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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Coconut egg

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

After the violent shaking like an earthquake, a moist humidity suddenly swept in like a transparent palm slapping their faces. The palm was drenched in water vapour, even causing the moisture in their skins to turn saturated.

Simultaneously, an enormous deep blue tentacle brushed in through the arched door, its one metre huge suckers tightly pasted against the mountain wall.

When the tentacle gripped tighter, cracks immediately formed on the steel-like mountain walls. Then another two enormous tentacles flushed in, one of the tentacle surface hosted a terrifying cauterized wound, striking bare red over the injured area looking like a prawn that was cooked.

Following that, the humongous ocean blue octopus borrowed the strength of its 3 tentacles to pull back into the mountain belly. Indeed, it was that legendary creature - Ocean-freak of Moria!

This humongous octopus appeared extremely cumbersome on the floor, yet when with one shrinking movement of its tentacles;it already traversed through dozens of metres. It belonged to the clumsily heavy, yet extremely agile fighting model. It had ten elongated tentacles, like 10 deadly serpents. Two of its primary tentacles surpassed over 12 metres. Its body appeared like a spindle shape, with an abnormal superfluous growth of a basketball court size. Although its limbs looked soft, its eyes glittered with murder, originating from its wild savage nature!!

Still, this mother ocean-freak was injured.

Heavily wounded!

Two of its tentacles had been snapped by half, thick bluish blood streaming out profusely as it sprayed around chaotically, following the repeated squirming of the tentacle.

From the outside of the arched easter door, blazing flames raged on threatening to burn down the world;fiery red flames flared up to heights of a dozen metre, within its midst a distorted shape could be barely seen. A shape looking the the devil king himself. Its body was masked within the flames, its soul easily warping through the flames to bore through unrestrained.

The two severed tentacles of the Ocean-freak Moria were being roasted inside the flames, barbequing to the sizzling sound. The Balrog Durin's Bane released a piercing laugh, using its blazing mouth to chew on its enemy's tentacles;saliva and blood splashing as he joyfully partook of the meal.

Ocean-freak Moria was incomparably furious, brandishing its tentacles as it lurched forward;widening its parrot shaped, half a metre wide solid mouth beak. A cold glimmer shimmered over it like a diamond, it was easy to imagine the consequence of something being pecked by it.

Instead, The flame devil Balrog, Durin's Bane laughed wildly. With a flick of its wrist, a lava fiery whip appeared. Simultaneously, Ocean-freak Moria's tentacle slammed against its body, fishing out large regiments of flames;yet its physical body remained nowhere to be materialized.

The fiery whip was as elegant as a molten serpent, frantically covering the air like a flaming net as it descended against Ocean-freak Moria's sky blue body. Lines after lines of charred black burnt wounds were whipped out of Ocean-freak Moria's body, with its bluish blood dispersing throughout the region;even the tragic outflow of blood seemed like it was boiling like lava!

At this moment, Melody suddenly raised her hand and pointed. A buzzing sound could be heard in Sheyan's ears, before they once again returned into that void mode;vividly seeing that blue cluster belonging to Ocean-freak Moria still brimming as clear as before. From this, it was obvious that Ocean-freak Moria wasn't very badly wounded because of its two severed tentacles;its life force was still burning strongly. Besides, an octopus's tentacles could be self-severed in critical moments.

But that wasn't what Melody wanted them to see! Instead, it was the surrounding constitution of spirit links around Ocean-freak Moria! The massive amounts of blue web like threads were being retracted back substantially, it was obviously it had been wrecked badly. Currently, under the fanatical lashings of the Balrog, the lines were repeatedly being destroyed and evaporated. Perpetual destruction. It was obvious the reason Ocean-freak Moria was being reduced to such a sorry state by this Balrog, a huge portion was because she wanted to protect her own eggs.

As the saying goes, two hearts beat as one. Sheyan immediately recalled Melody's special method to absorb the essence of Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. He automatically glanced towards the coconut sized matured eggs. ’’Brother Reef had painstakingly watered and transported these fellas, being the dad and mother to them. Finally, you have all grown up into a bubbling coconut, and he still had to endure your mischievous ejaculations. But now it is time for you guys to return this gratitude.’’

Something noteworthy was previously, Melody was concentrating her spirit sense heavily onto Ocean-freak Moria's body;hence, they suffered a severe backlash previously. But now, the spirit sense was cautiously probing through the spirit links of the surrounding eggs, hence it didn't exhaust much of her mental strength, and the backlash of the fight was within an acceptable range.

The trio slyly hide inside the crevice of the stone, eye covetously at those 5 coconut shaped eggs;awaiting the moment the spirit links vanished completely, before the egg thieves made their move. Fortunately, the twilight elf blessing was extremely crucial as it assimilated them into nature. Thus, even though the Ocean-freak Moria was a legendary creature, it wasn't able to discover them.

Moreover, her twin eyes were in a critical deadlock with the opposing Balrog. She also had to remain cautious, preventing her vital spots from being ravished by the fiery whip. Lastly, the mountain belly was exceedingly broad, naturally she wouldn't be able to notice 3 'ants' sneaking around her eggs.

Shockingly, the Balrog raised its fiery whip high up, lashing down vertically like a crackling lightning! Ocean-freak Moria hastily raised its twin gigantic tentacles to receive it. At the instance of the collision, she was unable to maintain the spirit link to her eggs. Within their vision, Sheyan could vividly see the blue spirit links fluctuating with Ocean-freak Moria at its core, and then scattering.

Amongst the 5 coconut sized eggs, 4 of them had their spirit link severed from the mother!

If they didn't commit the crime now, than when?

Sheyan and Reef pounced forward, using their animal hide shirt as they wrapped two each, swiftly tying them up with a dead knot and slinging across their backs. Then Melody hurriedly casted a special twilight elf magic, ingeniously concealing the backs. The 3 didn't dare to delay, hurriedly sprinting towards that same channel the orcs used;then hastily climbing up the spiral as they attempted to abandon this deadly zone.

The trio followed the crude spiral of rock stairs up, with Reef proactively leading the way. As he finally extended his head out of the suspended cave, he instantly retracted and shrank back;while gaping in shock as he hurriedly signalled a 'silence' gesture. Sheyan cautiously peeped out, and was instantly stunned, without hesitating he hurriedly but cautiously shrank back into the cave entrance, not daring for even the slightest of rocks to tumble down.

Actually, in the narrow valley beneath them, was a shocking battalion of orcs! Their amount was like a fleet of ants. Just beneath Sheyan, he could clearly see the incomparably arrogant Lurtz striding through, along with several huge ocean-freaks (Tentacled-freak*). Lurtz was a formidable bowman, naturally he possessed a keen eyesight and hearing. Sheyan didn't dare to make a single sound, frightened like a cheating male(ED: The comparisons keep getting better, lol), as he sneakily shrank back into the cave.

(TN: *Take note, Saruman's Ocean-freaks aren't the spawns of the Ocean-freak Moria. He probably only used the genes to create them. To reduce confusion, I've decided to change their name to tentacled-freak)

Even with Sheyan's intellect, he couldn't help feeling there was no room to advance nor retreat. No matter the battling between two legendary creatures or the orc battalion headed by Lurtz, both weren't situations they could handle.’’

The only consolation was that in this short span of time now, they were relatively safe;neither the colossal mother octopus nor Lurtz knew of their current existence. Sheyan secretly spied on the orcs below, seeing that they were apparently unexpectedly cheering or celebrating, as though they had found something valuable on the ground. It was probably those half rottened and lifeless Ocean-freak Moria's eggs.

Yet for now, there was nothing they could do but wait. Sheyan then allowed Melody to once again display her twilight elf methods, to extract the essence of those perfectly matured Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. Previously, those eggs that had already lost their life force boosted all his attributes by 1;then this time, the strengthening effects would naturally be a pleasant surprise.

The gigantic octopus and Balrog was currently fighting to their heart's content;the humidity of the mountain belly was flourishing as water moisture evaporated under the high temperature. The mountain belley was like a steamer, dense white mist enshrouding the place. They still had the twilight elf blessing concealing their auras, it was almost impossible for the octopus to discover them even with the naked eye. Thus in this short duration, there was no chance of them being found out.

Even if that was so, Melody still decided to mumble an incantation;biting her finger as she allowed her blood to drip onto the ground. Then it formed into a nature isolation formation circle. She then finally used her slender fingers to carve out ancient elf characters in mid air.

The only difference now was that the first ancient elf character was actually radiating a splendid gold, it seemed like she had taken more effort to carve it, her face turning slightly pale. Based on Melody's abilities, it seemed like this golden character was her limit.


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