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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Meeting Gu Yuean again

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Seeing the shriveled Sanzi, Sheyan immediately charged forward. That golden spectacled male tried pulling him;yet to his horror, the male ahead was was trying to hinder suddenly released an unstoppable force against him. He instantly stumbled backwards several steps, as his back knocked against the wall to cushion him from falling. Within his heart, he was immensely shocked at this little kid's unbelievable strength.

Sheyan immediately hoisted Sanzi up with one hand. Sanzi's face was full of tears, as he fainted from a huge bruise on his head, as he quietly whimpered ’’Brother Yan' before fading to silence. After sheltering Sanzi, Sheyan immediately caught glimpse of a man wearing a skull jacket striding over. His style was Chan Ho-Nam, his face shape like Liu Huan, and his built like Sammo Hung. He was wearing glossy black leather shoes, and had styled up greasy black long hair;pointing at Sanzi, he shouted.

(TN: The names above are all chinese actors/ famous persons or fictional chinese characters;which can be googled if you wish to see how they look)

’’Not scramming yet? Let me tell you, you dare to whine in front of I, Matong. Then I won't even spare the chickens and dogs in your household! Your meals will originate from the toilets!’’

(TN: (马桶) Matong, means toilet bowl in chinese)

Sheyan's eyes were currently emitting a threatful blaze, he completely ignored Matong as he asked Sanzi.

’’Where's Uncle Dasi? Is he alright?’’

Sanzi shrank behind Sheyan as he shook his head, his tears still flowing.

’’He's fine. I left him at the waiting room to sit. After noticing they were taking too long, I headed here to consult with the doctor. Instead, I was scolded by him, and he even hit me!’’

Sheyan's rage was materializing into a sword in his eyes. Sanzi understood the prowess of his brother, he immediately hid behind Sheyan and scolded in agitation.

’’Moronic fat pig! Is this your father's hospital? Based on what can't I see a doctor!’’

Matong's eyes instantly widened as he berated back.

’’Idiotic fool! You have eyes but yet you do not see Mount Tai. If I don't rip your mouth into shreds, I won't be called Matong!’’

After scolding, he pounce forward! Attempting to seize Sanzi.

Yet how would Sheyan just let him do it? He reached his hand out to block Matong's. That fatty was actually rather agile, and raised his legs in attempt to kick. Who knew that Sheyan's feet shifted and effortlessly shoved against Matong's heel when it wasn't even 10 cm off the ground yet. Without giving him chance to react, Sheyan lifted it!

Matong instantly lost his balance, his hands waving about randomly as he stumbled backwards. His hands then dragged down a medical cart behind, as syringes and random medical supplies came crashing to the ground.

Being made to look like a clown in front of everyone, Matong's face swelled uglily. Although his name was called Matong (toiletbowl), his brain wasn't just filled with shit. He understood this person named 'Bro Yan' should be a martial arts expert, he immediately roared out.

’’Si'er, Daliu, Danta, thrash this garbage!’’

With one roar, a total of 4 guys suddenly rushed out of the treatment room, some plucking out daggers from their waists. One of them sneered as he picked up a glass shard on the ground, teasing at Sheyan maliciously with a throating slitting movement. The one named Danta was a mixed-blood, he purposely revealed a black pistol shaft at his waist.

’’There's actually.....a gun?’’ Sheyan tightened up. Of course he didn't care about a gun, but was merely concerned for Uncle Dasi and Sanzi. Instead, Matong misinterpreted his expression. He laughed loudly as he pierced in, grabbing against Sheyan's hair. Then he slapped his face and scoffed.

’’Now you're scared. Kneel! Come polish your big brother's boots with your tongue, then I, Matong, will be benevolent and let you off!’’

Sheyan's face was solemn. Instead he didn't act out but allowed Matong to seize him. That was because his face was still facing the corridor, he was looking at what Matong couldn't.

When Matong marched towards him, that treatment room door that was heavily guarded swung open. The two guards in suit bowed silently in reverence. Two bodyguards walked out of the door first, vigilantly scanning their surroundings. Then another man walked out.

A man that was extremely familiar to Sheyan. It was that same gangster boss he had encountered back in Hong Kong, his name was Gu Yuean. Sheyan still remembered him, and his words that were said previously - ’’You're actually sparing me?’’ It was as if the act of not killing him wasn't giving him face.

Strictly speaking, Sheyan had killed many of his underlings. Yet Yi Wufu had violated the nightmare realm's laws and wanted to silence Gu Yuean. Sheyan took a slash on his behalf, and was considered to have rescued this chairman Gu. It could be said that he had written off hatred with his saving grace.

To Sheyan, Uncle Dasi and Sanzi were bound to remain in Taiwan for a period of time. Hence, it was best to keep a low profile, but he was not a merciful person that would endure all the way until the last straw. ’’If Gu Yuean decides to stay neutral or decides to fend for his underling, then today this hospital's doctors would have to work overtime.......’’

From nearby, there were still a bunch of people about to act on impulse. Yet towards the big boss Gu Yuean of theirs, who was a total devil in their eyes, they naturally had to remain watchful. Ultimately, with one gaze into the near distant, Gu Yuean immediately noticed that face! That person!

That mediocre, unnoticeable face.

......that blood drenched slaughterer, that murderous madman!

Sheyan gazed at Gu Yuean, understanding that he recognized him, he humbly swayed his head to signal Gu Yuean not to reveal his status. At this point, Matong who was completely oblivious to what was happening, walked over and had seized Sheyan's hair......with a frosted countenance, Gu Yuean, who was about to reach the commotion, coincidentally heard the sentence about 'licking boots'.

Sheyan allowed his hair to remain pulled, as he gently announced.

’’I just need a doctor to treat my uncle, and you want me to lick your boots?’’

Matong gripped harder! Furiously raging out.

’’Cut the bullshit. Let me tell you, kneel immediately! If not, I will break both your legs!!’’

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from behind and ferociously tore off a chunk of Matong's hair! Matong immediately cried out, cursing profusely. Instead, the moment he saw that the owner of the hand was Gu Yuean's bodyguard, the vulgarities in his mouth immediately sank back into his belly.

The bodyguard released his grip;he had imagined a scene of skyfall of hair floating down before cool appearance, yet he didn't expect that Matong hadn't washed his hair for days. His hair was all greasy and revolting, dandruff and oily hair pasted onto his palm. It was a disgusting sight to behold, without saying a word he fiercely kicked out.

Finally, the bodyguard had halted his violence, with a loathing expression, he smeared the hair onto the nearby wall. Gu Yuean's powerful voice then rung out.

’’This brat is called Matong? The company's aspiration has always been about providing a decent bowl of rice to our brothers, it is not for you to use our name to oppress the public, and jeopardize society! Your big brother Tiger is still inside, his fate is unknown;and yet you are here ruining his reputation. This is a public hospital, yet you prevent others from seeking treatment! Do you think he wants that? Do you think this is the behavior he wants you to have? Tiger isn't able to discipline you, but I can! Break his legs for me!’’

’’Indeed he is the chairman’’ Albeit a chairman of a black society, his words were refined and cutting, smashing in heavily. The stupefied Matong trembled in agony, the fear in his heart would traumatize him for ages.

A small hooligan like him wasn't even worthy of licking Gu Yuean's spit on the ground. Being admonished by the leader today could already be considered mercy. He gazed blankly as the chairman spoke, nothing but fear cut into his ears;yet when the words 'break his legs' were spoken, it was clearly terrorizing.

In a flash, Matong immediately recalled the words 'Break his legs' he uttered to this 'Bro Yan'. Wasn't this retribution itself? Then the bodyguard actually pulled out a gun! This gun wasn't the cheap counterfeit Danta had! His eyes flickered in fear as he witnessed a black barrel pointing at his left leg! His mind instantly blanked out, a stench begun emitting from beneath his waist..........

Sheyan frowned slightly, Gu Yuean was simply making it too obvious. This blockhead Matong was indeed irritable, but breaking his legs? Undoubtedly, it indicated that Gu Yuean was selling face to him. Besides, Sheyan dared to owe a favour to this United Bamboo boss. Although, he also dared to not give Gu Yuean face, he still had to think for Uncle Dasi and Sanzi.

Hence, Sheyan immediately pulled Sanzi up and allowed him to consult with the doctor. Then Sheyan casually took the chance to stab his foot into Matong's butt;which was coincidentally the same time the bodyguard fired off. He hadn't anticipated a kick from Sheyan. The bullet struck against the floor, sparks scattering about as it ricocheted into the corridor. Matong instantly shrieked in horror but immediately realized he didn't feel any pain, his soaked pants was filled with his own pee and not blood......nevertheless, he slumped weakly to the ground.

After Sheyan's actions, Gu Yuean waved his hand to prevent his bodyguard from taking other actions. He then turned to the rest amidst the corridor and commanded.

’’Those who have other matters, you are dismissed. Those that don't, go to the temple and pray for Tiger. What are you still idling here for? Do you think Tiger will get better with you guys idling around? Let the big boss, me, be flustered about Tiger's safety! The rest scram! Run along now!’’

The underlings of the United Bamboo gang didn't dare reject the command of their head and hurriedly scurried away. Sheyan casted a glance at Gu Yuean, then he turned to enter the treatment room. He knew this black society head definitely had matters seeking his help. Yet, if Gu Yuean could use him, why couldn't he use Gu Yuean? There were mutual benefits to be gained! Hence, he remained composed and without fear.


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