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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Wasting to death.

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After eating a devastating punch, if not for his relatively strong agility, he would've really been smashed down miserably. With a backflip, he landed half-kneeling onto the ground. He could feel his entire shoulder numbing, but the terrifying fact was that the punch shaved off nearly 186 HP from him! Fortunately Sheyan had a defying 40 points strength, and 13% explosive strike suppression. If not, one punch may have left him crippled instantly.

’’F***, that damned diary said the uruk-hai was only slightly stronger......curse you Saruman! Having a diary as good as having nothing!’’

Sheyan clenched his teeth, wiping away the trail of blood along his lips as he cursed inwardly.

Fortunately, Reef had finally caught up, his black lightsaber slicing against the uruk-hai's left hand. Reef's movements were swift. The Uruk-hai roared furiously as it grabbed the lightsaber blatantly!

Of course, this action was futile. Upon gripping the scorching radiation, a sizzling sound emitted along with a queer burning odour. Simultaneously, Reef raised his shield and blocked an incoming punch from the uruk-hai.

’’Thump!’’ a muffled sound released as the punch crashed against the 'Alien Skull'. Reef drew back his lightsaber and slash it down again, a thin black lightscreen formed along his body. The passive ability 'Ray Refraction' of his lightsaber! Even though it could only absorb 30 points of damage, it appeared quite frequently which will amount to great damages absorbed eventually.

Sheyan's left arm was now totally numb. After gulping down 3 consecutive mouthfuls of 'Endless Vodka', he rushed up again. ’’Crack!’’ Like the shattering sound of a glass, Sheyan broke a bottle of mixture. Faint greenish fumes dispersed as it enshrouded the uruk-hai. The uruk-hai suddenly shivered in the midst of the fumes. Sheyan instantly received the notification.

’’You activated the uruk-hai gene mix 'Curse mix'!’’

’’Based on the 'Curse mix' contents, the respective effect would appear. A hidden attribute of the 'Curse mix' appeared - two times the effect against uruk-hai and orcs.’’

’’Uruk-hai agility plunged by 6 points.’’

This great news was something Sheyan never expected. But actually it was normal, besides the origins of this 'Curse mix' came from the study of the uruk-hai genes. Hence, being able to invoke a stronger effect against it was only to be expected;of course the opposite effect was also a possibility.

Seizing the chance when the uruk-hai attacked Reef, Sheyan pounced forward with a shimmering glint across his brass knuckles. Lowering himself, he heavily pounded against the knee of the uruk-hai. Reef had already perfectly executed his duty, tanking the assaults from the enemy. Now Sheyan had to assumed the role of damage output, he had to show his worth!

Sheyan's brass knuckles were considered trash, definitely unable to amplify high damages. Yet even though crushing damages didn't surface, he still had the luxury of his base damage from his terrific 40 points of strength. Furthermore, Sheyan had quickly inspected the uruk-hai, realizing that although it released powerful punches, its attack intervals were relatively long. This was only to be expected. If it was equally terrorizing in terms of long range and close combat, didn't possess weak defences and had thick HP, in addition to the poisonous arrowhead;if it really had fast attack speed, then wasn't it close to a legendary creature?

Moreover, although it seems 6 points of agility deducted wasn't great, it could be distinctly felt in the batte. The uruk-hai's agility was 20-30 points to begin with, and Sheyan now reduced its attack speed by 15-20%, its movement speed by 7-10%. After the 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', its attack interval had already dropped to 3 seconds, but now it had been lengthened to 3.6 seconds. Which meant 8.3 strikes in a 30 seconds time frame as compared to the previous 10 strikes. For the uruk-hai who possessed formidable strikes, every single one was considered nearly a 100 points of HP!

Moreover, this was all based on theory, Sheyan and Reef were definitely not sandbags for the uruk-hai. They could counter attack, dodge and even resist the attack. Hence, these 6 points of agility had weakened its overall damage output by a quarter.

With Reef's cover, Sheyan pounced in to strike against the uruk-hai and immediately rolled behind Reef's protection. Seizing the 3 seconds to the fullest, he continued without much pressure nor danger. According to the diary, Sheyan's attacks were weaker than the uruk-hai. Meanwhile, Sheyan changed the milestone title he was wearing to 'Bowtruckle's Feedback', the trees were aplenty nearby, thus the extra regenerative powers were rather beneficial. After consecutive strikes against the uruk-hai's kneecap, one of Sheyan's passive ability finally surfaced.

'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' passive ability 'Troll's spirit' - Increases attack interval by 5%, while increasing accuracy by 8%. Can cause enemies to be repelled!

An illusion of the mountain troll casted behind Sheyan, assimilating as he smashed down his fist onto the uruk-hai's kneecap!

Sheyan had been constantly launching punches against the uruk-hai's kneecap! Once that repelling effect happened, it instantly caused the uruk-hai to lose its balance and collapsed to the ground! Apart from special individuals, when someone is beaten to the ground, he will be left wide open. Moreover, due to the suggestion of the diary, an uruk-hai's brain structure causes it to be unable to resist after it falls to the ground.

Sheyan and Reef naturally seized this golden opportunity, charging up as they rained down punches and kicks to their hearts content. The uruk-hai roared in anguish as it attempted to climb back up, but a black aura suddenly hovered around Reef's 'Alien Skull'. A tongue slithered out as it thrusted against the head of the uruk-hai!

(TN: Sheyan and Reef sound like big bullies lol)

Ability: 'Tongue Thrust'!

Along with inflicting damage, it would invoke a 3 seconds stun!

Concurrently, elf maiden, Melody, was certainly not idling, this long legged girl was no flower vase. She was fully utilizing her pike, bow and arrows. Probably because of their affinity with nature, while Melody used her pike as well as her bow and arrows, fresh leaves would bloom over them;infusing with abundant nature energy. Every arrow that landed on the uruk-hai would radiate with green. The damage she was dealing to the uruk-hai, was probably at least combined that of Sheyan's and Reef's.

Seizing the chance when Melody executed another of her constricting roots;Reef gestured to Sheyan and swiftly retreated back to use a bandage that could heal 230 HP in 8 seconds. The furious uruk-hai wanted to chase him but was tied down by the roots. Finally when the magic binding disappeared, it was instantly obstructed by Sheyan. Never forget that Sheyan was similarly a MT. Even though he had 186 HP deducted previously, 3 mouthfulls of vodka had healed 75 HP in addition to his rapid health regeneration from the 'Bowtruckle's Feedback'.

The uruk-hai roared frustratedly, swinging in a punch but was easily blocked by Sheyan. Still, it dealt nearly 140 points of damage. Fortunately, its attack speed had been greatly reduced. After Sheyan tanked roughly 200 plus damage, he had gained adequate time for Reef. A thunderous 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' exploded from Reef again. Sheyan swiftly retreated, pulling out 'Ambition' as he took aim at the uruk-hai's knee and unleashed it!

'Ambition's' previous ordinary attack was several hours ago, thus its 'Ready' musket ability was fully accumulated at 50% explosive strike rate! Although it wasn't a definite, Sheyan himself had other explosive strike rate bonuses. Hence, the gunshot naturally released an explosive strike, unleashing a disastrous 300% additional damage!

(TN: 'Rum and Songs' is considered as an ability, not an ordinary attack for those that are confused)

Even with its sturdy defence, the uruk-hai was still received a horrific 306 points of damage from the 420 points released by 'Ambition'. A sorrowful punctured wound formed on the uruk-hai's knee, exposing the shattered remains of its ghastly white kneecap. Obviously, this uruk-hai's mobility had received a huge impairment.

Reef was a combat veteran, brimming with battle experience. He immediately shifted his position around the uruk-hai, circling around him incessantly. The uruk-hai struggled to face him in order to land its strikes on Reef. The utterly shattered left kneecap had obviously caused the uruk-hai to feel less capable than desired.

Its attack carried brutal ferocity, its roars still nerve wrecking, its insane gaze remained ludicrous. Yet Sheyan and Reef were like spiders toying with a trapped prey, bit by bit wasting away its strength and mentality. Moreover, with a crippled leg, the uruk-hai had no chance of escape.


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