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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: The real reason for fleeing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan reluctantly removed his hand from the elf maiden's skin. Although he had caressed the refined jewels of her body, and even wantonly galloped over her for a relatively long time, he was still mesmerized by the sleek, pure cleansing sensation;it was similar to satin. Not only was her skin unbearably alluring and comforting, her kisses were pure joys of life. Moreover, her resentful moans and indescribable yells seemed to still be echoing within the cave.

Right now, Melody had sunk into deep sleep, like a miserable little deer that had fainted on the grass. Probably because the earlier excitement had caused her extreme exhaustion, her twin slender white legs were still tightly locked. Her silver hair lodged beneath her left hand like a pillow, her upright but not huge bosom still covered with several red traces;as she still appeared rather tasty and inexperienced.

Her face even had two trails of dried tears, yet her expression was shy and faintly blissful. To Sheyan's strokes, she had completely no resistance. The sensual rose aroma slowly lightened, once again a peppermint like, fresh fragrance drifted into the air.

Sheyan bent in, and pecked her face lightly before straightening himself. He still had the luxury of time for his following matter, still it was better to act now. He tossed several loose pieces of pine wood into the reignited bonfire, the flames coiling once again.

Sheyan carefully positioned his body to block the skipping flames, preventing the glaring illumination from disturbing Melody's sleep. Then, he retrieved that parchment paper he stole from the Wizard tower, and attentively scrutinized it.

After a brief observation, Sheyan acted. He first selected a carbon strip (like charcoal) from the bonfire, before pinching and breaking it into fragments. Wrapping the fragments inside the silk cloth, he used a nearby stone to lightly pulverize it;grinding it into fine black particles that would act as a toner.

Then Sheyan picked up the topmost plain parchment paper, and sprinked the toner like black particles over it. Then he used another carbon strip and lightly smeared over it. Very quickly.....that blank piece of parchment paper shockingly displayed clear writings!

In this era, writings and recordings were done with dip pens, or rather goose feather pens. Although it is called goose feather pen, the feather of a crow was the most suitable to be used as a dip pen. Mastery of the dip pens would cause the writings to be smooth but heavy. Hence, it was normal for writing traces to be pressed onto the lower piece of parchment paper, beneath the one that was being written on. Even ordinary pen/pencil would leave writing traces on the paper underneath in the present world. Though its surface wouldn't reveal any writing;by sweeping one's fingertips to stroke across the parchment, one would be able to feel the minute depressions of writings on the paper.

Previously, Sheyan had only casually read through loose scattered writings of Saruman, but it had already upgraded his concoction abilities;and those writings were no doubt gibberish on a wiping cloth. Then if he had the chance to comprehend the actual writings on the parchment paper, then no doubt, his harvest would be much greater.

At that point in time, it wasn't wise to stay to look for any suitable particles to use as a toner, and secondly there was still that frustrating comprehension state. Though he may be able to uncover the writings of the previous parchment paper through this unorthodox method, he didn't have the luxury of time to support his comprehension state. Hence, the wisest decision was to flee to a secure place before slowly analyzing.

This was the reason why he made such a resolute decision back at the Wizard tower, and hastily fled!

Following the cautious smearing of the black toner, fluent strokes of the common Middle-earth tongue surfaced. It is said that calligraphy and handwriting reflects a person's character. That was the case of Saruman;every letter was civilized, steady, clear but the occasional strokes reflected his thriving ambitions, showing of his ability!



The gene-mix purification seems complicated but is essentially a simple process. Last month during an experiment, I easily accomplished this matter with a crucible, test tube and 137 degrees temperature. A uruk-hai managed to possess an outstanding raise in strength........

The weather is an essential consideration, yes, the weather. Where else in the entirety of Middle-earth is as cold as the Misty Mountains? Previously when Gandalf visited, wasn't it because of that pestilence, which was due to high temperature? This is bad, some of these potions seem to degenerate under hot environment.

Uh huh! It must be that smoking weed I added in, I'm sure of it! This bottle of Dragon gene-mix is only able to last 2 hours in a scorching 50 degrees temperature.

This experiment is a dead end, perhaps I was wrong in its selection path?

Yes, no doubt, the truth lies in this. This green-mountain flower from the Shire is the catalyst I have been seeking. The research is done, but for this obnoxious hot temperature. I can only preserve this concoction for 2 months, and this has already vastly exceeded my expectations.

Since I've reached the end of this phase of concoction experiments, I have to continue upgrading the strength of the Uruk-hais. Ocean-freak of Moria, how could it be that your genes are so mystical. When can I have the great fortune to slice you open and closely examine you?

Then, the recordings were concluded on this parchment paper. Naturally, Sheyan was once again forced in comprehension state. This time, he sat by the bonfire for nearly half an hour. This comprehension failed a total of 8 times, before the nightmare imprint voiced a joyous relief to his ears.

’’Contestant no.1018 has successfully appreciated Saruman's experimental logs.’’

’’Contestant no.1018 has received a new inspiration.’’

’’Your Rank 6 ability 'Black Art mix Technique (incomplete)' receives a passive upgrade.’’

’’Tier 2 of the skill tree receives a direct upgrade.’’

’’Uruk-hai gene fluid (Bear), Uruk-hai gene fluid (Fox), Uruk-hai gene fluid (Eagle) is upgraded to lvl 3.’’

’’Relative effects from the concoctions would now raise attributes by +4.’’

’’Expiry of concocted gene-mix has been upgraded to 2 weeks.’’

’’Due to your intelligence and spirit, you are unable to receive anymore inspirations.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders;although infiltrating into Saruman's experimental lab was a pretty risky move, the benefits he had gained vastly exceeded his expectations.

Firstly, throwing out a curse-mix had an AOE confusion/stun effect, although it only lasted for a second, the 20% speed plague from the poison fog was still pretty incredible. Moreover, he could now throw a normal gene-mix to supply additional speed and attribute boost.

Furthermore, due to this second tier upgrading to +4 attributes instead of +3, this implied that one blended-mix of his would provide an 8 points attribute boost. Although currently he still wasn't able to concoct a gene-mix that would enhance physique;this upgrade of various supporting attributes, could at least be compared to a Black grade equipment! Just based on this itself, Sheyan would be able to play a critical role in a large scale party!

’’Yes!’’ Sheyan clenched his fist with a vigorous excitement. He then started dreaming of that perfect party establishment mission reward, and couldn't help being overwhelmed with emotions.

Probably because his movements were too disrupting, Melody lightly twitched a little and rolled her body. Then she gazed at Sheyan, her clear eyes sparkling with crystal as she leaned against Sheyan. She finally whispered.

’’You're about to return to your kingdom right?’’

Sheyan was currently vexed by this, after hearing Melody he became slightly distressed.

’’Forgive me, I cannot leave with you......’’

Hearing that, Melody begun choking with sobs.

’’As a twilight elf, I cannot shirk my responsibilities from Rivendell. My comrades will be facing a tremendous tribulation, I cannot abandon them. Also, because my prowess have been enhanced too quickly due to absorbing the essence of Ocean-freak Moria's eggs, I am in a very dangerous predicament. If I don't return to Rivendell to accept Lord Glorfindel's guidance, I may perish. Apart from that, to advance my twilight magic, I have to borrow the might of Sire Vilya.....’’

Sheyan's eyes flickered upon hearing that, he curiously asked.

’’Sire Vilya......are you talking about that ring?’’

Amazed, Melody glanced at Sheyan.

’’How did you know Sire Vilya is a ring?’’

If Sheyan didn't know about the 3 elvish rings that could contend amongst the rings in Lord of the Rings, then that would be strange. If he could lay hands on it, it would be at least, at least of a Golden storyline grade equipment;perhaps even a divine artifact.

One must know, all 3 elvish rings had immensely unimaginable origins, and could safeguard the elves in a city from the evil one's corrosion.

Vilya, was known as the Ring of Air, adorned with a sapphire over it. It possessed the ability to heal and preserve and even control elements;this was speculated by how the elf Elrond had summoned the torrent of water. Probably, Melody wanted to borrow the elemental strength to advance her cultivation.

Another known as Nenya, also hailed as the Ring of Water, was in Gandalf's possession. Its mystery might was to bestow a fearsome protection. Without it, Gandalf would've been crushed by the Balrog in the Mines of Moria, how would he have made a comeback?

(ED: In LOTR Gandalf has the Ring of Fire, Narya. Nenya is borne by Galadriel. The author wrote Nenya though so Nenya it is.)

(TN: The author may have made a research error, but Narya is the Ring of Fire held by Gandalf instead, and it is unclear whether it provided him with enhanced power against fire. However, on account that he didn't i will keep it as it is, so just take it with a pinch of salt)


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