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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Atrocity! !

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Finally, Sheyan released a backhanded punch against the uruk-hai's head. The last punch smashed out its eyeballs, repulsive black blood leaked out from it. An awfully disturbing howl echoed out, the uruk-hai collapsed, limp and finally dead. Hearing the uruk-hai's final howl, the elf maiden's face instantly turned pale.

’’Heavens! This demon, is actually the servant of an enigma force from Vala (Middle-earth)!’’

Sheyan and Reef were instead distracted by a list of notification from their nightmare imprint and ignored her.

’’You slayed an elite Uruk-hai created by the wizard Saruman.’’

’’You accomplished the milestone 'Brave one'.’’


’’You receive the title 'Bloodthirsty I' .’’

’’'Bloodthirsty I' - All attack damage increased by 5%, additional 5% increase against orcs/uruk-hais.’’

’’You can only wear one title at one time, do you wish to equip the title 'Bloodthirsty i'?’’

’’Advanced milestone: 'Slaughterer' activated.’’

’’'Slaughterer' accomplishment requirements: Slaughter 10 elite uruk-hais.’’

Reef carefully observed the title, his face flushed with delight.

’’I've just inquired with the nightmare imprint, our titles can be maintained after leaving.’’

Sheyan's heart skipped a beat, instantly checking it himself and received the same answer. However, his heart surged with an intense weariness;two of them along with that elf maiden, it required such a taxing battle to slay a uruk-hai. He despaired at the future of facing the ringleader of the elite orcs. Wouldn't that mean not the slightest chance at victory?

Sheyan observed the frightened pale face Melody. He was about to offer some words of encouragement. Suddenly, his attention casted towards beneath the hillside. His face transformed drastically, exclaiming crazily.


At the hillside 200 metres from here, Sheyan caught a glimpse of a huge pack of orcs led by several beastly uruk-hais;they were swiftly nearing here. These orcs looked to be of a similar tribe, their appearance suggested so. As they prepared to charge up the hill, their bended backs caused them to look shorter than usual. Yet once they arrived, one will realized his visual mistake.

Sheyan noticed that these orcs had a difference in their skin tone compared to the previous orcs he encountered;they had a greenish grey color. Gruff black hair flowed down their heads, varying from grey, brown and jet back. Some of the orcs kept supremely long hair, braiding them neatly. From a distance, the thick petrifying blood stench swarmed in with the wind.

The orcs had a myriad of eye color types, ranging from greyish blue to purplish black. Instead, the might uruk-hais all emitted a crimson glow in their eyes, the symbol of power to the orcs.

The elf maiden gazed at this scene, she released a desperate shriek.

’’But that's the only route to Rivendell!’’

Why would Sheyan and Reef still carry the notion of Rivendell? It was obvious Rivendell was like an illusory cake;an irresistible delicacy, yet a pie in the sky. Upon seeing this scene, Sheyan and Reef instantly turned tail and ran without hesitation. They had to expend everything they had just to finish off an uruk-hai. Looking at the imminent deadly beasts, tigers in wolves clothings, they would certainly be torn into shreds within a minute.

After a sequence of intense fleeing, the three ultimately had no choice but to split up. Relying on his superior speed through his soul equipment, he finally managed to shrug off his pack of parasite like orcs. While fleeing, he managed to take down one average orc as well.

That orc seemed to be vastly stubborn, even with an injured head and arm, he still hobbled in relentless pursuit against Sheyan. Upon seeing a slight opening, Sheyan immediately turned around;tanking a few of the orc's assaults, before his 'Zergling Rush' was triggered. Hammering down in lightning speed, his ruthless burst shot punches obliterated the orc completely. Sheyan even managed to obtain a key loot.

Although the key was of a white grade, his gaping reaction was similar to Reef's previously. The nightmare realm was really playing a cruel joke on them. It obviously knew they couldn't bring back any loots, and purposefully teased the contestants with an abundance. After Sheyan opened the chest, he instantly received 4000 utility points, and a Dark blue grade wooden lance! All this extravagant loot came from a measly white chest.

Fortunately, the latter could still be wielded even though the utility points were useless. Sheyan raised his combat capabilities after wielding the wooden lance, he could even use it as a walking stick in this harsh mountainous terrain.

Currently, Sheyan couldn't help acknowledging that in this world, both his innate ability 'Endurance' and his brass knuckles were relatively ineffective..... Especially 'Endurance', in the previous world it was like a godlike SSS ability as went on a rampage with it;yet the damage sustained in this world was so absurd, the damage reduction was as good as peanuts. Such a vast difference.....left a cringingly salty taste in his mouth.

Although he had temporarily escaped from danger, Sheyan was not trapped in an awfully impossible predicament. As the saying goes, a newborn calf wouldn't be scared of a tiger, it would naturally dare to run amok because of its dangerous ignorance. For Sheyan, after listening to Melody's introduction, he had roughly understood the treacherous environment he was in, in these Misty Mountains. Who knows, his bad luck may carry him into a certain encampment of a ferocious beast, or a group of uruk-hais. As he anxiously pondered, Sheyan suddenly heard a peculiarly mournful wail from far;this wail sounded similar to the songs of the elf Maiden, Melody. Immediately without hesitation, he rushed towards it.

Roughly over a hundred metres away, Sheyan could hear the wailing gradually dying down, he cautiously crept in;discovering that the elf maiden, Melody, had been captured! A naked uruk-hai with its muscles bulging fiercely, huffed as it tried to force her legs apart. Probably because it was aroused, its layers of fuzz were erected straight. From far, it looked like a massively moldy creature.

Witnessing this scene, Sheyan couldn't help recalling a portion of that uruk-hai research diary.

’’The innate ruthlessness of an uruk-hai is obvious, and its manner of handing females is no exception. For an uruk-hai, it finds pleasure in the agony of its mating female. This is because a female uruk-hai/orc is unable to feel pleasure while mating. Therefore, the only way to produce their offsprings is through rape (Which means they do not go through a mutual lovey dovey relationship/ mutual lust)’’

Contrary to outsider's view, an uruk-hai's appreciation of the opposite se* was something similar to the humankind. The only difference was that humans would normally cherish the beautiful partner;yet the uruk-hais were heartless and savage, their only goal was to seek self entertainment and pleasure.

Saruman had also specially written - ’’Uruk-hais/Orcs can be crossbred between humans or elves.’’ Sheyan understood this phrase similarly to how a stray animal or dog would want to hump anything. Moreover, the female uruk-hai didn't ovulate and get menses like humans. The male uruk-hais had extremely formidable sperms, instantly adhering against the ovary walls and survive there like parasites. The genetic material would then easily infiltrate into her ovaries and egg.

(TN: LOL enjoy the biology lesson guys)

This was how the male uruk-hai would cross breed with wolves, dogs, pigs and other female animals. But their se*ual partner had to be a female, because the 'pagoda' of mammals definitely requires females. Instead, the female uruk-hai would be unable to cross breed with outside species.

That was how weird half animal half uruk-hai creatures came into existence. However, the normal uruk-hai wouldn't proactively lust after other species. Their actions would normally be due to the prompting of a certain leader or a malevolent force.

It was difficult for crossbreds from the uruk-hai and animals. Normally, the reproduced uruk-hai would have weird incompatible pig/dog/wolf features. Freaks of nature with half dog legs and half uruk-hai bodies may form. Naturally, these freaks couldn't survive in the wild, and be brutally cannibalized by their fellow uruk-hais.

The attraction of the elf maiden, Melody, was like a colossal black hole sucking the uruk-hai in. She was completely defenceless, her body emitted a fresh fragrance, and she looked like a tender, beautiful yet frail enticement. The uruk-hai's bottom brain was already brimming with pent up madness! If not for the emerald leaves on Melody's necklace releasing waves of faint turquoise aura, protecting her feeble self;she would've already been frenziedly and gruesomely violated. Imagining the cruel and perverse nature of an uruk-hai, it was no surprise that it may even start chewing on her while satisfying his arousal.

Melody was doing her utmost to resist, but the emerald leaves were slowly withering away, finally turning into ashes. Obviously, maintaining her turquoise shield was difficult.


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