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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Silver party established!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

One point to note was that Sheyan and Reef were both rare MTs. At present, their total life points had exceeded 1000 points. With this life-link, it was as good as having an additional life!

Of course, this 'Life-link' wasn't that earth shattering actually. For example, it wouldn't help if the enemy was overwhelmingly superior, or had isolated Reef. No matter how much Reef could tank, after entering in the 'Life-link' boulder state, he could at most hold on for several minutes or tens of minutes. The enemies wouldn't need to seek out Sheyan who was linked, they could just surround Reef and dish out frenzied assaults.

No matter how weak their attacks were, it would at least present 1 point of damage. Hence, 'Life-link' wasn't a totally immune state. Once they managed to transfer damage to Sheyan until he sunk into near death state, then the 'Life-link' would collapse;allowing them to kill two birds with one stone.

Yet ultimately, this 'Life-link' party skill had undoubtedly propelled the survivability of the two parties. Moreover, this skill could still be upgraded! Although it would require a painful sump of 3 party skill points..........

Following the confirmation of 'Life-link' as their first party skill, Sheyan and Reef were left with another 4 times of skill drawing;of which selecting 2 amongst them. Currently, Reef seemed to be the more excited one out of the two, as he actively incited the drawing. The 4 party skill options were as follows:

Asylum lvl 1 (Passive): An additional 100 HP and 100 MP is awarded to all members. Vanishes upon leaving the party.

Finance lvl 1 (Passive): Every member will enjoy 33% discount on personal items purchased from the realm, through the nightmare imprint;and enjoy selling their junk for 33% more to the realm.

Gloryheal (Active): The glory of the party can rescue members from the hands of death during critical moments. After activating this ability, 50% of health will be restored within 12 seconds. No activation cost required, cool down of 12 hours.

Pierce lvl 1 (Passive): All members receive 12% in attack.

After a series of deliberations between Sheyan and Reef, they eventually chose the two skills - 'Asylum' and 'Gloryheal'. After confirming, the hoarse voice ushered.

’’Very good. The party is successfully established, now I will take my leave. I wish you will attain an excellent battle score for your future skirmishes.’’

Sheyan was currently contemplating on Uncle Dasi's fingers, wanting to inquire of this officer that supposedly claimed to be from the future. Yet the officer abruptly left, which left him with a sour taste in his mouth. At present, an emotionless mechanical tone played again.

’’Small Silver Prestige party: 'Ace' established!’’

’’You have joined the Small Silver Prestige party 'Ace' !’’

’’Party scale: Small.’’ (For certain missions that require a large scale party, small scale party members can choose to collectively join with other large scale party;however, you will be unable to enjoy the party skills of the large party. Under normal circumstances, it is hard for low prestige parties to view information from comparatively higher prestige parties, unless through voluntarily means.)

’’Party Prestige: Silver.’’

’’Party level: lvl 1 (0/15) - Requires 15 party experience to upgrade.’’

’’Every time a party leader, vice-head or any official member accomplishes a main storyline mission/hidden mission, 1 party experience will be awarded. Apart from that, there are other methods like irregular party level private missions, or massacres during party wars etc.’’

’’Party leader: Contestant no.1018, Second Lieutenant. This information can be concealed from party members.’’

’’Details: To promote your party level, party leader must promote to Lieutenant Rank (First lieutenant). Before promoting to Lieutenant, party experience points would be stacked, but party will be unable to level up. (For example, stacking till 20/15 experience)

’’Party vice-head: Contestant no.770123, Lieutenant Colonel (Reserve-duty). This information can be concealed from party members.’’

’’Covert Party skill: 'Life-link' lvl 1. This information can be concealed from party members.’’

’’Party skill: 'Asylum' lvl 1 (Passive).’’

’’Party skill: 'Gloryheal' lvl 1 (Active).’’

’’Official members can enjoy the privileges of Silver Prestige: When engaging in a party war, you can directly induce suppression on the opposing party's skill;causing their effects to drop by 10% - 30% (Depends on the other party prestige). Probability of causing opposing party's skill to fail completely is 20% - 50% (Depends on the other party prestige).’’

’’Unofficial party members can only enjoy the party skill 'Asylum'.’’

Seeing the eventual outcome, Sheyan and Reef were both gladly rejoicing. To be able to harvest such results was certainly out of their expectations. The previous Lord of the Rings world had dangers that left them both physically and mentally exhausted. An 'A' difficulty world was indeed horrifying, just two ringleader class mob could've easily crushed them both.

To survive under such circumstances, the pressure on them had indeed been amplified exponentially. Hence, after rejoicing, they immediately felt a tremendous fatigue enveloping them. After saying their farewells, they hurriedly returned to the present world.


At present, Sheyan was still situated in Hong Kong after he returned to the realm. Though Jessica phoned him for a date, he rejected her due to excessive fatigue;hence he first seeked a good hotel room, and took a nice bubble bath.

While falling asleep, Sheyan couldn't help planning for his next course of action even amidst his mind fuzziness. As for him, the matters to be settled in the present world were fairly ample.

Firstly, after working for Saruman previously;he had tested if the specimens of wolf, freshwater fish, snake, dog man mantis could be used as raw materials for his concoction. He could then try experimenting on them slowly, and possibly enrich his own concoction varieties.

Next was pertaining to the awakening of his innate ability that Reef mentioned. Through his duel with Yi Wufu, Sheyan could sense he was on the verge of awakening his innate ability. If he had the chance to temper himself in Thailand, then he could possibly make a breakthrough.

Lastly, it was naturally considering Uncle Dasi's illness. Firstly, he wanted to supervise his treatment, and secondly, he earnestly wanted to craft the ship according to the old man's heart;finding something for him to do to prevent him from depressing thoughts.

From the perspective of personal gains, both concoction experimentations of new gene-mixes and of awakening his innate ability was equally important. Yet for Sheyan who placed utmost concern on kin, he constantly worried about the father like, Uncle Dasi. Eventually, he decided to return to Taiwan. He would rather he himself face harsher risks and dangers, in exchange for a few comfortable days for Uncle Dasi. Moreover, after returning to Taiwan, he would still be able to attempt to research his concoctions.

After affirming his decisions, Sheyan sunk into deep sleep within the bathtub, and begun releasing satisfied snores. He only woke up upon feeling the chill of the cold water, before he climbed out of the bathtub to resume his sleep on the bed;he only urinated once during this period.

He slept for a full 24 hours before being startled awake by the calling of several service staffs. Because there was a recent case of drug scandal nearby the hotel, the staff were all vigilant like a bird. Upon noticing Sheyan hadn't left his room for 24 hours, they deemed it suspicious and feared that it was another suicidal drug scandal. They repeatedly knocked but to no response, and finally forced open the door.

Seeing this terrified bunch of hotel staff, Sheyan found it immensely laughable. He helplessly shrugged his shoulders, the only thing he could do now was settle the bill and leave. Yet after leaving the hotel, he felt his stomach growl before seeing a huge queue at the opposite side of the road. A wave of fragrance penetrated his nose, as he couldn't resist the urge to walk over.

The street stall appeared simple and crude, definitely one that would fail the hygiene safety qualification test. Sheyan waited for his turn, and sat down at a table. Greasy print marks were all over the table. There wasn't much ingredient, only a yellow skinny woman with a dashboard face. ’’Thump!’’ She slammed down a bowl. From the water traces on the bowl, it was obvious it was briefly rinsed after the previous customer just finished with it.

Sheyan was able to use a tissue to wipe the bowl dry;instead, the yellow skinny woman simply dragged over a huge metal ladle and unleashed a sticky liquid into the bowl. The liquid was pretty thick, mixed with crimson and snow white. Piping hot steam drifted out along with an indescribably strange aroma.

He couldn't help pulling the bowl closer, before scooping with his spoon. The silky delicious porridge contained a splendid blend of seafood and cream. As he chewed gently, his teeth collided against fine threads of silk. It was chewy and flexible, the chinese vermicelli breaking easily in his mouth.


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