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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Coming of age ceremony

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Seeing Sheyan awakening, the female courteously nodded and spoke.

’’Man of Gordon, you've awakened? I am Alicia (Meaning noble in latin) from Isengard. I am here to aid the elves and investigate the truth.’’

Sheyan gazed towards the clouds, it was already night time. He was currently lying beside a bonfire. His brain was still in a stupor, as if a hatchet was lodged within. His body tremored to the agonizing pain from his chest. Yet he could feel his wounds rapidly rejuvenating because of this woman's magic.

Sheyan nodded, he copied Reef's manner of speech and replied feebly.

’’My sincere gratitude fair maiden. Pleased to fellowship with you, maiden with an immortal beauty like Minas Tirith.

Alicia giggled politely, but her meaning beneath the smile was obvious. Naturally, Sheyan's 'outstanding' +3 charm was in full effect.The woman was reluctant to engage in conversation, she turned around and spoke.

’’He's awake.’’

After a hurried rush of footsteps, a familiar face finally appeared. It was the elf maiden, Melody. Her pure innocent eyes were red and swollen, filled with worry and tears. Upon seeing the conscious Sheyan, her tears turned into delight. Currently, she was dressed the same as how she was when they met her. But Sheyan could never forget the image of the uruk-hai pressing onto her;the snowy white skin, slender long legs, that alluring sight.......

Seeing Sheyan's eyes scanning her body, Melody instantly guessed the wretched thoughts flowing inside his mind. Her delicate cheeks immediately flushed pink, as she shyly walked back to the bonfire;occasionally sneaking several concerned looks at him. Several elves sat around the bonfire. From their conversations, Sheyan found out the movements near Rivendell's vicinity had garnered their attention. After a desperate request from Melody by some unknown methods, they formed a search party and hastily arrived.

After exploding that uruk-hai's anus, Sheyan had at least fled for his life for a dozen kilometres. Even after the elves managed to rush over, he had been swept downstream by the rapid river currents;saving him had required a long arduous process. Due to them rescuing Sheyan, the group of elves similarly lost their way within this remote area. The elder of the party understood the treacherous nature of travelling within Misty Mountains during the night. Hence, he set up camp to prevent them from suffering any ambushes. They then waited till the next day, yet they still could not find any traces of Reef's whereabouts.

Seeing that night was round the corner again, an elf suddenly stood up. He looked like a roughly 50 year old male, his name was Elder Chauwin Zemu. He then circled around the surrounding dress near the bonfire, stopping at a huge exuberant tree. He then use his crutches and started tapping onto the tree trunk, beginning his incantations.

’’O magnificent nature, we thank thee for bestowing sunshine and rain dews. O cleanse and purify this abundance of food.’’

’’We enjoy the warmth, air and vegetation, bestow peace on our slumber.’’

’’You alone restore my longing hope.’’

’’Nature surround us with grace and favour on us mortals of this world. From now to the future, till the earth passes away.’’

The majestic tree mysteriously contorted under the incantations, the place Elder Chauwin was tapping turned meek;the branches extended down, its leafs mystically folding up.

Several other elves dispersed to pluck the leaves, carefully gathering together before drinking from it. The rolled up leaves were like a cup. Melody glanced at Sheyan, before she bashfully offered him one. She knelt beside him, her eyes not daring to interact with him.

Sheyan could see the slender fingers of the elf maiden, exquisitely fair like a scallion;it really exuberated a cleansing aura of spring water, as he couldn't help feeling slightly charmed by her. Receiving a rolled up leaf, he realized a cyan fluid sap swivelling within, clear with a tinge of jade allurement. Even though the sap was filled to the brim, it didn't leak out;like a formless cover sealing it up.

Sheyan sucked against the cyan sap, it tasted sweet and raw. The sap felt like it could infiltrate out from his throat to the rest of his body, a silent moisture dissolving his fatigue and pain. He instantly gulped it down, before smiling towards Melody.

’’Is there any more?’’

Melody blushed, evading his line of sight as she hurried to pluck 2 more leaf cups. Sheyan was curious why this elf maiden loved to blush, but he honestly consumed the two leaf cups in a flash, comfortably exhaling.

Following that, two other elves went up and dug out chunks of snowy white tree core out of the trunk, before mending the tree wounds with mud. After a series of incantations, the tree returned back to normal. The snowy white core tasted like a cooling sweetness, just like a fruit. After wrapping it up with leaves and barbecuing in the bonfire, it tasted distinct, like the silky fragrance of a bread.

After installing several magical traps and protection, the party begun resting. In view of how his notorious +3 charm was sweeping aside everything aggressively, he desperately missed the slut Jinkuang. He no longer tried to start conversations with other storyline characters.

Based on the composition of a contestant's marvellous body, his injuries had been healed by roughly 70-80%. However in the elves eyes, he was still a severely wounded patient, hence he was allocated to rest inside the security of a tiny cave behind the temporary campsite. The rest were resting at the cave entrance. Since his environment was secure, Sheyan naturally decided to rest. But as his vision turned dreamy, he suddenly heard faint footsteps echoing in.

His heart shuddered and immediately jolted up. His heart was feeling inconceivable. There were several elder elves outside. Even if they encountered an unstoppable variable, they surely wouldn't be annihilated without a single sound. Instead, Sheyan caught whiff of a rather refreshing fragrance, a faint cooling sensation that could bewitch the soul.

A warm voice called out for him;pure, as pure as the rushing spring waters. It was indeed the voice of the elf maiden Melody. Sheyan was perplexed, he had no clue what she was here for, thus he shut his eyes and feigned sleep.

After calling two times for Sheyan without a reply, Melody didn't go out. Instead, she creeped up and sat gently beside him. Even in the darkness, Sheyan could sense that she was looking at his face, probably because an elf had night vision abilities. Her slender fingers caressed against his features, like a gentle wind;refreshing and calming. It then curved down Sheyan;s beck, slowly heading for his chest. Finally, the elf maiden weakly laid down on his chest, arching her heated up face in. Her voice sounded like a fantasy dream, occasionally hearing the sound of leaves rustling.

’’I.....actually I lied.’’

’’I'm not here in search for any precious seeds.’’

’’I am here for my coming of age ceremony.’’

’’I was this unfamiliarity, no clue on what I would encounter.’’

’’That demon was horrifying;like a deathly swamp, eating away anything around it.’’

’’That time, my mind was blank, I thought I was dying......but you saved me.’’

’’Although my sisters searched for trees, or rocks, or the soaring eagles in the sky, or the vigorous unicorns for their coming of age ceremony.......’’

’’In the past, there was never one that seeked out a human.’’

’’But I felt, every since you rescued me from that nightmare.......that you are the one I'm looking for.’’

’’By your side, I feel comfort, and security.’’



Sheyan never anticipated such good fortune, he was completely dumbstruck. Suddenly, an aggressive yet rejuvenating breath warmed his face. A feeling of elastic ecstasy rubbed against his lips.....this feeling could not be described with words.

People often likened a female's purity to that of nature itself.

Like a dragonfly touching the water, Melody's kiss reminded Sheyan of a wind breezing across a lake. The sunshine revitalizing the grass, the budding flowers of spring. In this instance, Sheyan shamelessly accomplished from 0 degrees to 90 degrees and finally to 180 degrees (I believe males and similarly females would know what this mean)..........

’’You......don't be mistaken, I was just doing what I had to.’’

’’Oh, wow it's really elastic ah! Sorry that wasn't on purpose. I swear my hand was placed by my side! Why did it suddenly move on its own?’’

’’I...I'm not used to having a woman pressing down on me!’’

’’Hey, I'm really not used to a woman on top! Not even an elf maiden!’’



Just when Sheyan couldn't contain his boiling bloodrush, guns loaded as he panted and engaged little Melody above him. That instance their upper bodies were interweaved together, a sudden scream resounded in from outside!

A short miserable shriek!


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