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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Max reward!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Seeing that they had to queue for long, the two decided to head over to the appraisal room first to evaluate the strange unknown object 'Ocean-freak Moria's egg' and sell it to the realm. They were greeted with an unexpected delight, with every egg selling for 2 achievement points!

After a brief wait, it was finally their turn to enter the core area of the realm to settle their affairs. After they sat down, a laser network beamed out to scan their bodies. Following closely, was a mechanical emotionless voice.

’’Congratulations on returning, contestants engaged in a party establishment mission.’’

’’Retrieving data.......’’

’’You accepted the mission 'Survival' as your party mission.’’

’’Mission summary: Live, try your best to survive, hold on until you no longer can....’’

’’Mission progress passed the first phase and relevant checkpoint! Mission score increases by 30.’’

’’Mission progress passed the second phase and relevant checkpoint! Mission score increases by 50.’’

’’Mission progress passed the third phase and relevant checkpoint! Mission score increases by 100.’’

’’Your mission score from the basics is: 30 + 30 +50 +100 = 210 points. Both contestants made it till the end.’’

’’Your mission completion score: Current difficulty - Maximum (lvlmax).’’

’’Please wait......’’

’’Signal connecting.....’’

They waited for nearly 10 minutes before the screen ahead started to show a chaotic interference. After a brief while, that same hoarse voice projected out.

’’If this damned signal machine doesn't provide me with an adequate reason to wake me up, then I'm definitely replacing it. Dammit! What the heck requires our attention? Hello?’’

’’Party establishment mission completion score, maximum?’’

’’A young 2nd lieutenant's application?’’

’’Uh huh! Look who's here, no.1018?’’

Upon hearing this hoarse voice, Sheyan instantly knew who it was. It was most likely that same person who awarded him with the honor of the 2nd Lieutenant rank. He sincerely issued.

’’Very glad to see you again, sir!’’

The hoarse voice laughed out bluntly.

’’You can call me Mr Lieutenant Colonel. Indeed I haven't misjudged you at all;although a party establishment mission isn't considered tough, to be able to achieve this grade is already pretty rare. Oh, you completed it with the two of you? Besides you are only of a 2nd Lieutenant ranking, then the relevant reward will consider that factor. Alright, good luck to you lads! Party Ace is hereby officially established!’’

Hearing the announcement from the hoarse voice, Sheyan and Reef simultaneously received the notification:

’’You have withdrawn from your temporary party.’’

’’Your members have received an additional reward of a maximum completion score: Silver Prestige.’’

Privileges of Silver Prestige: After party is established, you can draw 3 party skills for your members.’’

’’Privileges of Silver Prestige: When engaged in a party war, you can directly induce suppression on the opposing party's skill;causing their effects to drop by 10% - 30% (Depends on the other party prestige). Probability of causing the opposing party's skill to fail completely is 20% - 50% (Depends on the other party prestige).’’

’’Privileges of Silver Prestige: When drawing the relevant party skill, you can receive an additional drawing privilege.’’

’’Privileges of Silver prestige: Receive a party interspatial storage of 10x10x10 metre square.’’

’’Privileges of Silver Prestige: Every time the party's standing is promoted, 2 points of party skill points will be received (normally, 1 point). You can utilize the party skill points to upgrade the party's skill. Every 3 party skill points can be used to additionally open a new study field of party skill.’’


Observing the list of notifications, Sheyan didn't feel particularly shocked. Citing Jinkuang who sprouted unkind words while spitting he spat out melon seeds - Ignorance was bliss.

Instead, Reef gaped with astonishment following what he just witnessed. He recalled when he first established his reserve-duty party, there was no such thing as party mission, nor was there any party prestige.....which goes to say, this aspect of information was not simply leaked to anyone.

As for party skills, this previous party had that too;but they merely had a single skill slot. Moreover, it was randomly allocated, resigned to fate. Yet more crucially, why would they allow you to learn party skills for free? They issued 3 options which required learning fees:

The first option - Fee: 10,000 utility points, 10 potential points and 5 achievement points. According to Reef, the resultant skill most likely produced effects like movement speed +3/strength +1/Damage +1%. Of course the best draw was physique +1, because it was relevant to every single contestant in the party. Something worth mentioning was previously, the Symbiosis's sect party skill belonged to this very category.

The second option - Fee: 30,000 utility points, 30 potential points, 15 achievement points. Naturally this learned party skill was stronger than the previous. It probably included effects such as strength +3/explosive strike +2%/avoidability +2%. The Banks Syndicate's party skill which triggers a shield that can absorb 100 points of damage while in critically wounded state, belonged to such a category. Obviously, it could also be because they had upgraded a skill from the previous category.

The third option - Fee: 70,000 utility points, 70 potential points, 35 achievement points. This particular classification of party skills weren't something Reef was clear about. He only heard that others mentioned of an all attribute +1 party skill, which should belong to this category.

Yet more critically, was when Reef saw that whenever the party promotes a level, they would receive 2 party skill points. This almost caused him to black out......when his reserve-duty party promoted, they only received 1 party skill point!! Which goes to say in the long run, a Silver Prestige party towers over an average reserve-duty party by two folds!

But at present, Sheyan had no idea what Reef was thinking. He only recalled the advice that hoarse voice had offered him, it was really gems of wisdom. Then the lazy, hoarse voice spoke out once again.

’’Are you done viewing, if so please prepare to draw your party skills. You can draw thrice, oh wrong, a Silver Prestige party can draw 6 times. You can then choose 3 out of the 6 as your primary 3 party skills.’’

Sheyan listened as his heart stirred.

’’Perhaps my Lieutenant Colonel has any advice for me?’’

The hoarse voice laughed hysterically.

’’Nothing none! I see you're wise for a lifetime, but muddled for a moment. The principle behind that you should be clear. I just want to ask you, what is the name of your party?’’

Sheyan listened as a wide panorama unfolded in his heart, it was true! To every single struggler within the realm, their only desire was to live on! Survival, that was essentially the basic!

Next, the procedures to draw the party skills were initiated. Yet before drawing the first option, the nightmare imprint ceased the process and delivered another notification.

’’Contestant no.1018 and no.770123 entered the party establishment mission simultaneously.’’

’’Both parties lasted till the end.’’

’’Both parties received a mission completion score of maximum.’’

’’You have fulfilled the relevant criteria.’’




After nearly 5 minutes, the next set of notifications appeared.

’’You have acquired a covert party skill: 'Life-link!’’ (Passive | Every upgrade requires 3 party skill points)’’

’’Unable to evaluate this skill.’’

’’Covert party skill: 'Life-link' - When simultaneously within party Ace, your life will be mysteriously linked together.’’

’’Any member once entering near death critical juncture, will engage 'Boulder State';having their movement speed decline by 50%, unable to attack nor use any items. Any damage dealt will be forcibly reduce by 50%! Then the other 50% of damage will be transferred to another member who is life-linked. (The transferred damage will factor in the other member's defence, the member in near death state would not suffer damages)’’

’’When both parties involved in a life-link sinks into near death state, life-link will collapse.’’

’’The defence effect of boulder state is a domain precedence.’’

(Details of conflicting abilities, and which takes precedence - No precedence <slight precedence <Authoritative (Crushing damages belongs to this) <Domain precedence <Domain authority)’’’’You can choose to give up this covert party skill, and choose another randomly drawn party skill. Yes/No ?’’

Sheyan and Reef glanced at each other;without a thread of hesitation they selected 'No'! Seeing that word 'covert', they naturally knew this was a rare skill. The rarer something was, the greater its value, this was a thousand year old saying. Naturally, it applied to the specifics of the nightmare realm.

No doubt, the evaluation of this skill was primarily due to its applicable nature to them. No doubt, the effects of Sheyan and Reef linking up was the most compatible. If two brittle long range contestants were to link up;as long as the MT in their group doesn't fall, this ability would be useless. Once the MT falls, then their link could barely be used as a below average fleeing skill.


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