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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 5


Chapter 5: The arrowhead's owner

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

In the Lord of the Rings world, although the elves were haughty, they would still be amicable to kind humans. Naturally they also wouldn't provide great hospitality to strangers and nameless humans;it was like how people in the present world treated pets. Which goes to say;if they could enter Rivendell upon the back of this innocent maiden elf, Mist Melody, then undoubtedly they could stay for months without meeting dangers.

Of course, Sheyan definitely didn't expect a difficulty 'A' mission to just pit them against some orcs. With the guidance of the little maiden elf, the gorgeous scenery of Rivendell emerged.

In actual fact, as they got nearer to Rivendell, he felt a thicker danger forming in his heart, but...a tremendous enticement lies ahead of them. Once entering Rivendell, it was like akin to achieving the greatest reward! Even during the period of Sauron's madness, Rivendell had never caved in! Entering was like getting something done once and for all, no doubt the enticement was extremely tremendous to Sheyan.

After a brief discussion with Reef, they ultimately decided to continue advancing with increased caution. They agreed that in any extreme emergencies, they would split up to charge for Rivendell. As long as one of them made it, they would succeed.

On the contrary, Melody who was in high spirits didn't have that awareness, she even skipped and jumped;just like a joyous little deer. Humming her elvish songs along the way. The two had no clue what she was singing, yet it sounded as pleasant and carefree as the springs crashing against the rocks.

As the 3 continued roughly a hundred metres ahead;according to Melody, after descending down the hillside, they would be able to see a white rocky pathway leading to Rivendell. In that instance, Sheyan felt the threatening sensation vanishing. It was extremely queer and abrupt, as fast as the receding tide. But in the next second, Sheyan suddenly recalled one object.

That arrowhead!

That deadly arrowhead Reef discovered upon entering this world!

An arrowhead that could pierce through an unyielding hundred year old fir tree!!!!

Suddenly, he felt a stifling sensation creeping up against him.

Turning his head around ferociously, an enormous bow was aiming in approximately 40 metres away. The frame of the bow seemed to be forged with a pitch-black metal, and the wretched white bowstring was the thick tendon peeled out from an orc. It was as thick as a thumb's diameter. More critically, the bow was fully drawn back, its arrow loaded and the bowstring at maximum tension. The thick flesh of the palm clutching the enormous bow was pressed white, a layer of velvet hair covering it.

The arrowhead was aimed straight towards Sheyan's chest!!!

’’Twang!’’ The sound of the released bowstring. The striking sound vibrating into his body. A sound causing Sheyan to feel choked and nauseous.

Ash black flames immediately combusted the wooden body of the arrow, dissipating out dust bit by bit in the air. Hence, a mild black trace could be seen along the trajectory of the arrow. The strange blue shimmering of the arrowhead arrived within 3 metres of Sheyan in a flash! There was completely no time for him to react, dodge or resist it!!!

But at this critical juncture, a solid and sturdy silhouette rammed in from the side, carrying a whistling gale. It was Reef with his raised shield, his figure was like a majestic reef, unwavering against the howling winds and torrential rain. He completely shielded Sheyan's back.



’’Thump!’’ The arrowhead bluntly slammed against his Silver Storyline shield 'Alien Skull'. Yet it continued to force its way in. Fortunately, the trajectory had been shifted, tearing a long chunk of meat from his shoulder, as it left behind a trail of blood towards the sky. It was indeed Reef's ultimate ability 'Courage'! It not only substituted the target and endured the damage instead, it reduced the damage by 15%!

After that sneak attack, the two instantly adapted themselves. Reef raised his shield to cover his head as he charged forward, while an insipid dull black radiated from his body. It seemed like the arrowhead had carried a poison that greatly affected his movement speed. Sheyan could now see the enemy vividly, it was a towering human like creature. Its physical appeared extremely robust, with its muscle outline exceedingly defined. Its skin was rough, colored deathly white mixed with dirty brown. Its nostrils were similar to a swine and its greyish sparse hair draped over its shoulders. Even though it remained silent, its facial muscles twitched with a gnashing viciousness, its muddy eyes brimming with venomous intent.

Melody yelled out.

’’Uruk-hai! Another one of these demons!’’

The Uruk-hai mounted its arrow and drew its bow again. Without hesitation, Sheyan pulled out 'Ambition', activating 'Rum and Songs' and fired!

Never forget, Sheyan's concocted mixtures originated from that damaged diary 'Uruk-hai research', hence he was had in-depth understanding on an Uruk-hai. It could be said that the overwhelming majority of the Middle-earth could not compare in this aspect!

The crackling explosion of the musket, a lead bullet whizzed out. Upon sensing that imminent threat, the Uruk-hai instantly withdrew its bow and rolled to the side. The lead bullet was bound for nothingness with its current trajectory. Instead, it suddenly swerved 30 degrees with the unique Imminent hit attribute of 'Rum and Songs', tearing open a tiny blood bloom against the chest of the Uruk-hai. It carried a further stunning effect, as the Uruk-hai stoned.

Even though the lead bullet was supposed to induce a 3 seconds stun, Sheyan believed if not for that definite 2 seconds stunning minimum cap of the ability;the powerful Uruk-hai may have suppressed the 3 seconds to a useless 0.5 seconds!

Hence, this fortunate 2 seconds allows Reef enough time to approach the uruk-hai. After dashing forward, Reef released the formless shockwave of his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar'! But the worst case scenario happened. The nightmare imprint immediately transmitted the merciless ’’Resisted’’ notification, sinking Reef's heart with despair.

Gritting his teeth, he immediately sacrificed 25% of his HP to release another 'Shattering Cardiac Roar'. Concurrently, at that instance Sheyan's gunshot resounded out, it jolted the elf Melody awake from her panic. She waved the pike in her hands and chanted out a curse.

’’Oh green flora.’’

’’Heir of the Spring Goddess beseech thee.’’

’’We praise thy natural stalks.’’

’’We nourish thy bountiful fruits.’’

’’Lend thee thy impregnable roots, and constrict thine enemy's feet!’’

After Melody's chanting ended, the stunning effect of 'Rum and Songs' had ended. Suddenly, dense thick roots erupted underneath the uruk-hai, tightly binding its feets and the fibrous even impaled into its flesh;plundering its flesh and blood like a tentacle.

Drinking from his soul equipment, Sheyan's speed exceeded the poisoned Reef as he successfully reached the uruk-hai's front. Although Sheyan wasn't tiny in size;when compared against the heinous creature, he looked like a frail little child.

Not knowing how long the roots would bind the uruk-hai, Shean charged up without hesitation. Based on normal circumstances, a long distant bow user would definitely be deficient close combat wise. But Sheyan was wrong on one thing. His assumption may not be feasible in a nightmare world with an 'A' difficulty!

Faced against Sheyan's sudden onslaught, the uruk-hai's white hair spread out as it tossed aside its bow, accepting its binded mobility. its fist clenched as the hide armour swelled up with the tensing of its muscles. When Sheyan arrived, the uruk-hai's eyes shone with contempt. Issuing a warcry, it huffed out a stench from its nostrils as it welcomed Sheyan with a ruthless punch.

Because the uruk-hai had the superiority in size, its fist bluntly headed towards Sheyan's face! Sheyan realized an uppercut fist sweeping in, if he took it head on, he would definitely be blown up!

The murderous wind rushed against his face. Sheyan shifted his hands into a cross blocking from his chest down, but this action failed. The first directly blasted his hands apart, and struck against his shoulder. His vision blackened as he felt an unbelievably immense force, following by a searing pain from his shoulder. Rushing in with full speed, Sheyan ultimately got knocked up, backflipping into the air!!


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