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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: The most fearsome assault, the fiercest domain!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Not wanting to count his chickens before they hatch, Sheyan decided to wreck this bridge to foil any possible pursuing orcs. Although Melody agreed to this, she didn't wish for any more mindless bloodshed. Hence, she summoned the remaining vitality spirit she had to activate the ancient elf character. Massive amounts of new roots shot out from the wooden stool, shoving the old orc to the ground and constricting him completely. Even his eyes were covered by a piece of leaf. The only thing the orc could do was roar and yell in shock!

3 minutes later, Sheyan and Melody had successfully crossed over the treacherous icy gorge. Undoubtedly, the bridge behind them was recklessly destroyed. Of course, the two fugitives had hastily and wantonly destroyed the frame of the bridge, its foundations were still restorable. However, under normal situations, it would've at least won them 10 hours of buffer time.

After continuously trekking alongside the opposite bank of the icy gorge for another hour, the narrow mountain pass was finally in sight. After passing through there, it would then signal a perfect escape. The towering majestic mountain range had effectively obstructed the northern cold winds;hence, though the temperature was still freezing ahead, it wasn't the state of ice and snow like on this side.

The narrow mountain pass was right ahead!!

A hundred metres,

Fifty metres,

Thirty metres,


Begin the ascension!

This narrow mountain pass was extremely bizarre, like a giant formless knife that plunged down from heaven;cutting a narrow wound onto this southern majestic peak. Though that was the case, it was still several hundred metres high, black cliff rocks covering it entirely. For some unknown reasons, snow wouldn't accumulate onto these cliff rocks, hence, it earned itself the name 'Black Tooth-pass'.

Sheyan summoned his strength to welcome the winds, his limbs pushing forward. Every breath required his hand to cover his nose first, if not the winds of winter would pierce into his belly.

Undoubtedly, the twilight elf was like nature's darling, completely unaffected by the vile climate. Actually, the winds now were considered average. Previously, when they were captured and made to climb through this pass, Sheyan had personally witnessed a raging billowing wind roll past which lifted up a dwarf as he struggled and shrieked miserably. Then his life was ended at the bottom of the gorge.

The summit of the narrow mountain pass was in sight, just 3 metres away. After that, would be a blissful path down. Sheyan could even see the distant snow capped trees beyond here amidst the lucious greenery. Melody was smiling slightly as she squatted at the summit of the mountain pass, extending her hand to him.....Sheyan stretched his hand out, exerting his body forward.

Yet somehow, at this very moment, he decided to look back.

He himself didn't understand why he had looked back,

It was like a passing black cloud covering the sunlight, causing people to reflexively raise their heads to look.

This one glimpse.

At the bottom of the narrow pass, the opposite bank of the icy gorge, atop an erected cliff rock.

An astounding Uruk-hai.

Though the gap between them stretched out to more than 300 metres, though the Uruk-hai was only the size of a thumb from here....yet his appearance.....the dancing snowflakes and breezing glacic cold winds orbiting around this a mere split second, it was as though an insurmountably terrifying hurricane was churned up with him as its core.

The uruk-hai stood still as he panted, naturally he had dashed here frantically. The uruk-hai should've been closely tracing their trail, but was finally obstructed by that wreckage of a bridge. Yet he instantly considered one thing, whoever wishes to leave had to pass through that natural landmark 'Black Tooth-pass'. Thus, he frantically made his way along the opposite bank of the icy gorge.

This uruk-hai was outstandingly familiar. Even in the entire Lord of the Rings world, it played a vastly critical role!

White disheveled hair flowing against its shoulders,

Protruding eyebrows doubling his maliciousness,

A pair of triangular eyes piercing forward with a sharp mournful glow,

His arms were ridiculously thick, and outrageously long! Clear wounds covered it, but it only served to intensify his brutality.

A dreadful longbow, the sickle of the death god. Just by looking, Sheyan's soul trembled!!

’’Lurtz......’’ Sheyan exclaimed. ’’F****! Saruman this bastard!’’

Just in mere seconds, he would have reached the summit of this Black Tooth-pass, and enter the other side of the mountain range;completely out of Lurtz's shooting range. However, Lurtz's arrows were so formidable that it could kill Boromir, and even inflict heavy damages onto Ocean-freak Moria! Even if Sheyan was in his optimal state, he wouldn't be able to evade his arrow, what more now he was a useless ordinary mortal?

’’If I were Lurtz......’’ Though his strength was drained, his thoughts still remained as clear as day! His mind flashed with several ideas as he ferociously pounced forward. Without a slightest hesitation, he pulled Melody towards him! Directly shielding her beneath his embrace!

Meanwhile, Lurtz had clearly raised his bow, mounting the arrow and drawing the bow and then he.....released!

A complicated set of movements, yet executed like flowing water. It was perfectly completed within an unbelievable short duration!

Lurtz had immensely perceptive eyesight;instantly from his vision of the two fugitives, he could tell Sheyan was the weaker and negligible individual. Probably a random wind could easily fling him off the icy gorge. The real threat was that twilight elf, Melody!

Hence, he immediately regarded Sheyan as an 'ant', directly hoisting his special bowman techniques and released a devastating shot!

He was fully confident, this arrow would deeply lodged into the elf maiden's body;a +2 devil arrowhead crafted specially for Sindarian bodies wouldn't penetrate through it, but directly explode the body innards into smithereens! Even a legendary creature would receive unbearable damage!

Yet he never expected, the unmissable arrow, was actually blocked by Sheyan with his own body! As Lurtz lowered his hand, Sheyan's back and chest immediately erupted into a fountain of blood. A silvery light acute arrowhead pierced out from the right of his belly! Then like a twinkling star, it dimmed and exploded blindingly! Transforming into chaotic beams piercing out in all directions!

Simultaneously, a ghostly vengeful screech resounded in the air. This strange sound resulted from a vacuum tear that was sucking in all matter!!

Sheyan's expression erupted with a flurry of emotions;mocking, triumph, sneer, conceited and anguish. His lips curled into a sneer. The nightmare imprint released a tide of notifications:

’’You suffered an assault from the Uruk-hai leader, Lurtz.’’

’’You receive a calculated damage: 'Sky-fall (Ability and explosive strike)' - 17,787 points + 'Sindarian attached devil arrowhead' - 6,671 points.’’

’’You are inflicted with a negative buff of 'Vitality Evaporation' - You will lose 5% HP of blood loss damage every 20 seconds, duration of 800 seconds!’’

’’Details: When 'Vitality Evaporation' is inflicted on a legendary/Elite/ leader (head or boss) /world leader class creature, the resultant effect will be 300 points of blood loss damage every 5 seconds, duration of 30 seconds.

’’Details: 'Vitality Evaporation' negative buff has a precedence!!’’

’’Warning, warning!! Contestant no.1018's current maximum health is 120 points. Calculated damage inflicted is 24,458 points.’’

’’Contestant no.1018 has suffered a fatal blow!’’

’’Details: World regulation triggered! Contestant no.1018 is currently engaging in a party establishment mission. Any fatal blows will only reduce him into a critically wounded state. 10 seconds of immunity!’’

’’Total resultant damage to contestant no.1018: 108 points.’’

’’Warning: You are left with 12 HP! You are now in critically wounded state - Movement speed decreased by 80%, attack reduced by 80%, all attributes reduced by 50%.’’

’’You receive a domain: ’’Absolute defence', duration of 10 seconds.’’

’’Under the state of 'Absolute defence', your current negative buffs will be ineffective, any damage dealt would be absorbed. You are not allowed to attack.’’

’’Domain takes precedence over any effects.’’

Sheyan violently pushed away the dumbstruck Melody as he shouted furiously.

’’Go! I will cover you! This is the protection bestowed by my god, it only lasts for 10 seconds. You have to leave his shooting range within 10 seconds!’’

After speaking, he widened out both arms, and turned to glare at Lurtz! His face carried an unperturbed expression, he pulled out the arrowhead as his blood wildly gushed out. A huge regiment of mutilated flesh dangled from his wound, yet he steadied his gaze towards the disbelieving Lurtz, and pointed a middle finger.......

Of course this formidable uruk-hai didn't understand that obscene gesture, but he could tell Sheyan's expression essentially meant ’’Pathetic fool’’! Having his ego crushed, Lurtz's eyes became bloodshot. Nobody had dared to take his bow skills lightly, not even the mighty Saruman!

But this ant.........this damned ant was actually so brazen!!!


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