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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Conceited

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’Fine, since that arrow wasn't enough to slay you......’’

(That arrow contained a 10% chance of 5x attack and a lower 20 points of defence effect;coupled with the difficulty level of this world, thus the resultant damage was so frightening)

Lurtz howled so furiously that even the showers of snowflakes couldn't conceal it, as it echoed throughout the mountain range. Then he drew his lowered bow and mounted the arrows.

Mounting a total of 3 arrows!

The three arrowheads looked mediocre;yet it released a sensation of being dipped in molten gold, it possessed a flicker of scorching gold brilliance.

The fuming Lurtz didn't hesitate to use his strongest arrow - +7 Adamantine arrow,

Infused into the arrow was Saruman's personal magic - 'Arcane pursuit/Chain lightning' !

3 beams left the longbow, flying steadily forward as they curved into an upwards arc, volleying in at astonishing speeds.

The moment he released his arrow, a blast of wind slammed back against Lurtz's head! The wind slowly dissipated into the snow winds. He instantly recoiled to the ground, taking in deep breaths as blood trickled down his eyes.

This strike appeared like he was lightly sketching, yet it produced a thundering boom, resembling that of a sonic boom. Three golden flashes swept over the icy gorge like a chain lightning.

The rocks beneath had been frozen for thousands of years and were more solid than steel itself;yet the lightning tore through it like it was beancurd, rock fragments scattering everywhere. Tearing through paths of deep craggy crevices which were as long as hundreds of metres, that stretched up the narrow pass! It was as if three terrifying scars were carved onto the 'Black Tooth-pass'!

The three lightning paced arrows pierced straight towards Sheyan's face. But in that instance, roughly a metre around Sheyan, a crystal yellow transparent curved shield suddenly appeared. Ripples flashed over it, as though Sheyan was protected by an eggshell.

Once the three arrows collided against the transparent egg shell, it strangely evaporated. Every arrow, evaporated. That insanely domineering might was reduced to tranquility in an instance, utterly fading away. The overbearing chain lightning then crashed into the eggshell, but was reduced into a headless dead snake. It fanatically and chaotically bounced around, rocks were sprayed in all direction before thoroughly fading in the face of the egg shell!

Witnessing such a strange scene, Lurtz's pupils almost split apart. Right at this time, Sheyan had even tilted his head and casted a condescending expression towards him, as he faintly shook his head.

Lurtz, who had a heroic potential regardless if it was pertaining to the darkside, possessed an unbreakable confidence in his heart. Once he released an arrow, no matter the outcome;his heart was already convinced it was enough to slay the opponent! This was the result of thousands of hours of bitter practice, forming such wild and obstinate conviction.

Yet solely because of Sheyan's current action;he had become the cornerstone that had toppled Lurtz's unwavering conviction. Of course to Lurtz, he understood his arrows weren't flawless;yet he had never expected the 3 arrows he exhausted his full strength to release, couldn't even touch the hair of an ant like Sheyan!!!

’’What power.......incomparably praiseworthy!! In the face of such power, my abilities are not even worth mentioning!!’’

Lurtz's bloodshot eyes leaked out an unfathomable decadent expression, as he howled bitterly to the heavens. His howl carried the grief of his shattered heart. Picking up his beloved bow, he no longer released anymore arrows;instead, he viciously bent it to the limits!

’’Crack!’’ That heart-wrenching longbow snapped in two.

’’WHY! Why is it like this?!’’ Lurtz raged in his heart. He once again gazed towards that transparent yellowish screen at the tip of the black narrow pass. His heart expressed his heart contents, exposing a shred of flustered dread.

Men always possesses an underlying fear for the unknown and freaks of nature;hence, even the primitive ancient men worshipped lightning, fire, rain, snow, earthquakes. Lurtz wasn't such a case;but after witnessing such a puny toe-like undying ant like Sheyan, henceforth, an unerasable shadow had been cast in his heart!

This was also the primary reason why although he could be hailed as a legendary creature created by Saruman, he would never be able to surpass the elvish prince, Legolas!

Lurtz was no Saruman. Once he lost his bow, he was no longer capable of dealing any threat to Sheyan and Melody. They were an entire 300 metres away, with an unpassable icy hell in between!

Within the eggshell, Sheyan released a long sigh. He turned around and walk but immediately fell to the ground weakly! The yellowish screen around him dissipated!

10 seconds had elapsed!!!

In that instance, the frailty of a severely injured and trembling mortal returned, the searing pain in his chest returned. More frighteningly, massive amounts of blood came pouring out of his chest, soaking and drenching Sheyan completely! Sheyan clutched his chest, groaning in anguish.

This was that negative effect 'Vitality Evaporation' that Lurtz's first arrow carried. It still remained, and its cruel effects were now manifesting within his body!

The merciless tone of the nightmare imprint rung out.

’’You are still affected by 'Vitality Evaporation' - 5% Hp will be drained every 20 seconds, current duration left: 780 seconds!’’

Naturally, this horrific negative effect was based on his maximum health;after suffering this negative effect, 13 minutes was all it takes to kill a person even if they had two lives! If one didn't possess medical supplements, death was the only way out!

To Sheyan, he was slightly advantaged because his current maximum HP was only 120 points.....every 20 seconds would only deduct 6 HP! Yet! Never forget, Sheyan was only left with 12 points of health in his critically wounded state! Which goes to say, in the next 20 seconds if he didn't return to the realm of find a health restoration method, then he would be a tragic death.

The faraway Lurtz had naturally caught on to this. Although he was incapable of knowing such data, the sixth sense of a wild beast was manifested in the exceptional perceptive sense of a formidable uruk-hai leader. The prior feeling of respect for Sheyan had vanished, once again discovering the weak and pathetic ant ahead!

At this moment, Lurtz suddenly felt a surge of incomparably regret. ’’If I hadn't destroyed my bow....then he would be dead by now!’’ He once again directed his focus into the distance, he was extremely clear on the devastation his arrow could cause. He thirsted for the pesky undying ant ahead to bleed to death! Then the shadow in his heart, would utterly disappear.

20 seconds of time, what could Sheyan do? What can he do?

Medical supplies, he had!

But everything was stored inside his nightmare imprint! Currently, it was impossible lay hands on them.

divine healing arts, Melody was capable!

Yet it required three ancient elvish characters to activate.

Was returning to the nightmare realm his only option?

It seemed like this was the only path. However, according to the original plan, Sheyan was to remain inside the Wizard tower and continued rummaging and searching, finding any useful information he could fine. Until the fuming owner had returned, then he would politely salute and terminate his journey in this world.

Yet Sheyan suddenly changed his plans and fled the Wizard tower for some unknown reasons. But one thing was sure, he had a definite reason for doing so.

Then, if he returned to the realm now, this no doubt meant the struggles he had gone through fleeing the Wizard tower was all for nought!


It appeared that he was at the end of his route. There were absolutely no moves left to make, his only course of action was still a bitter return of defeat. Yet he still maintained a calm expression, he smiled at the teary face Melody in front of him, holding onto her hand in consolation. Then he flipped his body round as he gazed towards the distant bank, his eyes sparkling with venomous hate;yet it contained a sinisterly conceited trace towards the uruk-hai Lurtz.

Sheyan released a faint smile.

His smile was warm, but still carried a trace of conceitedness.

An all knowing conceitedness.

He then reached his hands towards his waist, and hooked out an item.

It was roughly the size of two palms. On it there were dried clumps of bloodstain and dried flesh.

Uruk-hai Lurtz had a tremendously sharp eagle like vision;once he saw that item, a buzz resounded in his mind. His body shivered as though his blood was all rushing towards his brain! Because this item, was indeed something he had in possession right now! This item, was something Lurtz was even more familiar with than his own fingerprints!


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