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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Weakening limit!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Beneath the lake surface was utter pitch-darkness. It was a deathly silence with nothing living inside. Creatures that had tried to approach previously had been slain by Ocean-freak Moria. Although Sheyan and Reef didn't have any deep sea diving experience, Melody was able to initiate a void spatial 3D mode for them. Under her leadership, they navigated through the curves and bends of the underground lake like a maze, and finally reached that lake known by the orc as 'Carn Dûm' lake.

Sheyan and Reef could feel that the temperature of the lake had clearly dipped, which was obviously a chain reaction from the Balrog. After it frenziedly drew in heat to recuperate, the temperature of the underground lake would naturally swiftly drop. Those peculiar fiendish fish began to cautiously circle around them. Finally, a famished one decided to initiate an attack at Sheyan.

Yet because of Melody, those large stronger worms only curiously swam around their sides, avoiding unnecessary trouble.

This wasn't the first time Ocean-freak Moria and the Balrog had faced off. Hence, substantial amounts of eggs from previous times had already been flushed into the lake. Through its decomposition process, it polluted the lake and the creatures living in it, causing them to mutate into fiendish looking freaks. After being contaminated by the genes of Ocean-freak Moria, Ocean-freak Moria then treated them as its own, and didn't slay them for food.

Fortunately, though Sheyan and Reef had their capabilities severely handicapped, they had the protection of a twilight elf. Melody raised her hands, summoning generous green threads of aquatic grass to elegantly wrap against their bodies. Once a fish closed in, the threads would bind up their mouths and caused them to flee in disarray.

After the three climbed ashore, they were momentarily stupefied. The previous epidemic forest was now a plot of charred and white desolated ground to behold. Even Sheyan hadn't imagine Saruman to actually devise such a decisively vicious action to dispose of this ghost land.

According to Sheyan's inference, the water flowing beneath this epidemic forest was probably linked to a certain lair that Ocean-freak Moria had dwelled in for a long time. The hallucinatory mucus secreted from this humongous octopus probably mixed into the water, and was absorbed by the roots of the Pine trees for a long period of time. The roots sucked up these substance like a water pump, as the sediments gradually infiltrated into the soil. Hence, when the sunlight shone down after the mist cleared, the ground would release a lethal hallucinatory effect.

As they continued to trudge forward, they returned to the scene of the avalanche;sighing as they recalled it as if it was from their previous lifetime. Because the entire snowy valley had been trampled over by the endless amount of orcs, the footprints they left behind now were completely negligible. After advancing for roughly a dozen kilometres, the tremendous white honeycomb orc encampment greeted them.

Right now, they had two choices. One was to turn left and return to the orc encampment. Next was to turn right, and naturally leave this damnable nightmare behind. Sheyan pondered for a moment before he spoke out.

’’Melody, do you really have an ability to preserve your life during an emergency?’’

Melody sincerely nodded her head. Sheyan then handed the animal hide bundle he was carrying to Reef, inside contained the plundered Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. He stared at Reef and spoke.

’’Looks like we will part ways here. This is a golden opportunity that happens once in a blue moon. This orc encampment is empty now, I reckon most of their forces have been led away by Saruman's doppelganger. Besides due to the scale of his operation, he probably mobilized every single strength he had. Even the aged and sickly orcs were used as cannon fodder. Hence, I believe that this is a huge chance to reap great benefits.’’

Reef nodded.

’’I got it, you want me to be the surviving lifeline right?’’

’’That's correct. You still have the twilight elf blessing on you;once you reach any lusciously abundant land, the chances of you encountering danger would be greatly reduced. Moreover, the duration of this twilight elf blessing is still pretty long.’’ Sheyan sombrely replied.

’’By surviving, you will ease me of a great burden to take this tremendous risk.’’

Reef smiled. He was always a solemn person, but the smile on his face now was a candid and unflustered one.

’’Take care, Seaman. Wait, I still have one reservation.’’

Sheyan earnestly replied.

’’Tell me about it.’’

Reef deliberated before continuing.

’’This Saruman is merely a doppelganger, his possessions stored inside the Wizard tower wouldn't be much. Moreover, he just set off on a huge skirmish, probably bringing along essential potions, battle equipments and other tools. This means that the chances of acquiring something good is lessened.’’

’’Finally, because of that ridiculous realm regulation, the things we can bring out of this world is limited. And after our third weakening, the benefits we can acquired would probably reach close to nil. Thus, the reason you want to take this risk, is to try your luck in mending that Rank 6 ability right?’’

Sheyan nodded and replied.

’’Mmhmm, that is my exact sentiments, but I still feel this risk is worth taking.’’

Reef paused for a moment before wishing him good luck.

’’Alright, then, take care man.’’

Sheyan needed to seize the moment, he had no clue when Saruman's doppelganger would return. Hence, he immediately turned and headed towards the orc encampment in big strides. A cowhide pouch was slung beside his waist, as he casually waved goodbye to Reef.

Right when the two parted ways, their nightmare imprint once again transmitted a merciless voice.

’’Scanning: Contestant no.1018 has reached a relevant checkpoint for the party establishment mission 'Survival' !’’

’’Congratulations: Contestant no.1018, your party establishment mission 'Survival' has reached its final phase of critical checkpoints!’’

’’Warning: The difficulty level of staying in this world is raised again. Henceforth, all attributes of the nightmare realm will vanish. Your body conditions will decline to the standards of an ordinary human!!’’

’’Details: You've already reached the final phase of the party establishment mission 'Survival'. 8 more hours of survival will allow you to fulfill the maximum score 'lvl max' of the party establishment mission 'Survival'. You will then be forcefully sent back to the nightmare realm. If you can fulfil that criteria, you will be able to obtain the relevant milestone and acquire the maximum reward for this mission!’’

Although Sheyan was already emotionally prepared, he couldn't help rejoicing frantically in his heart. At present, there was another matter he had already inferred, but he couldn't help asking about it.

’’If I choose to return to the realm now while my party member continues staying in this world. How will the mission rewards be calculated?’’

’’Calculating answer......’’

’’Backing up.....’’


’’Both members have chosen to enter this world together, and initiate the party establishment mission 'Survival'. As long as one member lives, the mission rating would utilize the member with the most exceptional result.’’

After getting an answer, Sheyan finally loosened up as though he had placed a huge baggage down, as he headed towards that orc metropolis. However, the sudden returning to his ordinary physical state caused him relative distress. He couldn't help sighing inwardly;with his speed now, just travelling towards the encampment would require an additional 5 minutes of wasted time!

During the nerve-wrecking critical moments of wreaking havoc inside the Wizard tower, 5 minutes of time could very well mean victory or defeat;life or death!

Sheyan decided to examine his personal attributes. As expected, he discovered the his personal data, including all attributes and abilities;both passive and active, had all been sealed. The only exception, was his innate ability 'Endurance'!

Although 'Endurance' was not in effect instead of being sealed, it had the words 'Unawakened' ! This was completely identical when Sheyan inspected it back in the present world.

The orcs of this metropolis seemed to have completely deserted the place. Still, everything remained looking prim and properly. It was evident that Saruman's doppelganger had made a relatively long preparation for this skirmish.

As he traversed through the filthy, smelly and peculiarly enduring city, he recalled the previous noise and clamour of this place in his memories. The eerie dreadfulness of this ghost town welled up his heart.

The Wizard tower was right ahead.

Due to the fact that this Wizard tower resembled only a careless imitation, with only its summit roof laced with profound mysteries and decorated with precious minerals like silver, gold and others;hence, before entering the fourth level, Sheyan wasn't worried about triggering any magic based mechanism.

Moreover, based on the brain composition of the orcs/uruk-hais who probably had muscles as brains, it was a simple job identifying their crudely designed but still deadly trap mechanisms. Besides, when he had worked in this building previously, he already familiarized himself with the area, knowing this place inside out.

’’This way.’’ After entering the Wizard tower, Sheyan led the way. Although he was reduced to a mortal state, he remained strong and nimble. ’’Careful of those stairs. You saw that? Right right, there's a black board in the middle, if you step on it, a gigantic boulder will roll down from above.’’

Melody silently skipped behind Sheyan, her clear flawless pupils suddenly imbued a certain grief as she glanced at Sheyan.

’’I can feel it, you're becoming weaker.’’


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