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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Cruel advancement

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Questioned by Sheyan, Reef sighed deeply. He drank down a gulp of alcohol before sinking into his thoughts. Then he replied.

’’The reward bonus at the boundary is extremely formidable, of course its test wouldn't be a small thing. One wrong step would lead to future calamities, the realm wouldn't force someone to their death. Even if you receive the bonus upon reaching the boundary, they will give you an adaptability period of a week. During this period, your will retain the boundary bonus, but once your attribute drops from 50 points, this bonus will vanish. You will be demoted back to an average contestant. But after a week arrives, and you still posses your 50 points boundary, then you will sink into the boundary test state!’’

Sheyan's pupils fluctuated, he was about to speak before Reef laughed bitterly and continued.

’’I know what you want to say. Only when encountering a crisis will you wear your equipment to force yourself to the boundary right? In this way, you can display the greatest might within the entire week of 144 hours - That's a joke! You really think the realm would let you exploit that? Every time you strip off the 50 points boundary bonus, the realm will penalize 36 hours off the adaptability period! When all's said and done, you can at most tap into this strength 4 times!’’

Sheyan couldn't help but sigh. He gazed at Reef, his eyes still filled with expectations. Reef helplessly shrug his shoulders.

’’Don't look at me, I've already exhausted all my adaptability period, if I do it again, I would have no choice but to challenge the boundary test.’’

Sheyan frowned internally.

’’Since that's the case, then we can mature first and grow our 7 base attributes above 40 points. Then we can consider the matter of breaking through the boundary.’’

Reef smirked as he stared at Sheyan and asked.

’’If you were the realm, would you allow a contestant to do that?’’

Sheyan was shock, as he shook his head and forced out a smile.


Reef dejectedly continued.

’’The realm definitely has a weighing factor, its methods are unknown to us. They are able to factor in your current base attribute points, the nightmare worlds you have experienced, your current equipments, your personal abilities, innate abilities etc and determine from there. As long as your prowess has reached a definite maturity, the realm will instigate your main mission difficulty rate. You will discover the missions getting harder, while the rewards become lesser.’’

’’Most importantly, the difference between a contestant that hasn't broken through the boundaries, and one that has is immense, like the heavens and the earth. If you continue in that manner;when the realm reckons that you have reached the standards for boundary break through, they would install horrifying difficulty levels, missions that are impossible to complete without first breaking through the boundaries. Citing a simple example, missions like slaying Saruman of the Lord of the Rings;and if we cannot complete, the punishment may be as bad as utter obliteration!’’

Hearing Reef's words, he suddenly felt the realm was vastly cruel, it was honestly forcing you into a never ending, Ultimate Evolution! He paused for a moment, but suddenly raised his head and sneered. His eyes ablaze with a wild defying flame.

’’What an interesting development, I love it!’’


This time, Mogensha had entered the realm and very urgently inquired about the situation with their party establishment. Honestly, Sheyan was indeed a generous man. He straightforwardly told him about the negative aspects of joining - that was they had to enlist into a low intensity realm war.

Yet Mogensha didn't mind, he forced his enrollment. After enrolling, Mogensha was aggrieved, as he complained about not being called to participate in the party establishment mission. Then after a rough scroll of the party welfare and benefits, the skills of the party, he was stunned shitless for a full 10 minutes......before squeezing out two words through the cracks of his teeth.

’’Heavens, pervert.......’’

Afterward, through Sheyan's questioning, Mogensha also divulged the information he knew so far. Actually, this low intensity realm war wasn't aimed at parties, but towards all contestants.

Mogensha's explanation was close to Reef's, the realm would engage in an evaluation of all contestants during intervals. Once a contestant/ party reaches a suitable level of power, they would be enlisted! Then they would be thrown into this realm war. Parties would be denoted by their average strength and their real circumstances. Hence, if a party schemes to lower the intensity by filling themselves with new recruits along with a small portion of veterans, it would be impossible.

The intensity of realm wars are separated into low intensity realm wars, medium intensity realm wars, and high intensity realm wars. It is said that beyond it, is even an insanely frightening realm crusade. For a low intensity realm war, it is more of an adaptability phase. Its difficulty level is roughly at the 'C+' difficulty setting of a world, except polluted with widespread slaughters.

One noteworthy point was that the headcount entering a realm war would fulfill hundreds. Moreover it was a free world setting, hence parties will rise against parties, parties will ally with parties, and parties will annihilate parties! More crucially, frequently, a unique mission would appear in the realm war, this mission was hailed as the 'Golden side mission'! Only an individual or a single party would be able to accomplish it! Hence, the world would be destined to be a stage for bloody massacre.

Yet one must remember, when the realm establishes a mission, it would be under the pretext that all warring contestants united as one. Therefore......most of the time, this Golden side mission would never be completed.

Because contestants participating in that realm war were like a bunch of loose sand. To unite most people towards a common goal of selfless sacrifice, letting someone else dictate their moves, it was simply an impossibility!

Speaking till here, Mogensha regretfully sighed.

’’Therefore up till today, it seems that not a single person knows what the rewards of a Golden side mission is.’’

As Sheyan listened to Mogensha, he couldn't help but earnestly pondered.

’’What an interesting development.....since that's the case, then I really have to deliberate over this.’’

Although the realm's medical supplies were inflating in unprecedented fashion, Sheyan and them were already prepared. Before they started the party establishment mission, they reckoned the mission would be of a high difficulty rate, thus they had prepared numerous medical supplies. Yet not long after entering the Lord of the Rings world, they activate the relevant checkpoint and their nightmare imprint was sealed. Hence, they didn't even have the chance to consume those medical supplies! Strictly speaking, since they had settled the crucial factor of their medical supplies, then the rest of work was relatively easy.

The trio then separated to make their own preparations. Sheyan straightforwardly headed for the appraisal region, checking up on the status of his 'Hydralisk rare acid gland'. As he headed over, he really wished for the appraisal to be a failure, then he could earnestly earn some gains from those brats that requested to appraise it. If it was still appraising, then he would terminate it.

Yet regrettably, Murphy's law happened again. Things would always develop in the worst possible direction. The scenario that Sheyan didn't want the most happened.

’’Your Silver storyline item 'Hydralisk rare acid gland' is appraised, please retrieve it.’’

’’If it is not retrieved within 7 working days, then this appraised item would be transferred into your personal room with a fee.’’

Sheyan silently stared at his application, then he suddenly realized this item was really an item and not an equipment:

Shrivelled 'Tangerine'

Origins: Starship Trooper world

Rarity: Silver storyline grade

Material: Connective tissue, cortex, marrow, nervous tissues and lymph cavity.

Carrying effect: Strength +2/Physique +2/Intelligence +2

Carrying effect: Charm - 2/Spirit - 2 (This is due to its repulsive pungent odour it emits, one that repels people.....)

Usage: Smear this disgusting lymph gland onto your weapon - your next 3 attacks will carry a corrosive acid.

Details: Corrosive attacks are classified as elemental damage, only an elemental resistance can reduce its damage.

Details: When using the lymph gland, you must focus and prevent the acid from splashing. Hence, it would require 3 seconds, if this 3 seconds duration is interrupted, then you will receive a backlash of 100 points of corrosive damage.

Details: Because the acid is volatile, every smear will only last for 12 hours.

Details: Because the acid secretion is limited, maximum of 5 smearing attempts every 12 hours.

Usage requirements: The 'Shriveled tangerine' is only effective on close combat weapons.

Wearing position: Bag

Weight: 0.8 kg.

Evaluation: I miss Katrina's mesmerizing mouth, I miss Katrina's se*y long tail, I miss Katrina's delicious mucus, I miss Katrina's sweet-sounding squeals......


’’Yet another ridiculous charm drop.’’ Sheyan couldn't help cursing internally.

Naturally, this item greatest merit was that it could be carried inside a bag, and didn't require being equipped. To be able to receive such a delightful object that enhanced his might, it was a pleasant surprise.

One must understand, currently the realm was in a massive buying frenzy. Those contestants involved were all trying to increase their chances of survivability.

At this moment, Sheyan suddenly recalled an earlier notification:

’’Your party prestige: Silver. You can use your achievement points, to change the world of your realm war!’’

Immediately, Sheyan was determined to investigate several pieces of relevant information;for example how many achievement points he needed, what are the worlds available. Instead, he received a notification of unable to investigate......


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