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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Plundering is a life skill

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Obviously, the items stored here by Saruman was the outcome of industrious labour by the olden day dwarves, the ancient past of the mines of Moria. In the past, there was a great War of the Dwarves and Orcs in Carn Dûm, capital of the dwarves. Afterwhich, Saruman had enslaved many orc tribes, and thus naturally the loots of the orcs were dominated by him.

As Sheyan gazed upon his notifications, his pupils almost exploded up;especially the mithril. If that metal was forged into a shield, there would be a high chance an insanely powerful attribute, something similar to Sheyan's innate ability 'Endurance' would be created. No doubt, that attribute was critical for a high-offense low-speed contestant model. Yet, yet! This metal could not be brought out!

’’Even if I can't bring it out, I won't leave it here!’’ Sheyan clenched his teeth, as he started to store all his good fortune into one of the chest.

At this moment, Melody was stunned. Although young, she was no fool;even in Rivendell, Mithril and Adamantine weapons were insanely rare. It was said that only elvish royalty, for example the elvish princess, Arwen, had a pure mithril princess ornament, and the elvish prince, Legolas, possessed a pure mithril weapon and a refined mithril inner coat!

In Rivendell itself, only 3-5 equipments/weapons were known as 'refined' mithril (Mithril content between 10 - 20%), as well as only 1 other Adamantine weapon. As for weapons known as 'plated' mithril (only the blade coated with mithril), it would only be given to powerful individuals in Rivendell. As for Adamantine, it couldn't even be used for 'plating' but even the lowest level of adamantine belonged to the 'refined' category.

The reason why Melody was knowledgeable in this, was that she had previously worked odd jobs like cleaning weapons and armours.......

Although Sheyan had been demoted to an ordinary mortal, they way he managed items was still capable and experience. After storing the materials efficiently into a chest, he then pulled a rope from a side and tied it up. He then glanced down from the window of the Wizard tower, before speaking to Melody.

’’When I leave, I won't be able to take these items. Thus, you have to immediately flee with this chest. After leaving the orc camp, cast a twilight elf blessing onto it and bury it deep underground before carving a marking sign.’’

’’When Saruman realizes his secrets here have been leaked out, he wouldn't wait for the elves of Rivendell to arrive but choose to forsake this place himself! When it happens, you can then move the items metals away. Remember, you mustn't tell anyone you possess such wealth! Seek any expert dwarven blacksmith in secrecy to forge an equipment for you! Rely on your own strength as your source. If you doubt my words, just think about how your fellow elves had behaved when they didn't know of your identity as a twilight elf!’’

Melody bashfully gazed at Sheyan, her eyes tearing up.

’’Your words are really harsh, then what about you?’’

Sheyan returned a reluctant smile.

’’Obviously I will stay behind, but don't worry for I will not die here. How about this, take this chest and bury it first before coming back to receive me. Before the orcs come back, go now!’’

The final two words sounded extremely stern. The schemes in his heart was utterly shameless;if the realm didn't allow him to reap benefits, then he'll get someone to do it for him! Counting on Melody's meek nature, she would definitely be extremely obedient and attentive to him. ’’If she gets stronger, doesn't that mean I'll be more powerful too? Besides, I'll definitely come back to this Lord of the Rings world in the future!’’

Melody stared at him with teary and sorrowful eyes, taking one step at a time reluctantly. Finally, she ran back and hugged Sheyan's legs as she cried profusely. Sheyan observing this scene, couldn't help feeling twisted, but he finally did what he had to do. He scolded her loudly and shoved her away before she ran off with tears trickling down her cheeks.

At this time, Sheyan, who had affirmed his decisions, started to calm down and search for his objectives - obviously that was Saruman's research diary!!!

The research diary recorded Saruman's research data, containing data on efficiency, speed and many other attributes. If he were to slowly compile them in the future instead, then that would be twice the effort for half the result in the end! Therefore, the first thing he did was to stand at the experimental position that Saruman normally stood, as he scanned the radius for it.

Table, nothing.

Inside the table......nope not the drawer, nothing.

The interior of this experimental lab was filthy, apparatus were flung everywhere;indicating that Saruman's doppelganger wasn't a very orderly person. Thus, there was a possible he would randomly placed his diary around.

Thus it could be inferred that the tables around, the dining table, even the toilet had a chance of containing the diary.

Sheyan continued his search, although to no avail, he didn't give up. Yet after his repeated failed attempts, it meant that though Saruman's doppelganger was disorderly in appearance, he was extremely particular towards his research diary. Then, the most suitable place was definitely in a drawer.

However, after consecutively scrolling through every single drawer, big or yielded no results. Right now, he had already been inside this orc encampment for half an hour. Counting the time they travelled here and if Saruman's army wasn't totally wiped out, then they would at least be enroute back after his victory.

Although Sheyan appeared calm, he couldn't help feeling flustered inside. With an agitated yell, he crazily swept his hand across the nearest table! The crystal glass apparatus crashed to the ground and shattered, and then he proceeded to vent this anger on a wooden stool.

Since he understood Saruman was conspiring against Ocean-freak Moria, he had been nervously plotting;throughout the way here, his plans were without a hiccup......yet now at the final moments, he was faced with an impregnable hurdle!!

’’Don't tell me, although Saruman carries an arrogant and haughty appearance, he is actually someone that lacks a sense of security. Hence, before leaving the Wizard tower, he had installed a powerful mechanism;conjuring a magic type stronghold to store his item?’’

Sheyan huffed, feeling the increasing possibility of that occurring, his heart begun welling up with disappointment......If Saruman really did that, then undoubtedly it meant that he really had no fate with that research diary, and he could kiss goodbye to it. As time passed slowly, Sheyan couldn't help but sigh to the heavens. Feeling annoyed, he casually slammed his hands heavily onto the experimental desk in frustration.......

’’Woah!’’ Sheyan suddenly felt something wasn't right. He currently only had the strength of an ordinary person;after losing all his enhanced strength, why did he still felt a slight depression on the table?

Sheyan hurriedly observed the place he was standing on, he then looked back at the unusually smooth floor beneath the wooden table. He suddenly realized;actually the place he was standing, should be the place where Saruman stood the most and longest while doing experiments.

His heart stirred, as he pressed down with his left hand. He immediately felt that this flawless table was indeed pressable, but the table itself wouldn't bulge. Sheyan carefully deliberated, then he proceeded to press down lightly onto the wooden table, finally pushing it downwards!

Still no reaction.

Sheyan breathed deeply;this small glimmer of hope had arisen, but he felt like it was as brittle as porcelain, completely viable to shatter anytime. Yet with this glimmer of hope, he definitely wouldn't give up so easily as he lightly pressed against it and pushed upwards!

Still nothing.......

’’Then, how about I press and push towards the left?’’ As he pushed, he immediately heard a clicking sound. Suddenly, a wooden block roughly the size of a book, ejected out from underneath at the right;extending 10 cm out of the desk.

Then the wooden block opened up like a book;on its left side, it held horizontal rolls of parchment paper, while on its right was an ink bottle and a spotlessly white goose feather pen! Pressed under the ink bottle was a clump of wrinkled, black, stained white cloth;probably used to wipe off any spillage of ink.

It was obvious, this was the place that Saruman recorded his experimental research. This ingenious mechanism was triggered only after pressing down and sliding to the left. This was extremely convenient, the right wooden slab would be used to record his findings. Then he would use simple magic to control the goose feather pen to record anything.

Pulling frenziedly, he started to unroll the parchment papers, before flipping through them fanatically. Then, his heart abruptly sank. The long rolls of parchment paper were brand new!! Don't even mention words, there wasn't even a drop of ink on it. It seemed like Saruman had recently concluded a task, and probably tore off his recorded findings!

Sheyan shut his eyes in anguish. If he knew this was going to be the outcome, he would rather not uncover this mechanism! Finding hope only to be disappointed. Suddenly, that wrinkled black stained white cloth flashed through his mind once again..... ’’Those black stains....doesn't it seem rather systematic?’’


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