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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Exploded ~~~ anus!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Everyone had their own bottom line. Sheyan couldn't call himself an upright gentleman, but of course he couldn't just watch as this sickening beastality unfolded;he couldn't allow this innocent elf maiden that he fought alongside with suffer such a tragedious fate. This was not about a hero saving a beauty, it was purely his personal bottom line. Of course even if this rescue went haywire, he still had the option of withdrawing back into the realm. Sheyan was firm in his decision, there could be no other.

Seizing the chance when the lecherous uruk-hai was single-heartedly devoted, Sheyan sneakily circled a huge round;climbing down from the downslope behind. His movements offered a subtle disturbance, yet it fell on deaf ears.

30 metres,

10 metres,

5 metres,

3 metres!!!

Sheyan had crept in so near, yet the uruk-hai was completely oblivious. It frantically panted in excitement;it was like having a sumptuous meal in its face, or Orc draught (A beverage the orcs loved). The uruk-hai trembled violently, it had been fully stimulated.

Its revolting thick stench polluted out from its body like a deathly fog, using its crude brown fingers to rip apart this maiden's straw bra. The innocence of the maiden leaked out, patches of snowy white skin and her underripe bosom swelled up with elegance. Don't mention the uruk-hai, even Sheyan felt an eagerness burning within him!

Melody's pale despairing expression, her screeching sobs echoed out as she powerlessly and helplessly struggled. Her pure and innocent aura, infused with nature energy, was like a freshly drawn spring water;seducing all male creatures to explore their desires.

Sheyan breathed in deeply, as he quietly wriggled through the under shrubs. He silently examined the uruk-hai's naked self, enduring the foul stench of the excitement uruk-hai.

Worth mentioning was that Sheyan was really a terribly patient person. He waited until the last emerald leaf had withered and disintegrated, her final line of defence crumbled apart. The uruk-hai roared in ecstasy, tearing apart the final protective hide at her waist. Pushing back with great strength, it protruded its bare naked black gigantic butt backwards;a rock solid horrifying whip shuddered, warming up for its long awaited deep thrust!

In the next second, the elf maiden would definitely groaned out in sorrow!

But at this exact moment, it was the moment the uruk-hai let all its guard down;intending to thoroughly indulge itself


As a male himself, Sheyan naturally understood the weakness of a male. Prying and aiming at the minute pitch-black darkness amidst the overgrown air, he slanted back his incisive wooden lance, slowly arching it backwards. His muscles contracted intensely, and exploded forth! The wooden lance impaled forward mercilessly!!

It could be said that he utilized his entire strength in this one thrust, a thoroughly wretched move. His eyes flickered with amazement.

’’Trying to rape lil elf sis? Try getting raped instead!’’

The incomparably frantic screams resounded out. The razor-pointed tip of the lance ruthlessly impaled into the darkness of the uruk-hai's pit, at least piercing 30-60 cm deep. Its sinister frontal humongous solid weapon sprayed a concentrated turbid liquid. Oh, don't misunderstand the uruk-hai to be a masochist. It was because its prostate had received severe internal injuries, which resulted in a muddied viscous blood trail spurting out, definitely it included all sorts of bodily liquid.

The severity of this blow if dealt onto a normal human being, would be instantly delivered to a colon specialist doctor;then stashing a thick red packet into the doctor's pocket in gratitude for an overnight operation......

Sheyan's devious strike could only be described as successful-vicious-cunning-shameless. Undoubtedly for a long time to come, this unlucky uruk-hai would definitely turn uninterested in any female creature. This could be vividly seen through its rapid shrinking of its 'little bean'. Yet because of his inexperience in dealing with uruk-hais, Sheyan made a major error.

He was focused on thrusting the wooden lance deeper, repeatedly rotating while carving it in. Still enjoying the evil taste of enjoyment, his mistake was that he triggered and overlooked the fearsome backlash of the agonizing uruk-hai. The uruk-hai ferociously spun round as its sweeping hand snatched away the lance, glaring furiously at Sheyan with its crimson eyes! Although the uruk-hai was brimming with a dreadful aura, the comical torrents of blood flooding out its ass had sullied its dreadful emotions.

Sheyan felt a tremendous sweeping force against his hands, before the wooden spear was snatched away!! ’’What the f**!! My 40 points of strength couldn't even hold onto a lance???’’ The webbing between his fingers turned numb, before a striking pain kicked in. A huge laceration appeared, blood streaming profusely!

Face to face with this vile uruk-hai, Sheyan instantly sensed a tremendous danger. A bottle of agility 'Curse mix' released from his hands as he turned around to flee. Sheyan no longer cared about the unknown dangers he was running towards, his only thought was to keep on running, into the dense forest! His priority was certain - to escape!!!

No doubt, the throbbing pain the uruk-hai was experiencing, it would repay a hundred folds on Sheyan if it caught him! Although the feeling of impaling other's anuses was great, he was definitely no masochist to find pleasure in his own ass being penetrated. During their intense chase off, countless gorgeous sceneries zoomed past the sides of his vision, Sheyan's shirt was constantly being torn and ripped by the edges of the tree branches. Yet Sheyan couldn't care less about such minor details, his mind was only reverberating with one constant:

Gotta run faster!

After a seemingly eternal chase, the aftermath of utilizing excessive energy to maintain his sprinting speed kicked in as he wheezed heavily. Beads of perspiration covered his skin, as his insatiable lungs hungered for more oxygen. Spots of black gradually affected his vision, warning him of the eventual consequences if he didn't stop!

Yet the oppressively muffled thumping footsteps followed him strictly.

Like a death god hunting down its prey.

’’F***, F****. Am i going to have to return to the realm so fast?’’

Suddenly, the horizon ahead opened up! Sheyan stumbled, his feet trampling over several dried branches at the edge of a treacherously steep slope!

Losing his entire balance, he tumbled down without even a single alarming squeal from his throat. Needless to say, if he knocked against some rock or tree, the injuries weren't going to be light. Also, even without the furious uruk-hai chasing him, travelling alone in this Misty Mountains maze while injured, only a catastrophe await him.

Fortunately his luck wasn't bad. After tumbling for 7-8 metres, a patch of black vines enveloped his view. God knows how long the vines had been growing, but its dense and interweaved appearance acted like a gigantic cushion;shuddering a huge portion of Sheyan's tumbling inertia. Yet it was not enough as the rolling Sheyan tore through the vines, smashing heavily against a tree trunk;after rolling a few rounds, he laid there with numerous heavy wounds covering his body.

After his disastrous fall, his vision turned fuzzy with spots of black. However, he knew the catastrophic outcome of fainting now. Gritting his teeth, he climbed back up while facing the steep slope. As he turned his head around, a fishy pungent rush of wind filled his nose;a split second later, a massive shadow crashed against him. Sheyan felt like a mountain had struck against his chest, his entire body flying back as his bones fractured internally. A piercing agony jolted from his chest, spinning out to the rest of his body like a web. Spitting out a thread of fresh blood in mid air, the blood instantly evaporated into red mist!

It was that uruk-hai who struck against Sheyan. Fortunately, it had been been fatally wounded before. After dashing for a long period, the perpetual blood loss from its ruptured anus had exhausted his life force.

The uruk-hai had only been relying on its fueled rage to pursue Sheyan. It was like an arrow at the end of its flight when it struck Sheyan, but by borrowing the rushing speed down the slope, its punch still carried great monstrosity. Sheyan flew for over a dozen metres down the slope, finally crashing into a river. The icy chill of the river permeated into his consciousness. No longer able to bear the weight of his injuries, his eyes sank into darkness...


Perhaps a long while later, or maybe a short while;the semi-conscious Sheyan knocked against an obstructing object, before getting picked up from the water. He could feel someone swiftly changing his clothes, wrapping him and examining him.

After a long pause, Sheyan sensed waves of refreshing coolness sipping into his body. He finally opened his eyes to see, realizing a female clothed in linen chanting an incantation beside him. Fluffy glows of spores emitted from the cracks between her fingers, entering into his body;he felt extremely soothing.


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