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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Final crossing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Viewing such a strange situation unfolding, the other two orcs glanced at each other with horrified expressions. One orc grasped his wooden club tighter, while the other prepared to send out a warning call. Still they hesitated for a moment.

The orcs had strict regulations;if they unnecessarily released a warning, they would be beaten up, or would have to endure a rough scolding. Saruman's orcs were a vicious and malicious race, they had many different punishment tools up their sleeves. Finally, they would mercilessly press a glowing branding iron onto the offender.

Writhing in pain and smelling the dense burnt aroma of their own flesh;after the offender awoke, they would realize they had been demoted to a slave ranking, only by labouring non-stop would they regain their freedom.

Due to these various reasons, it determined the tragic fate of the two orcs! They couldn't sense the deep lying danger hidden in the dark, thus they paid the price of their lives!

Amidst their hesitation, they caught a whiff of a scent.

An alluring scent, like a warming alcohol or a sumptuous soup broth. The faint aromatic scent enchanted their flesh, the scent of freshly matured fruits. The two orcs were cold and hungry as they couldn't help swallowing their saliva.

In a flash, shoots started to swiftly shoot out from the nearby tree, wrestling as it enlarged with green leaves rapidly emerging. A surge of vigorous nature vitality governed the cold desolated ground, as though spring had been prematurely induced. In a flash, this powerful strength receded as quickly as it came. In that moment, the two orcs awakened from their stupor as they hurriedly transmitted the magic warning!

Yet though they had the notion, their actions couldn't match up. Their bodies jerked and surged with burning anguish, golden sparks flashed before their eyes as an ancient elf character swept past their eyes. In that instance, it felt like their souls were sucked into that ancient character, and were being eroded with scalding burns.

’’Idiot.....’’ An orc tried to wave his hatchet, but only managed to raise it halfway before his hand turn limpid. As he uttered out that profanity, the tree beside it suddenly snapped into two, which was coincidentally at the same time his waist was snapped. His body slumped to the snowy ground like two splintered pieces of wood, blood gushing out tremendously as it warmed the snow. Quickly, it coagulated into fresh red ice.

In its horror, the other orc tried to turn and flee, yet that ancient elven character shot forth like a plague. Following that, the orc discovered a terrifying puncture through its back, before seeing the character swerving behind. The orc felt neither pain nor leaked any blood, he was oblivious as he continued dashing 10 metres ahead in panic;before abruptly collapsing to the ground without a single movement!

Inside the forest, Sheyan knelt onto the ground, his hands holding against a tree as he panted heavily. While he tried catching his breath, he cursed at the realm for stealing away his strength. Only after a moment did he stand up, as he staggered forward for a few steps. Then a graceful figure shot out from the woods and supported him. Indeed, it was Melody.

Sheyan glanced backwards and asked.

’’How is it? Have you buried the chest?’’

Melody nodded but didn't say anything else, she didn't like mindless slaughter in her heart. Sheyan observed her strangely pale face as he frowned slightly.

’’Are you alright?’’

Melody lowered her head as she gazed at her finger, shyly speaking.

’’I followed, followed your plans and buried the chest. Yet I coincidentally came across a.....a wounded bear. Its fur was extremely soft, its eyes filled with fear and horror. Thus, I helped to treat its wounds......’’

’’I understand.’’ Sheyan sighed. There were no reasons in finding fault with this kind hearted elf maiden. In actual fact, a twilight elf's recalled memories wouldn't cause her entire inherent nature to change. As for a recently coming of age elf maiden, equivalent to a 16 year old girl, this string of arduous events had already demonstrated her resolute courage.

’’I'm sorry.....’’ Melody's current state seemed like she was about to cry anytime. ’’My strength was almost drained, I could only use one more ancient elf character. Killing 3 orcs is already my limit.’’

’’Don't worry.’’ Sheyan earnestly replied. ’’We should hurry up and go, while they haven't caught up yet.’’

His heart was feeling a pinch of regret. It is said that every wise man would have his moment of folly, he was regretting allowing Reef to take off with all the Ocean-freak Moria's eggs! If they had 1 now, Melody would be able to recover her perfect state!

’’Are you sure it's fine?’’ Melody whined a little.

Sheyan nodded.

’’Yes, but if we don't leave now, it won't be.’’

The two continued trudging forward. Although they had slayed the 3 pursuing orcs, his heart was still pricked by an ominous premonition.

It was obvious, Saruman's losses could only be described as outrageous. Just based on those precious gems, even the incredibly rare mithril and adamantine metals were a one-of-a-kind fortune in the entire Middle-earth! Under such circumstances, Sheyan definitely believed Saruman wouldn't just swallow this and let him off! Furthermore, he was actively known as a 'burden' now. With their current pace, he was afraid a terrifying group of pursuers will arrive shortly.

Since that was the case, Sheyan hurriedly advised Melody to search for a sheltering cave, then asking her to leave first. Although her spirit and vitality were exhausted, without this 'burden', she would still be able to advance more quickly. Instead, Melody resolutely refused, as she dragged Sheyan along with a teary face. Helplessly, Sheyan continued to advance forward with her.

Although he could sense a tremendous threat;their way ahead was shockingly smooth, without a single orc chasing up. It was unknown whether it was the formidable covering of the twilight elf blessing, or that Ocean-freak Moria had dealt such devastation to Saruman;hence, he was unable to deal with others.


At present, they were passing through a treacherously cold and slippery route.

The winds were howling, and snowflakes cut against their bodies like knives. So much so that Sheyan had to bend himself, and force himself forward through the winds. Occasionally, green flashes appeared, the twilight elf blessing dispelling any negative status on him.

On their left was an icy gorge at least a hundred metres deep, the gorge was as broad as 200 metres. Looking down, they could see fearsome bony, fang like stalactites crisscrossing the entire gorge. Death by a thousand impale was guaranteed if they fell. The opposite bank of the icy gorge was roughly 7-8 kilometres away from the orc metropolis. From here, they could even see that snowy peak with the white honeycomb like holes that those orcs had dug.

Before being imprisoned and escorted, Sheyan had already noticed this unique terrain. The orc metropolis should be situated inside the depths of the Misty Mountains, within a depression of an ice mountain. This depression could only be accessed through a narrow mountain pass at the southern end of the depression. Yet beneath this mountain range and after the narrow mountain pass, was a frightening horizontal stretch of icy gorge. It was like a nightmare stretching all the way throughout the foot of the mountain.

Without this incomparably treacherous ice gorge;to pass through that narrow mountain pass, one just needed to continue walking straight for 5-6 km before reaching the orc metropolis. However, because of this ice gorge;even after bypassing the narrow mountain pass, one had to first walk alongside this horizontal ice gorge for roughly 7-8 kilometre. And once they arrived at the narrowest region of the gorge, they had to travel through a previously constructed wooden bridge, braving through the threatening winds to cross over the icy gorge.

This simple wooden bridge had been worn down by years of unrepair. Previously the inexperienced captives had to cautiously cross through this dangerous bridge. Because of this, the real distance from the narrow mountain pass to the orc metropolis, exceeded 15 kilometres.

Naturally, this was a favorably advantageous vital spot for Saruman;a place where if one held the ground, ten thousand could not pass. There was no way Saruman wouldn't arrange for guards here. Under normal circumstances, there would be 3 Uruk-hais, and a dozen orcs sitting inside a little shed at the head of the bridge. They would constantly take turns patrolling through day and night. Not even a house fly could infiltrate.

But because of the immense enticement of a legendary creature like the Ocean-freak Moria;without hesitation, Saruman had withdrew the main forces here. Hence, this place was left with only a sickly and frail orc to keep watch.

The only responsibility of this orc was;when it encounters any suspicious activity, it had to rip apart an enchanted scroll to warn Saruman. Regrettably, this old orc wasn't a diligent and responsible person.

When Sheyan and Melody caught sight of him, he was currently dozing away by a bonfire. Yellowish teeth leaking out of its lips as his saliva dripped down. A huge puddle of saliva had accumulated on the ground. Hence, Sheyan had ample grounds to believe that Reef who had fled earlier, had simply strutted through this area like a boss.


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