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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Break away

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Very quickly, the 4 Tentacled-freaks had received Saruman's orders;viciously targeting Ocean-freak Moria in unison and released concentrated assaults of death rays. The rays were roughly the size of a wine cup, radiating forth like lasers. Just by looking at it, Sheyan felt a shiver down his back. Those death rays not only had a dreadful offensive, it even contained a negative buff effect. Even if Sheyan was in his optimal state, he still wouldn't dare to face 4-5 consecutive shots of those rays head on.

Against the incoming death rays, Ocean-freak Moria merely raised its tentacle lazily, and easily blocked off those beams of laser. Yet for some unknown reason, when the death rays struck its skin, a strange reflection occurred and ricocheted towards the nearby walls. Chi! Chi! The rays corroded out deep holes in the walls.

It was pretty obvious that the genetic makeup of these Tentacled-freaks were nurtured and created by Saruman through research of those lifeless Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. Hence, their genes naturally originated from Ocean-freak Moria. Therefore, Ocean-freak Moria obviously wouldn't place their attacks in its eyes, blocking them as easily as drawing. Sheyan didn't know if he saw wrong, but he could somewhat identify a sense of ridicule emitting from the female octopus's eyes.

At this moment, Saruman finally arrived and his eyes instantly enlarged with the sight of the gigantic octopus;the greed shining from his eyes and his drooling mouth could even be see from afar! He immediately signalled to his orc underlings to surround it, but allowed the elite uruk-hais to remain motionless.

Something noteworthy was the fact that even though the flood was ferocious and abrupt, it wasn't a fatal threat to the likes of a uruk-hai leader like Lurtz. Only, he was completely covered in dirt, cutting a rather sorry figure.

Meanwhile, Reef and Melody were both excitedly exclaiming.

’’Well done, now that the narrow valley outside is left with several frail and old orcs;once both parties start to battle, we can immediately climb out of this entrance, and sneak off behind their backs. Even if Saruman catches wind of this, his hands would be tied to pursue us.’’

Sheyan's eyes flickered for a moment but he gently shook his head again, earnestly and gently advising.

’’Now is not the time.’’

Reef was shocked.

’’Then when is the best time to leave?’’

Sheyan didn't answer him directly.

’’Just take a look at the battle below.’’

’’Reef cautiously spied downwards. At present, Ocean-freak Moria was suffering from the all round assaults of 20 orcs, with nearly 10 other Tentacled-freaks engaging in long range firepower. Yet with only two tentacles, she still easily guarded and even retaliated.

As Reef peeped out, he coincidentally saw Ocean-freak Moria swinging out a tentacle with water splashing about. The tentacle was Incomparably deft as it coiled around an orc, and constricted;fracturing and shattering every bone within that unlucky orc, before tossing the orc into its mouth beak. The black blood of the orc gushed out profusely;this imagery gave off an impression of a human biting a swollen orange with its juices squirting everywhere.

To Ocean-freak Moria, it had just gone through a season of breeding and even engaged in a huge deadly battle. What it needed now was massive amounts of food to replenish its energy, and right now, these pesky ants had delivered themselves to it. Reef continue watching as another 3 orcs were coiled around by those terrifying tentacles, and tossed into Ocean-freak Moria's mouth. Saruman didn't make a move, he only gestured his underlings to retreat a little. But why would Ocean-freak Moria give up on these pesky ants? One step at a time, she crawled out from the underground lake.

A thought flashed in Reef's eyes, he was suddenly enlightened and exclaimed.

’’Right! Saruman is too greedy, he actually desires to lure the Ocean-freak Moria out of its lake! Firstly, he can lower its capabilities, and secondly, he wishes to capture the slayed beast, or even capture it alive! Don't tell me.......’’

Sheyan slapped his shoulder, and sincerely affirmed.

’’That's correct. If Melody is able to allow us to breathe underwater, then we can seize the opportunity when this octopus is lured out;and directly leave through the underground lake.’’

Reef frowned and replied.


Sheyan knew what he was worried about, he calmly replied.

’’There is no need for buts. The reason Saruman wasn't able to reach here previously, was most likely because the Ocean-freak Moria normally hosted itself within that lake. Then we can determine that this underground lake is definitely connected to that lake outside. If we were still in optimal fully equipped state, the chances of us breaking through the orcs behind and then swim across is only half. Yet now that we have Melody's Underwater breathing divine Art, we would be able to cross safely without apprehensions. Without alarming anyone, we would be able to leave this place without facing a single danger!’’

Meanwhile, Ocean-freak Moria had already been completely lured out of the underground lake, and was lunging forward at the orcs ahead with insatiable hunger. Those vicious and brutish orcs in the eyes of Ocean-freak Moria, were akin to freshly-baked custard tarts. Since they could replenish its strength and observing its enemies retreating, Ocean-freak Moria held no reservations. Although it appeared like its movements were slow, it was not one bit inferior to those orcs.

After 7 orcs had been consecutively slaughtered, Saruman faintly performed a gesture. Instantly, the battling fleet dispersed and fled in all directions. Ocean-freak Moria's eyes sparkled with a murderous glow;how could she spare them? She instantly flew into a raging pursue. On her way, she consecutively gobbled up 4 other orcs, but when she had just exited the cave entrance of the mountain cave, the uruk-hai leader, Lurtz, could already be seen standing a distant away. Standing atop a towering cliff rock as he gazed upon the cave entrance!

His body was dripping wet,

His face filled with cut wounds,

His appearance terribly wretched,

Yet he was squinting his eyes,

His eyes flickered with an unexplainable glint.

Raising his long bow that he would use in the future to square off with that elvish prince, Legolas,

He mounted that dreadful arrow that he would use to slay Boromir, steward prince of Gondor!!!

His muscular arm hoisted up, thick bluish-green veins bulged out like snakes. He then released the bowstring,


This arrow didn't merely rely on Lurtz's personal strength, it was a combination strike with Saruman! It contained a hovering curse of millions of vengeful spirits!

It was simply impossible to capture the trajectory of this arrow. With the twang of Lurtz's bow string, in an instance, one of Ocean-freak Moria's bell shaped eyes instantly exploded. The octopus released a terribly sorrowful shrill as it retreated back towards the cave entrance to flee into the lake.

Yet right now, Saruman's doppelganger had raised his magic staff up high, and was chanting a curse. Word by word, the curse words resounded from his wrinkled lips. The first word carried no sound, the second was exceedingly clear, and the final word sounded like a sonorous thunder!

Throughout the incomparably sturdy rocks surrounding the cave entrance, sudden wrinkly fissures swiftly formed and repeatedly broke outwards....and collapsed! Boom! A small landslide showered down, releasing a deafening crash. Amidst the dust and smoke, there was still a narrow channel through. Yet for such a humongous beast like the Ocean-freak Moria, it was a dead end!

Currently, Sheyan and the others were dashing towards the underground lake without hesitation. As they trampled through the region the octopus had crawled over before, they realized it was excessively filled with mucus. Every step was a chore as long sticky threads adhered to their soles.

But at this moment, for some unknown reason, a buzzing sound resounded within their brains. It was as though their minds suddenly went blank as they simultaneously collapsed to the ground. Sheyan face planted, with the transparent mucus smearing his entire face.

After regaining composure, he sullenly murmured.

’’Saruman is really unlucky, Ocean-freak Moria surely isn't one to be trifled with.......’’

Melody casted a suspicious glare over, Sheyan sighed and continued.

’’Don't forget, that damned octopus is able to release powerful hallucinatory gas, even this fierce male beside me had been taken under its spirit control! Those two perverted abilities were obviously useless against that balrog......but don't ever forget, Saruman created so many Tentacled-freaks using the blueprint genetic composition of Ocean-freak Moria. I reckon that old man probably doesn't know about that even after thousands of deliberations and analysis, or perhaps he is too confident in his research. Today is the day this place will experience a great setback!’’

Before Sheyan's words faded, sudden faint and miserable cries drifted in, it was the wails and howls of several uruk-hais!! Sheyan's deduction was spot on. Those formidable Tentacled-freaks were instantly counter spirit controlled by the furious Ocean-freak Moria. In that instance, Saruman was really caught unprepared.

The sanctity of such a legendary creature, who could simply voluntarily offend it?

Probably the unexpected twist of those Tentacled-freak turncoats had left a profound shadow, scarring Saruman's heart. Thereby possibly triggering him to abandon his future research on them and focus his direction to the uruk-hais. Henceforth, the short-lived tale of the Tentacled-freaks would vanish from this earth forever.......

Sheyan leisurely helped himself to a handful of a few Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. Although they had been torched by the balrog and their souls had been incinerated, it was still a miracle health potion. Melody then bestowed them with her Underwater Breathing divine Art, and they leapt into the underground lake.

After casting the Underwater Breathing divine Art, a thin transparent mask covered their faces;emitting faint bubbles of green glow. It was extremely soft and smoothly filtered dissolved air inside the water for them.


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