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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Bombastic attention for safety

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sable fell into a daze before snorted coldly in response.


’’No right? But I did! Seaman shielded you 4 times! Covered me 11 times. Apart from that, he even blocked 2 sneak assaults against Kaide's neck;and used that weak white grade shotgun that you ridiculed to send 4 viperwolves flying back! Those 4 viperwolves had their fangs an inch away from sinking into those weaker kid's body!’’

The vertical scar underneath Archeaphill's oxygen mask flushed with red.

’’1,500 HP! Since he entered this battle, this Seaman has spared our party at least 1,500 HP! When you guys were slothing around, he was defending. When you guys were fleeing, he was defending. When you were on the offense, he was on the defence! When you were happily slaughtering away, he was defending. When you were looting spoils of war, he was still defending! This brat completely disregarded desires of attacking, like a mad dog, crazily tightly crunching on the word 'defence'!’’

Zi gasped deeply, and then spoke with gentleness.

’’Archeaphill, the burden of our party's defence still rests on you. Perhaps Seaman is indeed capable, but without you, he is still nothing.’’

Archeaphill's tone finally soothened a little.

’’Zi, perhaps this brat is unable to assume leadership;but honestly speaking when comparing to Huckle, it is simply comparing a clumsy rear guard to Micheal Jordan. Believe me, if this guy possess an innate ability and adequate equipment, he would be MT material! I firmly believe so!’’

Zi's robe fluttered even amidst the still air.

’’I understand your intentions.’’

Archeaphill callously added on.

’’If usable, we use. If not, then we discard! Eh? f****, where's Seaman?’’

The reason why Archeaphill could afford to be distracted and participate in this core meeting, was because the current state of battle was settled. As the main frontier of the frontlines, it was crucial to plan ahead and prepare for a rainy day;awaiting for the next wave of aggression. Hence, he retreated to the rear safety region to rest and mend his wounds. Yet he had never expected that, within these few seconds, Seaman actually vanished!!!

Sable immediately screamed into the party channel.

’’Who has seen Seaman!’’

Swiftly, a reply transmitted.

’’A severely wounded viperwolf just fled, and Seaman pursued it!’’

Sable slapped his thigh as he sighed in vexation, his eyes flickered maliciously.

’’Need me to bring some guys to stop him? If he isn't willing, then I'll kill him immediately!’’

Zi humbly shook her head.

’’If this person's present conditions are really as formidable as what Archeaphill described;then once he has left, it would be difficult to find him. Let's not talking about Seaman having other companions;don't forget, the next wave of viperwolves are incoming! If you guys left, then wouldn't our party be susceptible to a huge calamity?’’

Sable was instantly flabbergasted. Zi shut her eyes to blink, then with a frosty like expression, she uttered.

’’Go back to your posts, the next wave is already on the way!’’

Perhaps only a few of them noticed;in that instance she blinked, Zi's eyes turned from sky azure to black and then to golden!

Golden pupils!

With vertical pupils like dragons or cats!


If the first wave of viperwolves were considered as a tiny greeting from planet Pandora;then the next flooding tide, could be described as full of warmth and utmost respect! This warmth was like a tsunami, swallowing up a dozen of contestant lives.

Presently, Sheyan had already made rounds through the northern, eastern and southern regions and returned. Through his interactions with many contestants, all contestants had obtained a valuable piece of information:

In this particular realm war, there was a shocking alchemist, a support class contestant whose name was Seaman. The parties were all exceedingly aware, that this bugger utilized a white grade knucklers and white grade shotgun, and didn't participate in any offense.....

Including the Illume-union, there were at least 3 other parties that harbored intentions to rope Sheyan in. They could all perceive the colossal worth he would provide, and silently made resolutions that if they couldn't obtain him, his death would be the only option.......but this also meant one thing! Their primary attitude towards Sheyan would be to recruit him for themselves! In other words, before he rejected their hopes, Sheyan could be said to possess a friendly security amongst them!

That was the reason why Sheyan had decided to blow things up bombastically.

The sole reason.

Right now, it was during a resting interval after a battle. Many contestants were leaning against the valkyrie's walls and panting heavily;hastily bandaging themselves and consuming healing medicines/foods.

Mogensha was currently standing aloft, raising his military canteen as he gulped down the salt water within. Stretching his throat up, his Adam apple shrank in as the water flowed fluidly into his throat.

Under the careful guarding and attention of Reef, his life wasn't threatened at all. Even when the Mountain Banshees dove down from the heavens towards Mogensha, Reef charged towards him with lightning speed and casted 'Courage' on Mogensha;forcibly tanking for him!

(TN: Recap of Reef's ability: 'Courage' - Base Ultimate ability: 'Courage'. Castable on allies, cooldown duration of 15 seconds. Damage incurred to your target will be shouldered by you, damage lessened by 15%.)

It had to be mentioned that Reef had also acquired substantial upgrades after meeting Sheyan. Although his equipment hadn't advanced in the recent few worlds, his base attributes had climbed at an astonishing pace. More crucially, his MP had been raised by nearly 200 points, allowing him more freedom to execute abilities requiring MP.

One must know, though Reef's 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' was a powerful non-mp ability, his rank 5 ability 'Faith guard' had already been upgraded from the fourth tier to the fifth;it was now half step into max lvl. Right now, he could cast 'Faith guard' on others, naturally the MP requirements grew from 30 to 40 MP.

(TN: Recap on Reef's ability! - Rank 5 'skill tree' ability: 'Faith guard' (Previous cultivation of the 4th tier). Activating it will instantly form a layer of mental constructed formidable armour, armour possess 100 HP, 10 points of defence and duration of 300 seconds. After it is destroyed, it will restore 100 HP to user within 10 seconds. (Tier 5 cultivation will allow casting on others). Activation of ability at tier 4 requires 30 MP.)

Apart from that, his ability 'Courage' not only had a cool down duration of 120 seconds, it required 30 MP to execute. Therefore, the two MP requisites became huge bottlenecks restricting Reef from exhibiting his fullest potential. After his adventures with Sheyan and acquiring those extra 200 MP, pulling his total MP to nearly 400 points, he was now able to substantially alleviate his previous frustrations.

At present, an exceedingly peculiar equilibrium was happening on the western battlefield, and this was due to Sheyan and buddies. This was because there was an awkward combination of 2-3 medium scale parties in the western battlefield, with none above the others, and they just had to be without a single MT. (MT is most known as contestants possessing defensive innate) Right now, Reef's unrivalled valiance yet humble presence pervaded the atmosphere. Therefore, having him to lead this temporary western faction naturally became widely acceptable to the various parties.

At just this moment, Sheyan sneakily returned to their sides, sitting beside Reef as he laughed.

’’How's it? Is the pressure on?’’

Reef shrugged his shoulders.

’’It's alright, but we already lost 6 people on our side. Also just a casual statement, that assistant tank from that Gothic party is really trash. Looting keys, he is faster than everyone. Shirking from danger, you'll find him at the rear.’’

Able to trigger a noble and lawful guy like Reef to anger, it could be said that guy was really one of a kind. Sheyan laughed heartily, focussing his gaze on Reef.

’’I swear after I left, that MT Archeaphill from the Illume-union, would also describe his assistant tank with the same phrase. We only lost 6 guys in our western region? Right, they are really lucky. Your 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' ability is perfect for such chaotic massive battles against ordinary beasts, it can even be said to be a field controller. Sadly, the rate of elite or legendary creatures resisting your 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' is rather high.’’

At this moment, Mogensha spat out his chewing gum as he lazily interrupted.

’’Archeaphill? That tortoise moving baldy that carries a cumbersome shield? Oh, I understand why he has taken a liking to you. Because he is gay, and Seaman, your ass is ****! Oi oi oi, boss please don't clench your fists so tightly, I'm just kidding. The real reason is because you probably raised his strength by 3. His top 3 attributes are actually physique, intelligence and spirit. After that is strength.’’

’’What!?!’’ Sheyan was stunned. Mogensha shrugged his shoulders.

’’Don't look at me with those eyes, I promise my information is genuine. Because in the past, his life was previously redeemed by the Symbiosis sect.’’

Hearing this information, Sheyan's eyes suddenly imagined that strange scene he viewed previously. That was at the instance he supported Archeaphill for the first time, his neck had rapidly transformed ash gray, as though it became granite;and it was the exact spot the viperwolf was about to munch on!

’’Don't tell me, that MT walks another path? A magic based, defensive warrior?’’

Sheyan shook his head, casting aside his thoughts temporarily, as though he was placing a case file back into the shelf. Then he started to calmly assess the next wave of beasts. After facing that terrifying difficulty 'A' world, a natural scorn towards this difficulty 'B+' world had already formed in Sheyan's heart.

’’I feel we should dig a pit;bury these carcassess and flush away the blood.’’ A contestant randomly blurted out, his tone revealed his relative excitement.

Sheyan had obviously been drawn by his words. Yet sadly, the rest of the contestants around him completely paid no attention.


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