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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Devastating side effects

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

An ordinary wine pouch.

Back at the summit of the icy mountain, he had stolen this very cowhide pouch from the mutilated mess of a Tentacled-freak corpse!

(TN: This happened in chapter 19, the mutilated clump of flesh he retrieved from the Tentacled-freak)

But more crucially, the contents inside this pouch wasn't alcohol!

It was the outcome of Saruman's experimental breakthrough;a gene-mix - 'Mucus of the Ocean-freak of Moria' !!!

This item was a miracle;the more severely injured the consumer was, the more 'Mucus of the Ocean-freak of Moria' would trigger its potential, allowing his health to swiftly replenish! HP regeneration speed would be raised;to ranging from 'every 10 seconds restores 1 HP' to '10 HP restored every second', duration last for 120 minutes.’’

No doubt to the current Sheyan, his wounded state was of the extreme limit! This signified...once he drank down this potion, it would completely negate the negative effects of 'Vitality Evaporation'! As for the repercussions of consuming it, to hell with it! If the realm wouldn't be able to treat the side effects, then Sheyan would live with it!

Without panicking, he raised the wine pouch, swirling it around before pressing upwards with his thumb. ’’Pop!’’ he pried open the cork. At this moment, he was smiling while nodding, as he faced Lurtz whose eyeballs were about to erupt, and raised the wine pouch. Then he gulped it down. His string of actions were courteous and refined, carrying the air of a gentleman;the appearance of a toast done by an european nobility!

Actually, it was because of this item that Sheyan was willing to allow Reef to carry every single Ocean-freak Moria's eggs away. But he miscalculated one point;that was 'Mucus of the Ocean-freak of Moria' could only restore health, but the egg was a full restoration.

Lurtz was ruined. He shut his eyes, as he quietly leapt down the cliff rock and headed back to the orc metropolis;even any energy left to fume was depleted. Although Sheyan's powers in his eyes was akin to an ant, but.....this pesky ant, had actually left such a crushing defeat and torment in his heart!!!


Dancing shadows cast onto the cavern wall by a flame.

A gentle resin aroma filled the air. Occasional sounds of crackle could be heard.

Placed horizontally above the bonfire was a thick branch, with a fat trout pierced through it. The roasting fire shriveled its skin, splitting it and exposed its snowy white flesh. The fish oil dripped into the lapping flames, ignited it further. Small explosions of indigo surfaced amidst the flames, fumes spiralled up constantly.

After a short roasting, numerous cracks appeared on the fish, its alluring fragrance permeated into the air. Sheyan was awakened by the fragrance;previously when passing out at the narrow pass, it wasn't because of 'Mucus of the Ocean-freak of Moria', but because of losing too much blood and the freezing winds. Sheyan was basically no different from an ordinary human, naturally he passed out. However, its regenerative effects were indeed miraculous, completely suppressing the vile effects of 'Vitality Evaporation'.

Once he woke, Melody who was roasting the fish hurriedly rushed to support him. Sheyan attempted to move his limbs, sighing with relief when he could. His wounds seemed to have been treated by Melody using her healing divine arts. Apart from the weakness of losing too much blood, he was fine.

Sheyan suddenly recalled something, he instantly asked out anxiously.

’’How long have I been unconscious?’’

Melody tilted her head to blow the fire, stroking her silver hair as she gently replied.

’’Around 4 hours. Don't worry, we've successfully escaped. It is relatively safe here, those orcs will never find us.’’

Sheyan immediately heaved a sigh of relief. The reason he had taken the risk to flee, was regarding one extremely crucial matter;which would probably require more than half an hour of time. From Melody's statement, he still had roughly 3 hours left in this world, which was more than enough time to spare.

His mind relaxed, suddenly feeling rather hungry. Without being courteous, he received the fish before wolfing it down. The trout lived in a cold environment, it was extremely fat, its flesh incomparably exquisite. Especially its black rolled skin, though its appearance was subpar, delicious flavors burst out with one bite;leaving behind a memorable after taste.

After Sheyan wretchedly consumed half the fish, he suddenly realized there was only one and Melody hadn't eaten yet. He couldn't help embarrassedly snickering.

’’This......I will catch another later.’’

Melody giggled and lightly whistled. 7-8 plump squirrels started scurrying in as they dumped 16-15 pinecones. Melody easily removed the shell and ate the nut, shooting a sneaking expression at him.

’’Don't bother, I'll just eat this. Anyway, back in Rivendell, I don't eat flesh.’’

Sheyan leaned against the wall comfortably, raising his hand to eat his fish but this action slightly tugged against his chest wound, causing him to frown. Melody was rather sensitive, sitting beside him as she ate. Sheyan was probably too hungry, after finishing the trout, he still wasn't satisfied. As he observed the slender white fingers stained with glossy oil, he couldn't help licking her finger.

With this one lick, Melody instantly trembled violently. It felt like a current shot through her fingers, numbing her entire body;in a flash, her breathing became heavier. Her body all along contained a fresh odour enshrouding her body, now this odour gradually transformed into an unbelievable fragrance. It was like a raging summer heat fumigating the night, a hint of tuberose that pleased the spirit;inciting an intoxicated urge.

This sensation was something Melody had felt before, it was the same back in the cave when she crawled atop Sheyan to voice out her feelings. Amidst the long life of an elf, there had a patience that of a tree, calm and graceful;hence, it was hard for them to feel this sort of fragrant burning sublime passion.

Because he still felt hungry, Sheyan licked her finger totally clean. Right now, he suddenly felt the atmosphere was weird, he couldn't help noticing that rich charming aroma. He then observed Melody's red flushed face, as she lowered her head;her gaze extremely alluring. Sheyan was moved, trying to think of a way to 'abduct' this maiden. Instead, he heard Melody's sheepish timid voice.

’’What sort of feeling is this? Why is it so strange? So's like my entire body is burning up, I haven't felt this weird before.’’

She suddenly stretched out her slender white hand again, looking somewhat bashful.

’’Although this may seem rather overboard, but.....protector can you kiss my hand? I really want to understand that weird sensation.’’

Faced with such a request, how could Sheyan reject. He pulled Melody's hands in, starting from her fingertip as he slowly kissed upwards. His tongue wantonly lingered over the snowy white skin of Melody. The thick intense aroma became denser, the smell becoming as heavy as a rose.

When Sheyan's passionate lips touched against Melody's pointed ears, she couldn't resist any longer. Throughout the tiny gap of her lips, she suddenly emitted an impatient yet feeble and shivering yelp.

That yelp sounded like a kitten purring, brimming with ignorance and purity, hinting a subtle enticement.

Suddenly, without the constant refuelling of firewood, the bonfire gradually extinguished, leaving behind tiny wisps of embers flickering in the darkness. Under the dim lighting, Melody's bare snowy skin radiated, her slender long legs were coincidentally wrapped around Sheyan's waist. Her eyes shut tightly, her cheeks dizzily red as she started actively searching for Sheyan's lips to return his kisses. Though the snowy winds brewed outside, this cave was filled with romantic harmony.

Sheyan was originally a person with great self-control, yet gradually bit by bit, he removed the covers on the elf maiden's body. He couldn't help gasping at the pure glossy whiteness, and unable to maintain himself, he kissed her while gently fondling. A low shaky moan was returned.

Moreover, this elf was rather different than most humans;she did not host a bashful reluctance, instead she allowed nature to take its course, sincere and calm. To many of Sheyan's request, Melody had tried her best to complement, causing Sheyan's heart to be determine in cherishing this one. Yet a burning ruthless impulse gradually built up in his heart, it was like a fire burning slowly, licking as it burnt brighter.....his thirst and hunger was at its maximum, only by venting would it extinguish this flame!

’’Damned!’’ Sheyan suddenly became aware. ’’Don't tell me this is the side effect of that Ocean-freak Moria gene-mix? It can sink a person into a burning fervor in an instant?’’ Then his rationality thoroughly submerged.........

The following was naturally violent winds and rainstorm, an insatiable plundering, lapping and chewing. The miserable Melody endured silently, timidly welcoming, occasionally issuing a frail, incomplete hum, as though it carried a secret grudge. This undoubtedly fueled Sheyan's flame, his brazen wanton flames.....


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