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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Unexpected reaping

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Although Sheyan was exceedingly knowledgeable of the 3 elvish rings;he obviously couldn't lecture Melody directed on its history as though he was an elven lord himself. He only smiled faintly.

’’God is omnipotent.’’

Melody had personally witnessed that heaven defying domain 'Absolute defence' of Sheyan. Such a domineering might had vastly eclipsed her understanding. Because of her unfamiliarity, her admiration towards him was doubled! She gazed into Sheyan's eyes, her tears flowing as she continued.

’’Forgive me please, my protector, you......won't you be happy?’’

Sheyan's heart currently was also conflicting. Such a pure youthful maiden, yet tender and obedient;whatever female position he desired, she was willing. She even had a naturally perfumed scent, much superior to that of even an imperial concubine. He was really unwilling to part with her, but this was inevitable. Sheyan held Melody in his embrace, then he looked into her eyes sincerely.

’’We have no choice but to part, but can you promise me one thing?’’

Melody nodded passionately.


Sheyan continued.

’’I don't know the customs of elves, but since you're already so intimate with me, you cannot become companions with other male elves;or be intimate with any elf.’’

’’Oh.’’ Melody obediently nodded her head. ’’I promise you.....hug me one last time.’’

’’Oh it seems like there's still some time, after hugging we can still do something else.’’

’’Hey why are you tearing my skirt! I just weaved it again!’’

’’Listen to me, be good, open up your mouth.’’

’’What are you doing?’’





An hour and a half later,

Back in the Nightmare realm,

Inside Sheyan's personal room.

Jinkuang was currently using a huge ladle to stir a huge pot of black viscous liquid. An intense and vile smell occasionally drifted out, where it seemed to contain a bunch of junk inside.

Suddenly, a tiny black vortex appeared, its depth as deep as the mysteries of space. In a flurry, it spreaded into a perfect long line, emitting a buzzing sound before forming into a black door.

Very quickly, Sheyan emerged from the door, his leg seemed to be floating slightly. When he appeared, he instantly pinched his nose and sneezed twice. Stumbling forward due to the smoke, he furiously raged out.

’’Jinkuang, what the hell are you doing?’’

Jinkuang raised his brows and replied.

’’I'm undertaking a small capital but huge profit business. From the liquid of the richly nutritious rotting fats and proteins of the city sewer, I can extract a top quality condiment. It contains 5 'S' grade pure natural nutrition;omega oil acid, Linoleic acid, vitamin e, low cholesterol, brain and blood circulatory benefits.

’’What the heck, cut the crap, that's just disgusting drain oil.’’ Sheyan angrily clutched his nose. He couldn't afford to piss this ancestor off and could only head out. If he couldn't bear this anymore, he would just share Reef's room.

Jinkuang hurriedly obstructed Sheyan as he inspected him from head to toe, then he let off a sly smile.

’’Master, your face is pale, your footsteps are weak, your eye bags are huge, you seem extremely fatigue and exhausted in spirit, your hands are icy cold. I'm afraid you have caught a cold, look you even have a bloated tummy. One glance and I could tell you have indulged in excessive debauchery!’’

Sheyan's face turned ashen as he immediately ran off. Jinkuang then brandished a herbal plaster and yelled loudly.

’’Master, you can try my herbal plaster, it's only 3000 credits! Once you paste it on, the desired hardness and vigor will surge up within 3 seconds, guaranteed to become the next 'Liu Xiang' of the bed, it is an ultra pellet........... How can this master be so unrefined and impolite, at least listen to what I have to say right.’’

(TN: Liu Xiang is an olympic gold medalist and world champion of China)


After returning, Sheyan quickly contacted with Reef. He then anxiously asked the sole affair pricking his heart.

’’Did you manage to bring the eggs out?!’’

That's right! This was his other huge motive for insisting that Reef safely fled first! In the previous realm, the rules were extremely peculiar - During the party establishment mission process, any utility points, potential points, equipment, items will be unable to be brought back to the nightmare realm (Includes concocted potions/forged equipment). As for the others, there were no restrictions.

No doubt, Ocean-freak Moria's eggs were an unparalleled precious item, belonging to the restricted category. Yet Sheyan hadn't forgotten that when he first picked up an Ocean-freak Moria's egg, there was not a single notification. Furthermore, without a twilight elf like Melody, this item wouldn't even be able to exhibit its greatest potential! Hence, Sheyan wanted to take a gamble, to see if it could be brought out. To be more blunt, he wanted to see if they belonged to the classification of unknown strange object.

Faced with Sheyan's anxious inquiry, he smiled bitterly.

’’I could say yes, but I could also say no.’’

Sheyan was taken aback.

’’What kind of answer is that?’’

Reef helplessly replied.

’’Head over to the roof of the realm first. This matter is slightly complicated, it is better to explain when we meet.’’

Sheyan hastily rushed over. On the way, he didn't forget to check up on the appraisal status of his ’’Hydralisk Rare acid gland'. Sadly, it only displayed 'Appraising, please wait'. After a familiar journey to the roof, Sheyan realized that for some unknown reason, this place was filled with an unprecedented booming of activities. At least 20-30 others were here queueing up. Reef was currently conversing with someone at the side, as he repeatedly made hand gestures as though their discussion was extremely intense.

Viewing Sheyan's appearance, Reef signalled towards him, and introduced the other person.

’’This is Aldaris, a scum from Northern Europe who loves to deliver money to me.’’

After hearing that, Aldaris folded his arms on his chest and snorted coldly.

’’Reef you moron, only adept in using words, how can you call that delivering money? I only lost a few times when we compared pointers, because you have better must be Seaman? Reef was just telling me what a remarkable alchemist you are.’’

Sheyan smiled.

’’I'm not worthy of remarkable. I only place all my efforts in that aspect, that's all.’’

At this moment, the group ahead queuing up called for Aldaris. Aldaris saluted and said his farewells, then he left. Reef observed his leaving figure and earnestly uttered.

’’Never ever underestimate him. That guy is a thorn in combat, he belongs to a rare class who possesses dual capabilities. His three peak attributes are strength, intelligence and spirit;and is able to contest fairly against close combatants and exercise long range abilities to assault enemies.’’

Sheyan listened with a curious expression.

’’Sounds like a mage-warrior dual combatant? But how is he going to maintain his vitality in close combat?’’

Reef seriously replied.

’’Strictly speaking, he is really somewhat like what you said. During close combat, he uses different methods to preserve his life. His magic shield ability can absorb large amounts of damage, moreover his high spirit powers can cause the enemy's accuracy to greatly decline. Also, he still has other life preservation methods employed by intelligence/spirit based contestants.’’

’’Aldaris's greatest specialty is that he also possesses a skill tree ability. Previously when I crossed pointers with him, I was left in bitter disbelief at one of his ability 'Vampirism-Touch' of his abilities. He is able to attach a vampirism magic onto his weapon;when he deals any damage to his opponent, he can steal the opponent's life force from the damage (Lifesteal)! Due to his relatively excellent spirit and intelligence, he is able to reach roughly 50% of lifesteal!’’

’’Wow he does sound incredibly daunting!’’ Once he heard the words 'lifesteal' he felt a certain headache. This kind could be said to belong to a category of becoming stronger as one fights. Fortunately, it seems like currently he didn't have to deal with this Aldaris. Sheyan shook his head, then he brought their conversation back to subject.

’’What is with the Ocean-freak Moria's eggs?’’

Reef forced out a smile.

’’Those coconut sized eggs couldn't be brought out. The realm gave it a dual evaluation of being a living body, and a rarely seen item. Their decision is extremely clear;eggs that have been incubated completely, cannot be hailed as an unknown strange object.’’

’’Instead, those eggs that had been incinerated by the Balrog can be brought out. The realm's evaluation is that Ocean-freak Moria is originally an exceedingly rare creature, and that Balrog is most probably the last Balrog of Middle-earth. The chances of them encountering is extremely small. As for the Balrog using his fiery whip to torch the soul of Ocean-freak Moria's eggs, that is a minute probability within small probabilities. This object that was formed from such impossible origins, was something that was completely neglected in the realm's calculations. Hence, it is silently recognized as an unknown strange object, and can be brought out.’’

Sheyan nodded his head.

’’That means we brought 5 eggs out?’’

Reef nodded, then directly traded the 5 Ocean-freak Moria's eggs over. Sheyan kept 3 eggs and left 2 with Reef. They had already ascertained the uses of achievement points with regards to the military rank, and potential points were needed to further advance abilities;therefore both of them similarly required these unknown strange objects urgently. As an important core of the party, obviously he was worthy of such valuable investment.


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