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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 7 - Chapter 1


Volume 7, Chapter 1: Designated entry!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by Tn and Elkassar

’’This is a classified aspect of the realm, please verify your military rank at the roof for further queries.’’

Seeing the nightmare imprint's notification, it was fortunate that Sheyan still had adequate time. Hence, he hastily headed towards the roof of the realm. Not a single person was around, it was just peace and quiet.

Sheyan sat down, inciting out a list of options.

Contestant no.1018......verifying.

Identity confirmation......

Your current nightmare imprint rank is Second Lieutenant.

Your current achievement value is 58 points.

Your current usable services are:

A: Purchase relevant military items. (A detailed menu list)

B: Access military rank related classified information. (This option requires a fixed fee)

C: Party establishment application.

D: Obtain military allowance. (Your current military allowance: A free purchase of a military rank relevant item, item purchased must be within your scope of authority)

E: Receive military rank mission. (Press to receive mission)

F: Leave your current party.

G: Others.

’’Eh??’’ Sheyan instantly noticed that 'Receive military rank mission' could be initiated. He instantly hit it open, shockingly triggering it.

Your current military rank: Second Lieutenant.

Within the next two worlds, please hand over 2 Blood keys.

You can choose to exchange additional Blood keys to receive further rewards. Maximum of 4.

Sheyan straightforwardly voiced his queries, immediately getting answers.

Realm war will be carried out in several limited worlds. If you are unhappy with your random draw, a Silver Prestige party can use 2 achievement points to make another random draw.

Sheyan immediately asked.

’’Which worlds would the realm wars be carried out in?’’

The realm replied, ’’............’’

(TN: This is censored, not that the realm is speechless)

Viewing through the answers above, Sheyan took in a deep breath, his eyes becoming abstruse.

’’Not bad, there is actually that world. I never knew that thing would come in handy so quickly! is it! Nobody has accomplished a Golden side mission? I come!’’


As time grew tighter, the crowd in the realm grew. It was obvious the contestants selected in this realm would be exceptional. Mogensha then asked Sheyan if he still required other manpower, if he needed, Mogensha would be able to call several helpers.

Sheyan shook his head.

’’Now it isn't about the lack of manpower. With the resurgence of our Silver party, along with this foundation of twin MTs;crowds of people would definitely trysee to join us. Hence, manpower is not an issue;we can overlook their prowess, but most importantly is if they are reliable. We cannot call others now;firstly, it is to prevent others from belittling us and secondly, we have to at least wait for others to beg to join us, at least they would then cherish this rare opportunity!’’

Since Sheyan said it like this, Mogensha scratched his head in silence. There was still time before entering a world, Mogensha naturally transferred over the pandora crystals that he promised Reef, allowing him to upgrade his forging skills. Sheyan headed towards the training field in the realm, to engage in further training.

At present, it was time to begin the realm war. The bustling market place had already prohibited contestants from entering;gradually, a scarlet red speckle appeared. This speckle was mysteriously abstruse, as it slowly spread in both directions;releasing utterly intense sparks as though there was a formless huge hand forcefully tearing the realm apart.

Following closely, a gigantic blood red door materialized, appearing like an enormous mouth;as though it wanted to swallow everything in. The door contained unfathomable ripples, like the billowing tides that were incessantly churning;disallowing a single living being to escape its crutches.

Following the nightmare imprint's notification, the protective shade vanished, as contestants poured in like fishe. Under the brilliance of the blood glow, different contestants of different parties emitedting a faint distinctively unique glow.

Most of the parties had thin glows, and required closer inspection to tell their differences. Yet when compared to Sheyan, the glittering silver covering his body held unrivalled distinctiveness. If they appeared in public, then they would exhibit a tremendous difference the likes of starlight and moonlight, causing others to be devastatingly envious! If not for the protective mechanism of the realm, they would've probably attracted everyone.

Sheyan hadn't foreseen such a stark phenomenon, he hurriedly voiced to the nightmare realm to disguise it, to prevent himself from being a tall tree that attracts the wind. When the trio stepped through the blood door, a sensation of the sky spinning, and the earth going rounds soared around them. This was closely followed by a mysteriously deep cosmos backdrop. This was the same area that signified an end to their previous campaigns, yet now it was here that they were preparing for a realm war.

The nightmare imprint transmitted to Sheyan.

’’Party Ace members have assembled.’’

’’Party Ace current level: lvl 0.’’

’’Party scale: Small.’’

’’Party Prestige: Silver.’’

’’You have the qualifications to enter this time's low intensity realm war!’’

’’Do you wish to enlist? Yes/No?’’

’’You can reject enlistment, but during your next enlistment, the intensity of the realm war would be upgraded by a level, and you will be forced to participate!’’

Sheyan had already made his resolve to participate, thus he selected 'Yes'.

Following this was the crucial phase. With regards to the military information he garnered, he bluntly put forth his request.

’’Party Ace's prestige is Silver.’’

’’Using my authority as party leader, I request enlightenment on my realm war destination!’’

The realm swiftly replied.

’’Request permitted, Ace will enter the world 'Star Wars' Realm war.’’

Sheyan instantly rejected it.

’’Using my authority as party leader, I request a re-drawing of destination with 2 achievement points!’’

’’Request permitted, Ace will enter the world 'Terminator' realm war!’’

Sheyan selected decline.

’’Request permitted, Ace will enter the world 'Avatar' realm war!’’

After exhausting 4 achievement points, Sheyan finally saw the word 'Avatar'. He couldn't help releasing a long sigh, and finally mustered his fist and swung towards the realm!

’’Yes! That's it!’’

Immediately, a list of information surfaced, seemingly splashing Sheyan's face with a basin of ice water.

’’Warning! 'Avatar' Realm war lowest class has reached average!’’

’’Warning! 'Avatar' Realm war lowest class has reached average!’’

’’Detail: 'Avatar' Realm war intensity rate may reach medium intensity. You may encounter Reserve-duty limit-venators!

(TN: A venator is latin for hunter)

’’Warning: You may encounter additional dangers!’’

’’In view of the unusual characteristics of this world, you will be permitted to draw another world for free.’’

Sheyan was stunned, he had no clue what a 'Reserve-duty limit-venator' was. Yet Reef was knowledgeable;it referred to contestants that had reached the 50 points boundary limit, but hadn't gone through the test! They had gained the formidable breakthrough powers,, although it was merely limited to few usable times. However, these reserve-duty limit-venators were like a ticking time bomb, and could very well explode in your face anytime!

Yet for a low intensity realm war, they wouldn't be any reserve-duty limit-venators. Some may ask if Reef wasn't one? Yes, he wasn't. His adaptation period had already expired;once he dared to breakthrough again, then it would treading the path of no return. No matter if one was prepared for it or not, it would be forced upon them.

Essentially, once Reef broke through again, he would instantly be sealed and trapped in a bottleneck. Missions wouldn't provide him with rewards. Hence, Reef wasn't considered a reserve-duty limit-venator by the realm.

’’Medium intensity, roughly what is the difficulty setting of such a world?’’ Sheyan frowned, as he slowly asked Mogensha.

Mogensha glanced at Reef, and the two begun a comparison and discussion before suggesting it should be roughly a 'B+' difficulty. If not, its lowest wouldn't be beneath 'B', and definitely wouldn't exceed 'A-'.

’’If it's this difficulty.....then at least it's lower than the previous Lord of the Rings world by a level! Moreover, we would have enough people and parties to leverage on, then....what is there to hesitate?’’

Sheyan's eyes sparkled with vicious currents, before declaring word by word.


’’Transporting........the realm war of 'Avatar' !’’

’’Initializing entering of battlefield planet.......’’

’’Initializing data........’’

’’Initializing allocation of regions.....’’

’’Space-time locked.’’

’’Initializing assimilation of character into the world.....’’

’’Initializing entry into world............’’

A powerful blue giant safeguarded its personal territory,

Micro highly toxic cyanide hydrogen diluted the atmosphere,

The night poured down with acidic rain,

Venom, bow and arrow, a variety of winged beasts were their weapons,

Before the rumbling Interstellar fleet surge over,

Conflicts and death had long multiplied within their inhabitation.


Sheyan opened his eyes, gearing for an intense firefight,

Instead, his view revealed a block of white steel sheet, roughly the size of an air vent. Embedded within it was a crystal clear, liquid crystal screen that was flashing with a message.

’’Second Lieutenant, welcome to planet Pandora.’’


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