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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 38


The Ultimate Evolution Volume 6 chapter 38

Chapter 38: Inflicting serious damages

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:TN and Elkassar

At this moment, no matter who, the sneaky Sheyan or the Ocean-freak Moria;both had one notion in their hearts.

’’That Balrog should've been swept up already right?’’

Suddenly, the ground's surface split open!

An explosion as crazy as a volcanic eruption!!

Although it was the eruption only happened within a few square metres in a circular radius, it unleashed the same sensation as molten fiery lava exploding into the horizon!

Then, a grey figure burrowed out.

This figure appeared to be roughly a tenth of Ocean-freak Moria's size. It had a pair of gigantic goat horns, a pointed mouth and triangular eyes. A charred black rock-like shell covered its body, with deep dense cracks running through its shell;of which deep scarlet flames were spurting out.

This was the real body of that fugitive - Flame devil Balrog, Durin's Bane!

It actually dissolved itself into the ground after being covered by the wall of water, yet its fearsomeness displayed in its ability to conceal up its traces flawlessly! The Balrog had waited patiently for this moment, and it definitely wasn't for the sake of leaping out to say goodbye to Ocean-freak Moria!

Although this matter appeared like Ocean-freak Moria was the perpetual victim, but one had to think in the shoes of the Balrog, Durin's Bane, as well. One will then realized that the Balrog was similarly pitiful and incomparably despondent.

As a matter of fact, it carried the word 'gutless' on its back for life;being one who had deserted its own kind during the Balrog annihilation in the War of Wrath. At present, it only wanted to dwell peacefully in the abyss and enjoy the darkness and stillness of red-hot lava in dormant;confiding itself to a dull boring life of squashing little insects who crept into its abyss.

Yet of all things, Ocean-freak Moria required a warm environment to breed. Its personal residing habitat was the Misty Mountains which was 3,417 metres above sea level, and it didn't have the luxury of beautiful sunshine, coconut trees, beaches, bikinis of the Southern seas.

Hence without a choice, Ocean-freak Moria had to find an adequately warm area for it to breed its future generation. Unfortunately, the destination it found was coincidentally the Balrog's residence. Its unceasing seeking of a warm environment, was actually the body temperature manifested from the Balrog. Just think about it, if you were cooped up at home all cosy with the perfect temperature, yet suddenly someone barged into your house and started sprinkling icy cold water in your face;how would you feel? Truthfully speaking, no matter how good the temperament of the Balrog was, it would never be able to endure such invading behavior!

Furthermore, creating more resentment was the fact that the Ocean-freak Moria's breeding period was extremely disorderly;sometimes once in years, sometimes once in weeks......Thus, while Ocean-freak Moria hated the Balrog to the core, it was fair to say that the Balrog similarly hated Ocean-freak Moria who kept infringing on its territory and peace. Besides, the Balrog was an ancient devilish character and careful deliberations, it decided to spare all effort to consume its superficial flames over its body surface, in order to dispatch of this trouble once and for all!

A fiery blaze radiated out;Sheyan could only feel his eyes being stabbed by something, issuing a burning and piercing agony! After the Balrog had exploded up from the ground like a devil from hell, it soared into the air, curling its tail as it aimed ahead. Then with astonishing speed, it propelled its tail bone targeting directly towards the convex area between Ocean-freak Moria's eyes. That was indeed the vital part of the octopus.

However, Ocean-freak Moria was similarly a legendary creature of the same tier. At the same time it was struck, two primary tentacles carried splashes of ice crumbs as it lashed out. The tentacles struck the Balrog flying 20 metres away, as it crashed onto the ground sliding miserably;leaving a long burnt trace on the ground. Its black crusty skin at its abdomen had been distinctly torn off, leaving an enormous wound in its place. Fiery flames of blood flared out and combusted to a height of 30 metres!!

Mutual infliction!!

Amidst the gruesome roars of anguish by both parties, Sheyan couldn't help feeling tempted. However, he didn't follow his greed like most main leads would, to charge forward. Instead, he hastily shrank backwards in a timid crawl, before he tiptoed in huge strides back upwards to flee.

Who was he kidding. An ordinary octopus already had 3 hearts, and every single tentacle possessed its own 'brain' allowing it to move on its own even after the octopus dies. Moreover, the Balrog was known as a lava demon who could exercise its spirit. To gain advantages from these two legendary creatures would be essentially seeking for the fastest way to die.

’’How's it going?’’ After climbing back up to the cave entrance, Sheyan glanced at Melody and Reef and whispered.

Reef shrugged his shoulders.

’’This reminds me of the unprecedented flood written in the Bible. Those poor fellas really looked like garbage soaked for 4-5 days in the River Thames.’’

After speaking, he offered his optimal viewing seat to Sheyan. Sheyan stretched his head out to peep;the entire narrow valley beneath was just a plane of water body. The yellowish-brown mountain flood churned up by Ocean-freak Moria still carried unstoppable might;its turbulent crashing waves snarled like a fuming yellow dragon, and ferociously pounded against the cliff rocks on both sides.

Visibly seen were the mushy and mutilated corpses of several orcs and Uruk-hai floating calmly over the flood surface, being swept down at rapid pace. On the contrary, those cumbersome tentacled-freaks looked as if there were still on dry land, their agility was matchless in the water as they swiftly swam upstream;their movements rather shocking to behold.

’’What should we do now?’’ Reef inquired of Sheyan. Sheyan shook his head and replied. ’’We can only watch for now.’’

Melody suddenly interrupted.

’’When the mountain flood stabilizes a little, we can try to take advantage of this crisis and trace back our original path to escape. I am able to execute an underwater breathing divine art.’’

Sheyan's gaze flickered, but instantly shook his head gently.

’’For such a large scale operation, it is impossible that Saruman's doppelganger wouldn't be present himself to coordinate it. We can see that evidently from the exploring party assaulting this valley that comprises mainly of orcs. This group is probably merely front scouts used as cannon fodder. This mountain flood is artificially created by Ocean-freak Moria, it will go as quickly as it comes. If we return on the same path, we will definitely encounter the main fleet led by Saruman's doppelganger......’’

’’But still, underwater breathing divine art......’’

Although Sheyan uttered these statements, his eyes still shone with thoughtfulness as he continued.

’’Opportunities go to those who are prepared, let us first continue waiting here. Let us pray the twilight elf blessing will stay effective so they won't notice us.’’

’’Oh, right.’’ Sheyan paused for a while before standing up, then he walked in front of Melody and sincerely uttered. ’’I'm guessing, if me and Reef weren't around, then you'd definitely have a method to escape this predicament on your own right?’’

Melody bit her lower lip but remained silent. She didn't dare to look into Sheyan's eyes, but ultimately nodded her head slightly.

Sheyan released a long breath before comfortably continuing.

’’That's excellent. This only matter plaguing my heart is finally settled.’’

Sheyan then extended his hand to lift up Melody's chin, staring earnestly into her eyes.

’’Listen to me, O noble and esteemed twilight elf. He and I are not people from Middle-earth. In actual fact, if ever we encounter death, our god will protect us and vanquish death itself to rescue us to him. Thus, we will definitely live on even in the face of all dangers. You too, must live on. Don't worry about me the despair of personally watching perish die in vain!’’

Melody was taken aback.

’’Apart from Middle-earth, there are still other earths?’’

Sheyan smiled slightly and replied.

’’Think about the sacred undying lands of Aman, therein lies your blessed elf kingdom of Valinor;is it located in Middle-earth? Since there's an Aman outside of Middle-earth, why couldn't there be our own human earth?’’

In the end, Melody was still half doubtful of Sheyan's words. While they were conversing, the mountain flood beneath came as fast as it went, and the water had already receded to extremely shallow levels. Those cumbersome Tentacled-freaks had already swiftly swam upstream, following the direction of the water source as they reached the mountain belly. The Balrog had long ago dissolved back into the rocks, casually retreating back into the underground abyss as it used the scalding magma to treat its wounds. Only the humongous octopus, Ocean-freak Moria, was still semi-submerged inside the underground lake, resting.

Although the flash flood was rapid and ferocious, most of its unstoppable force was directed towards the main entrance of the mountain belly. Whereas the eggs were all being bred within the crevices of the rocks behind, some crevices were located high up on the rocks, and thus there were several fortunate eggs that were spared from obliteration. As a female beast, and a mother that had just given birth to her eggs, Ocean-freak Moria still harbored a sliver of hope for any lucky survivors of these remnant eggs. Hence, it remained stationary here, until it had utterly given up.

At this moment, amongst the front scouts of Saruman's fleet, a massive Tentacled-freak had easily swam up into the tremendous mountain belly. The moment it saw the Ocean-freak Moria, it instantly turned motionless. That round eye ball on its head glinted with a flash, like a computer hard disk rapidly processing. It was clear that the Tentacled-freak was probably contacting Saruman, feedbacking the strange scenario it was observing.

Following closely, 3 other huge Tentacled-freaks charged into the mountain belly. The 4 Tentacled-freaks tangled their tentacles together, bracing into a row. Proceeding that, the eyes on their heads gradually reddened, as though they were gathering energy.


At present, within the mountain valley outside, a flock of swift and fierce elite uruk-hais was seen lifting an immense bone carriage and sprinting with unparalleled speeds. Seated atop the bone carriage, was shockingly Saruman's doppelganger! Surrounding and escorting the bone carriage were massive amounts of uruk-hais as well as fully-equipped orcs!

Obviously, after hearing of Ocean-freak Moria's weakened state, Saruman's doppelganger ultimately couldn't hold back his thriving ambitions and excitement. He directly mobilized his entire strength, wanting to slaughter this humongous octopus! If not, his basic goal was at least to severely wound this legendary creature, then sweeping the entire mountain for Ocean-freak Moria's eggs!


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