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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: A new recipe!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

It didn't matter what Gu Yuean was plotting;once the ship was completed and Uncle Dasi and Sanzi were accustomed to it, attempting to find them once they started sailing all year round would be futile. Sheyan also didn't fear anyone, but if one hair of Uncle Dasi or Sanzi's was touched, then Sheyan would slay his entire family!

Therefore, Sheyan wasn't very fearful of this matter. At present, the black society members had left, and the clinic was back to its orderly state. After changing Uncle Dasi's dressing, Sheyan let Sanzi and Uncle Dasi return home first. Sanzi had always been an attentive one, he understood there would be repercussions to his brother with that what happened, and whined that he didn't want to leave. Sheyan had to pull out his big brother threatening schemes before he honestly led Uncle Dasi away, feeling aggrieved.

As expected, after waiting at the main entrance of the hospital for several minutes, a sullen face Matong hastily ran over with a teary expression to offer his gratitude and apology. He was holding onto wrinkled notes worth 300 dollars, which he probably took from his own underlings.

The person named Matong (Toilet bowl), didn't literally have shit for his brain, he clearly recognized it was Sheyan who had spared his legs. Sheyan couldn't be bothered to socialize with him;yet in hindsight, this local ruffian may prove to be useful in the future and thus he asked Matong to leave his number. Upon thinking that he had been overwhelmed by favor from a superior, Matong bowed respectfully before leaving.

Sheyan remained standing still for roughly 2 minutes before a black sedan came pulling over. A butler walked out and respectfully spoke to Sheyan.

’’Sir, my house master invites you for lunch.’’

Sheyan replied modestly.

’’That isn't necessary. Transmit this for me;if it is killing or setting fire, I will never accept. But if someone wishes to kill him, I can be his bodyguard. Of course, it comes with a price.’’

Speaking till here, Sheyan paused before amending with five words.

’’And it will be expensive.’’

Without saying any words, the butler turned and left. After a while, he turned around and asked.

’’Since that's the case, can I request this sir to leave your contact information?’’

No doubt, this move by Gu Yuean was a beauty. As the regional mafia chairman of the United Bamboo, if he wanted to find anyone, it would be simply faster than the police. Merely, just the fact that Sheyan's uncle was a patient here, he would be even able to track his 18 ancestral generations back. Yet of course once he did that, it would be offending Sheyan. But if he got Sheyan to leave his contact details, then this simply suggested that he wouldn't investigate his private affairs in the future.

After this matters concluded, Sheyan first returned to check on Uncle Dasi;and was relieved to see uncle Dasi's inflammation had subsided. More crucially, though his fingers were lost, he still had his palms;after installing an artificial limb, he recovered a huge portion of functionality. At most, he could now steer a rudder and with adequate help, he would be able to navigate a ship.

In Dasi's perspective;firstly, his new ship had started constructing and signalled the renewal of his hope. No doubt, now that he would be able to work with his own hands, he was exceedingly joyous. He started familiarizing himself with and practiced his artificial fingers, not caring if his wounds would turn sore with blood.

Witnessing Uncle Dasi straightening himself up, Sheyan surged with happiness. He was previously afraid Uncle Dasi would slowly wither without a lease on life. Seeing the joy of hope ignite within Uncle Dasi, was already his greatest desire.

Right now, Sanzi was still a youngster who loved having fun;besides Sheyan was extremely generous to him, and didn't mistreat him with respect to money. On the second day, Sheyan couldn't find him. After inquiring, he realized that Sanzi had left to seek entertainment at Xiwu pier.

Although Sanzi was still young, he had already gone through several voyages. Under influence, he had long ago interacted with activities like gambling and prostitution. Was gambling and prostitution a bad thing? Definitely so! However, everything had its pros and cons. A person with good self control going out for some fun wouldn't necessarily mean losing his household fortunes, but instead it was a good way of relieving the pressure and emotions. Sheyan only lightly berated him after Sanzi returned, while Sanzi remained merry. However, after skimming through Sheyan's list of purchasable items for him, he no longer laughed......

’’Brother Yan! What do you need these things for? And so many!?’’

The astonished Sanzi murmured to himself.

’’Wolf, freshwater fish, snake, dog, mantis......and the more the better?! What'd you need these for!’’

Sheyan impatiently scolded.

’’Don't meddle in my affairs. I'll give you 3,000 dollars hurry up and get it for me, less nonsense.’’

Sanzi shrugged his shoulders, feeling that this was all too strange, but he could feel Sheyan's imposing demeanor increasing day by day. Though Sanzi had an indecisive personality, he was relatively adept in settling affairs. He immediately headed over to the Xiwu pier to engage in a huge shopping spree, on the pretext that he was purchasing for a wealthy tycoon. The merchants in the pier understood the eccentric nature of rich people, they didn't really suspect anything, the most important thing to them was money.

Night time, a panting Sanzi just reached home. Since they lived near to the shore;amongst the 5 materials he required, the dog and freshwater fish were the most plentiful. As for the mantis, Sanzi managed to acquire 2 from the hands of 2 little kids after an entire afternoon. The two kids then excitedly waved their notes around as they sprinted home.

From then on, Sheyan cherished his time as he spent the next few days conducting focus research in the underground basement of the house. He obviously knew Sanzi was suspicious, but if he accidentally saw what Sheyan was doing, the nightmare imprint would instantly notify Sheyan of breaching the realm's secret. When that happens, Sheyan would have to tragically terminate his own kin. Hence, he was extremely stern with the entrance of the underground room, securing it heavily.

This mischievous brat, Sanzi, had actually tried being a peeping tom twice, but was instead arrested by Sheyan;Sheyan then tied him up and locked him up in his own room. Sheyan proceeded to sternly discipline him until his nose bled, as he cried loudly till Uncle Dasi arrived to resolve the issue. However, being disciplined and beaten aboard was commonplace, and Sanzi was already accustomed to it. Moreover, he knew that this was indeed his fault. He could only hold back his tears as he refrained from sneaking around again.

After nearly half a month of experimenting and countless failures, Sheyan finally concocted a new gene-mix. Its materials included the mantis as its primary, hence the name 'Mantis gene-mix'. Its effects were bizarre - attack speed increase 5%, movement speed increase 5 points, accuracy decrease by 5%.

This gene-mix could neither be described as strong nor weak, even containing a negative attribute. Yet the most important aspect was that it couldn't blend with other gene-mixes! Since that was the case, using it in battle would be nearly worthless.

Yet Sheyan knew that in this world, there was no such thing as success with a single stroke, being able to concoct a new recipe was already pretty outstanding. His current product may be crude, but surely there was room for improvement. If he could use other variables to fine tune his concoction, then it would surely produce good fruits.

After a period of sleepless nights, Sheyan was rather exhausted, and immediately sunk into sleep. Only when Uncle Dasi reminded him to check out on the construction of their ship, did he receive a notification from the nightmare realm. His eyes sparkled with vigor, his spirits were raised and he couldn't help breathing deeply.

Strictly speaking, the days spent residing in Xiwu pier were rather relaxing. However after 2-3 days, he constantly felt an unenthusiastic sensation;as though his every meal was without salt. In recent days, he even started to miss the thrill of the realm. If this continued developing, Sheyan wasn't sure if he could maintain his sanity if he stayed in the present world for several months.

Noticing that Sheyan's spirits suddenly soared and seeing him wave his hands excitedly, Sanzi was even wondering what wrong medicine did his big brother take. It was a complete contrast from a few days back;this lifeless visage was suddenly flourishing with elation. At present, Sanzi who wasn't considered pure anymore, couldn't help letting his vile imaginations run wild.

’’He must have been feeling choked for these couple of days eh? Probably just received news of his lover coming to Taiwan, so he rushed off to extinguish his 'flames'?’’

If Sheyan had known of the wretched thoughts in Sanzi's brain, he would surely display a good showing of fists and kicks to him;eliminating his vile thoughts. After seeing Sheyan leave, Sanzi visited Uncle Dasi before heading off to the pier for some fun again.


When Sheyan returned to the realm, the previously eerie and frightening realm in comparison, seemed rather cute now. When he stepped into his personal room, he discovered messages left by several people.

Amongst them, two were message requests by Mongensha, to enroll into the party.

One belonged to the person that purchased the zergling shell (Darkblue grade) from him previously, who wanted to purchase more,

7-8 messages were in regards to that silver storyline item 'Hydralisk rare acid gland', others had cited interest to appraise it! Sheyan rolled his eyes and sighed, what more could he say? This damned thing had been left inside the realm for so long, this was already belated news!

Lastly, Reef also issued a message to Sheyan - If any unusual matter arose, then he had to proceed with caution.


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