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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: 300,000 HP!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Though he treated as a highbrow entertainer, that contestant wasn't the slightest bit discouraged. He continued to wave his arms and danced about.

’’No doubt, the first 2-3 batches of viperwolves were inevitable. This is because of the gigantic steel bug behind our arses, which probably agitated and infuriated them when landing! Perhaps, it even wrecked their nests. As for the Mountain Banshees visiting, that is still a mystery, but an obvious idea would be the dense black smoke spiralling out of the valkyrie.’’

’’Stop bullshitting, moron......’’

’’Shut it, if not I wouldn't mind silencing you with bullets.’’

’’Friend, listen to me please.....shut the hell up!’’

Bang! *echoes* ’’The next time, it will be aimed at your brains.’’

After hearing the words of this contestant, Sheyan's vision congealed. He then headed over and spoke to that contestant.

’’Hi, friend. Your reasoning seems rather fresh.’’

The contestant was still dispirited, as he grudgingly shook his head.

’’It is actually pretty common sense. The initial attraction of those frightening creatures is most likely due to their curiosity and agitation. However, every living thing possess two kinds of basic instincts, survival and reproduction. I fear that right now over here, the enticement for those beasts has accumulated too excessively, the blood and flesh littered over this battlefield is the greatest bait for them!’’

’’Yet the most fearsome part is that, if the battle continues persisting for too long, it may produce a chain reaction.....that would mean the more we kill, the more flesh and blood we leave hanging around. The more those savage hunting beasts would pay a visit!’’

Sheyan pondered for a moment and immediately replied.

’’That does sound logical. You're a summoner based on charm?’’

The contestant helplessly nodded.

’’Yes, but unfortunately, my strongest, most formidable child had died in the previous world.’’

’’Child?’’ Sheyan was a little intrigued. However, he immediately reacted;he should be referring to his previously tamed creature. He stared into the contestants eyes.

’’I am Seaman, and your name?’’

’’Makaji, glad to meet you, Mr Seaman.’’

Sheyan then transmitted several lines into his party channel. Reef then leapt atop a vantage point and clapped for attention. As the strongest, most formidable MT in the western region, his words carried far more weight than most, and could fix the tone with a single hammer blow.

’’I loathe this detestable planet, really. I once again reiterate. This is utter desolation, even breathing is difficult because of the venomous atmosphere! So now, brothers whom I had just fought shoulder to shoulder with, please aid me! Help me bury these bloodied carcasses that are blocking the way ahead, who knows what sort of fatal venom these carcassess would contaminate or release? Dammit, I really don't wish to be unknowingly poisoned, while tanking an elite creature!’’

Without a doubt, once Reef spoke, Mogensha and Sheyan backed him up. With others instigating, and in additional to the prestige and awe of Reef's prowess, various others started responding in succession. Those present were both diversified and ordinary contestants;even without any working tools, they quickly excavated several deep pits dozens of metres at a suitable distance. Then they flung those carcasses into the pits and buried them.

When the workers gathered back to the western entrance of the valkyrie, the battlefield was only left with spots of blood stains. Mogensha leisurely tossed out an immeasurably powerful gasoline ignition grenade. In a flash, the entire region was covered in a sea of flames. When the flames subsided, a plain field was left.

Of course, to some wild beasts with keener sense of smell, the remaining blood stains and stench were like light bulbs guiding their path. Besides, for them, the sense of smell was akin to the driving license in modern day society, or possessing essential IT skill towards computers. But never ever forget, Sheyan's group was only one out of the 4 battlefields! Putting it bluntly, as long as the bait enticement on their side was vastly inferior to the others;then naturally, the pressure they face would respectively deescalate.

Reef then spoke through the party channel.

’’Boss, those beasts provided rather good drop loots, sometimes, even high quality rare materials would appear......from the start till now, AK and I have already raked in at least over 10,000 utility points. As for that light blue key that was just dropped, it even gifted us 3 potential points.’’

Sheyan replied.

’’I understand what you mean. You wish to reap more benefits right. Just like what you said, these creatures are not a threat to us at present. But never ever forget, our enemies aren't merely these primitive beasts! If we pull out all our aces here....then, wouldn't the most majestic forest trees be blown down by gales*!’’

(TN: Chinese saying, that means trees would normally greed for rain, but when the fiercest rain and gales arrives, they would be toppled by that same greed. Similar to humans)

Reef's expression changed as he sighed. He was ultimately only a powerful warrior, and comprehended matters at a simpler level. As for Sheyan whose thoughts dissected through layers, naturally he was wiser. At this moment, another wave of beast came surging from afar. Amidst the tide of beast, was an appalling sight of a giant monstrous beast;as enormous as a road roller!

This giant beast had indigo and orange stripes interweaved over each other into a waving pattern. Its head rather resembled a bison plus a stegosaurus combined. However, its body surface displayed chunks of muscular swells, brimming with explosive strength. Even from miles away, one could sense its tremendous hoofs trampling, producing ’’Thump Thump’’ reverberations on the ground;like an oppressive and shuddering drumbeat, resonating violently with the human's internal organs!

Sheyan's gaze flickered.

’’That is.......’’

He was about to probe, but another contestant who was given the task of sentry immediately reported the statistics. Seeing the silvery glitters from the binoculars he held, it should be a silver storyline grade equipment. Following that, a 3D imagery of statistics appeared to the audience.

Sturmbeest (Tier 2 legendary creature)

(TN: I'll be using tier classification for legendary creatures from here on. So junior tier, tier 1, tier 2 and so on)

Na'vi tongue: Talioang

Scientific name: Bovindicum Monocerii

Height: 5 metres

Weight: Over 10 tons

Description: Planet Pandora's giant type creature, height 5 metres, weight 10 tons. Omnivorous, violent and bad tempered, easily startled.

Strength: 39 points

Agility: ?? points

Physique: 10 points

Spirit: ??

Intelligence: ??

Legendary creature ability: 'Mother-earth Skin lvl 4' - Grants an additional 15,000 HP. Lvl 4 bonus effect, grants additional 5,000 HP.

Legendary creature ability: 'Steel will lvl 1' - Most speed reduction/Charming/controlling effects fare poorly against any creature with this ability.

Creature ability: 'Wild collision' - Deal an exceptionally terrorizing base damage + bleeding damages + strike back to enemies. Once activated, unable to stop (Once activating, immune to controlling effects/effect that has precedence). The further the distance charge up to collision, the more devastating its might.

Creature ability: 'Warstomp' - Heavily stomp onto the ground, unleashing an immense seismic wave.

Realm war additional bonus: Grant additional 300,000 HP to this creature.

No doubt, this bad boy was at least a legendary tier mightier than the mountain troll. This teaser, don't even mention Reef, even the present state Archeaphill using that giant shield would be completely unable to resist it! Actually, an additional 300,000 HP bonus from the realm war was completely normal. With over 60 long range combatants, even with primary ordinary shots, they would at least be able to deliver 4,000 damage. Without that additional bonus, then this Sturmbeest would only be able to hold on for 10 seconds.

However, now with that 300,000 HP, this undoubtedly meant the contestants wouldn't be able to bring it down within a short span of time. This undoubtedly signified that their defensive circle would inevitably collapse to total shambles in due time!

As the human crowd glanced apprehensively at each other;when the tide of beasts approached a kilometre distance away, suddenly two portion of black armies splitted from the main colossal army. The two portions were led by an obviously larger elite viperwolf leader, separating and heading towards the southern and northern defence side.

Viewing such a comforting scene, the western contestants couldn't help but gasp in delight. Following that was another scene that left them gratified;numerous viperwolves actually sped ahead to the graveyard dug by the contestants previously. Their movements were fast and nimble, as soil and mud were being tossed out like raindrops. Those fierce and avaricious beasts begun to gorge themselves on the carcasses they dug out.

After that happened, the ranks of viperwolves swarming around the Sturmbeest became relatively sparse. Observing that their earlier preparations had yielded results, Reef then boomed thunderously.

’’Move aside, move aside. I'll draw back that lil' monster. All long range combatants, concentrate your firepower against its front left leg! Try your best to slow it down, don't just target its head!’’

As Reef commanded the army, a layer of crystal gem shielded his body;obviously activating his 'Faith guard'. Then he hoised his shield as he anchored himself at foremost of the army. Honor did not allow one to glance back;Sheyan naturally followed by his side in preparation for combat. Estimatedly under this difficulty, the chances of Reef instantly being whacked into near death state was not high. But if variables appeared;crushing damages neglecting defence or even amplified explosive strikes, or minute probability occurrences, then Sheyan had decided to immediately lift him up and flee.

200 metres,

A 100 metres!

This distance was already within most of the long range contestants firing arc. Sheyan could even see the thick profound vein lines on the Sturmbeest's leather skin;it appeared like splintered cracks on a dried paddy field. Moreover, there seemed to be black string like parasites squirming about within it. Its swelling sinew muscles moved rhythmically beneath its thick skin. Its nostrils repeatedly sprayed out white fog, fogging out a metre far!


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