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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Realm war!!!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Sheyan then proceeded to the marketplace to check if his silver storyline item 'Hydralisk rare acid gland' had been appraised;upon reaching, he realized the marketplace was bustling with activities. After making a round, he realized there were strangely, much more purchasers than purchasables here.

He then hastily signalled the slut Jinkuang, paying him 100 utility points to provide him with the latest gathered information on the marketplace.

Sheyan frowned, as he slowly unfolded toilet paper that was stained yellow, instantly deciphering the several clues on the marketplace through the dog like handwriting of slut Jinkuang.

’’The highest inflation here is medical supplies, food.....its inflation has reached 76.4%.’’

’’Next is the achievement points being sold....its inflation reached 47.1%.’’

’’Then various equipments/ weapons that enhances physique, defence, life points, evasion......its inflation is 38.2%.’’

’’The most valuable transaction belongs to a micro magic circle that can instantly transport one back to the nightmare realm........’’



Viewing this list of statistics, he couldn't help his voice involuntarily turning shaky.

’’What the heck, is the realm preparing for war?’’

No wonder Sheyan was astonished. Actually this scenario that was playing out in the realm now, was a replica of inflating rates when countries prepared for war in the present world. Instead, he immediately observed Jinkuang standing still, scratching and feeling out his own body. Sheyan was taken aback.

What are you doing?’’

Jinkuang solemnly stared at Sheyan.

’’Master, recently I found an excellent pet to present to you.’’

Sheyan was a little surprised, his heart filled with anticipation.

’’Let me see it?’’

Jinkuang started shivering, as though he was about to experience an epilepsy flare out and would collapse while frothing. After a brief while, he finally yelled.

’’Come out! Cuisite! Oh wait, wrong, Basite!

Sheyan widened his eyes in anticipating as he stared the empty space around Jinkuang, yet nothing happened. Then his gaze finally paused at Jinkuang's stretched out palm, causing him to nearly spit out blood.

’’You.......are you telling me the pet, is this flea? Cui.....Cuisite, wait no! Basite!’’

Jinkuang seriously continued.

’’Master, it is extremely useful!’’

’’Sheyan refuted in grief.

’’I know, are you going to tell me its greatest merit is not requiring money to rear it. Just sucking my own blood is enough.’’

Jinkuang leaked out his trademark sly smile.

’’Master is wise! Apart from that........oi oi oi, don't leave! I just need a small babysitting fee, just a little!’’

Sheyan then easily used 200 utility points to dismiss the delighted Jinkuang, before he received a notification.

’’Your party member (Vice head Reef) has entered the realm!’’

’’Your party members have been assembled.’’

’’Party 'Ace' current level: lvl 0.’’

’’Party scale: small.’’

’’Party prestige: Silver.’’

’’You possess the qualifications to participate in this time's low intensity realm war!’’

’’Your party prestige: Silver. Your next world will be randomly drawn, unable to foresee it as of now.’’

’’Silver Prestige privilege: Once you draw a realm war world;if you are not satisfied, you can pay achievement points to re-draw another realm war world at random!’’

’’Do you wish to enlist your party? Yes/No?’’

’’You can choose to reject this enlistment. However, during your next enlistment, participating in the realm war will result in a higher intensity realm war!’’

Viewing this information, Sheyan was momentarily stunned. He suddenly recalled the message left by Reef, hence, he requested a moment to consider. The nightmare imprint responded ’’You have 60 minutes to answer before entering the next world.’’ With this spare time, he hurriedly contacted Reef. After the two met up, Sheyan instantly got to the point.

’’We probably have to participate in this realm war.’’

Reef was surprised, then he produced a long sigh.

’’So indeed it is so......I knew it.....I never knew that we would actually have to go to that damned place when the party was just established!’’

Sheyan's gaze flickered.

’’Is the war very tough? But isn't it the case, more powers comes with greater responsibilities. Isn't this the norm?

’’More powers comes with greater responsibilities?’’ Reef still surprised as he digested Sheyan's words, then he smiled reluctantly. ’’Looks like running away is pointless. I originally thought I could temporarily escape from that nightmare, I never knew it would actually return in a swirl of dust!’’

Sheyan smiled.

’’Actually for some things, avoiding is futile. Only by genuinely facing it can you can utterly place it down.’’

Reef sighed.

’’I understand, your intentions should be to enlist into this time's realm war?’’

Sheyan nodded and smiled slightly.

’’That's correct.’’

Reef sincerely replied.

’’Since that's the case, is about time I tell you about a realm's secret. You know our current realm limitation right?’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’Of course, the one about our attributes being capped at 50 points right.’’

Reef slowly continued.

’’Once an attribute reaches the 50 points limit, then you will automatically receive a powerful bonus. For example when i borrowed that +5 silver storyline accessory from you;after breaking through the 50 points physique boundary, I receive 3 options as my bonus, and could choose 2.’’

Sheyan and Reef were both colleagues who walked on the path of physique, naturally he was curious about those options. Reef honestly leaked to Sheyan. The options were:

A: Defence +15 points

B: Physique +15 points

C: HP +300 points

Reef then continued.

’’Not just that! After selecting the two bonus options, you can further select a secondary attribute amongst the other 6 attributes! Once you affirm your secondary attribute, you will be given bonuses, 3 options but choose 1. For me, I selected agility, and the 3 options are as follows.’’

A: Movement speed +30 points/ Evasion +10%

B: Agility +15 points.

C: Long range combat attacks increases 15 - 60 points (Determined by the weapon's attack speed - For example rapid fire rates like submachine guns would increase by 15 points, while slow weapons like bow and arrow would increase by 60 points)/Attack speed increase by 5% - 30% (Based on personal attack speed)

’’Of course, you can only choose one option for your secondary attribute. Also, the bonuses are constant. If you select physique as your main attribute, then the 3 options would be exactly identical as mine.’’

(Citing Mogensha as an example for those that do not understand. His greatest attribute is agility;thus when it reaches 50 points, he would have 3 options of bonus for agility. Then he would be able to assign a second attribute to his highest, perceptive sense. But he could likewise assign physique as his secondary attribute, and then receive the 3 reward bonuses for physique.)

After hearing, Sheyan was enlightened. For Reef who pursued defence wholeheartedly, he would've surely chosen options a and b;resulting in a total additional upgrade of 22.5 points of defence and 150 HP. Once he had chosen agility as his attribute, and chose evasion;then he naturally would make up for the shortcomings of a high defence. No wonder he was able to resist the terrifying assaults of the Tyrannical Spore Colony.

Reef continued.

’’According to my inference, the nightmare realm probably feels that a person's innate ability would represent his own development direction. However it may not suit their preferred long term growth plan, thus they allowed contestants an autonomous possibility;to let them decide their own growth direction through the initial phase of battling. Of course, this growth would take a long arduous, and treacherous process. Yet those who survived, they would be able to find a path that suited them the most!

Sheyan paused for a moment, and replied.

’’If that's the case, then I believe breaking through the boundary isn't a simple thing. Beneath the primary and secondary attribute, there definitely lies many more relevant secrets!’’

Reef forced a smile.

’’Yes, but sadly, I don't know because I haven't gone past the boundary test. I've never stepped through that door, of course I wouldn't know what lies behind it.’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’Then what is the extreme boundary test?’’

Reef sighed deeply, his eyes exposing a challenging expression.

’’In this world, gains would come with losses. Once you reach the 50 points boundary and selected your bonuses;following that, your current base attributes, inclusive of the interspatial region of your nightmare imprint, would be sealed up after a short period. Simply said, your base attributes would no longer make progress, and your interspatial region would be locked! Moreover, you won't be allowed to trade! After completing any mission, selling any things would not provide you with rewards nor potential points! The only way out, is choosing to take on the boundary test, and breaking through the limits!’’

’’As for my previous party, they were annihilated in the process of assisting me with that boundary test.....’’ Reef's words carried a solemn sadness, a devastation that could even pierce through Sheyan's heart. It was a sorrow that had deeply lodge into his memories.

Sheyan furrowed his brows.

’’Then why were you able to trade my accessory back to me?’’


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