck. Its triangular head contains a venomous sting that secretes neurotoxins. When nearing its prey;to prevent itself letting out sounds, it would move slowly and silently to pass through the forest ferns. When inducting its prey, its rooster lie neck would rapidly jet out its venomous sting, and finally capture its prey.


The first onslaught of the Slingers' venomous stings instantly killed two long range combatants. This group of intellectual creatures even knew how to concentrate their assaults onto single targets, thus inflicting massive devastation. To the defensively weary long range combatants, a single venomous sting dealt even 50 - 70 points of damage;what was scarier was the poisonous element damage that surfaced!

For example being assaulted by a Slinger;it carried an additional poison element damage of 5 points/ 3 seconds, duration of 15 seconds. Then two Slingers would equate to 10 points/3 seconds, duration 15 seconds. 10 Slingers would simply be 50 points/3 seconds, duration 15 seconds.....and so on.

In actual fact, the pack of Slingers' initial targets converged onto 3 contestants. Every 4 Slingers had focused on 1 contestant, and their targets were naturally the most prominent few amidst the long range combatants. In the end, those guys melted in a flash, not even having time to consume medicines. Fortunately, one of the survivor was indeed Mogensha, who delivered the highest damage output. Firstly, he had the bonus 100 HP from his Silver party's skill, and the equipment he was wearing was forged by Reef using pandora crystals from the Starship Trooper world. Even with all that, he was still reduced into a near death state.

Shaken to the core, Mogensha threw away his image as he rolled wretchedly ahead, before activating his party skill 'gloryheal';immediately considered as negating the effects of poison with a sliver of healing. After the heart wrenching 15 seconds of poison damage lapsed, he then bandaged himself, waiting for his health to be restored to half before straightening himself to resume fire.

The contestants were caught totally unprepared with the appearance of like-minded long range aggressors. This was also due to the craftiness of these Slingers, who actually pasted themselves behind the buttocks of the Sturmbeest;only coming out in ambush when they reached firing range, thus dealing immaculate damage.

However, contestants who had worked their way here had all gone through their own storms and droughts. Though there were casualties, they had all fought against long range enemies before. Of course, the primary action was to seek cover, before approximating the enemy's attacking intervals.

Such attacking intervals in firearms terms, would refer to its reloading phase. For the Slinger, after propelling its venomous sting, it had to suck in air and spray it out again.

By understanding this gap, one could grasp its attacking pulse, then grasping their personal attacking tempo, and finally grasping their authority to take initiative in the battlefield.

There were 5 long range combatants belonging to a party called 'Sons of Caden'. Every time they mobilized and concentrated their firepower, they inevitably inflicted severe damage and even managed to slay one Slinger. Meanwhile, two other close combatants of the same party abandoned their own opponents;sneaking up to the Slinger's ass, as they fished in troubled waters, and backstabbed them.

Strictly speaking, though they were long range combating freaks, Sheyan could tell the differences between them and the tentacled-freaks of the previous world. At least the round eye of the tentacled-freak was an irritating shit, boasting a 24 hours, no blind spot surveillance. Those tentacled-freaks held no fear of others sneaking up on their assess, and rupturing their butts.

Naturally, the Slingers suffered catastrophic casualties in a flash! However, don't forget that the agile close combatants had forsaken their targets to rush back in aid. The two viperwolves they were originally dealing with wouldn't possibly idle around, or yawn while suntanning under the sun, perhaps even copulating with their bellies facing the sky. They naturally shifted to charge towards Reef. If Reef hadn't preserved his true strength earlier, and if Sheyan was merely an assistant without the calibre of a MT;then undoubtedly, if Reef didn't die, he would be at least semi-crippled!

Yet more crucially, once the Slingers surfaced, nobody even bothered with Reef's orders with regards to the Sturmbeest. Like a lively dragon and animated tiger, the Sturmbeest decided to pursue a sniping contestant brat vigorously. That unlucky child dished out immeasurable damage, therefore it was natural that the Sturmbeest harboured deep hatred towards him! While the Slingers were defeated and their bodies scattered around, the Sturmbeest had caught up to that contestant.

’’Save him!’’ Observing the situation, Sheyan immediately roared into his party channel!


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