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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: Flame devil Balrog, Durin's Bane!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

An unexplainable feeling welled up in his heart as Sheyan observed the Ocean-freak Moria's eggs at the depth of the mucus. Compared to the previous eggs, these ones were flickering with a peculiar gleam;or in Melody's terms, its soul! Yet it was lacking that arrogant dominating heat of those he picked up!!

’’There must be some profound mystery within it I haven't understand yet.’’ Sheyan mumbled to himself.

Reef was bundled by the mucus at the extreme end, of the deepest crevice of the wall, lying on the ground as he coughed loudly. Although he was a contestant, he was rendered completely useless against the might of the giant octopus, Ocean-freak Moria. Since a permanent spirit control over him was futile;after Reef had accomplished his laborious work, the orc slaves were ordered to bind him and tossed him into that crevice. It was probably feeling that Reef was much more efficient in laboring, hence it kept him to control in the future.

Right in Reef's face were 5-6 of those orange sized eggs. The shells weren't tough but looked flexible like a colloid type of object. He could see the outline of mini tentacles incessantly twitching within. Currently, at the peak of these orange sized eggs was a nipple that was constantly spraying out liquid, spurting it at Reef's face. The liquid was viscous like glue, easily choking someone once it accumulated. That was the wretched state Reef was in now.

Sheyan dashed forward, as he instantly tried to free Reef. Currently, they had both lost their equipment, still their strength was stronger than average humans. After a brief moment, Sheyan was finally able to loosen the strings binding Reef. Reef was finally able to stretch his back, as he recovered his breath and forced a smile.

’’You guys finally made it. I was already swearing to my sabre;within 10 minutes, no! 5 minutes, and I wouldn't be able to endure any longer.’’

Sheyan laughed as he slapped his shoulder.


’’Being late is better than not showing up at all.’’

Reef glared at Sheyan, then snorting coldly. Sheyan then requested Melody to bestow him with a twilight elf blessing. They had to try it even if their deductions weren't correct. Sheyan suddenly recalled something else, then speaking to Melody.

’’I remember you mentioned that this Ocean-freak Moria's eggs are beneficial to you. How about I snatch some away while the mother octopus isn't here?’’

Melody stroked her brows with her finger towards her silver long hair. Then she shook her head gently and replied.

’’No, the eggs here have a natural spirit link to the mother ocean-freak!’’

As she spoke, she released a pulse of faint greenish glow and enveloped the two humans. Their bodies shuddered before turning into a void, they could suddenly see the rocks, mountain range and lake completely devoid of matter;their vision penetrating through them like nothingness. They could clearly see the 3D like imagery of the vegetation and root systems, the glitters of underwater plants and even several life pulses of some orcs not too far away.

Apart from that, they could see the walls beside the lake beneath where massive amounts of blueish fine lines spreading out like a cobweb. The lines stretched towards a very distant regiment of dense solid blue.

That blue was constantly moving, like a surging ocean;it was mysterious like the nebula. Even without using the naked eye;with just the aid of the spirit senses from Melody, they could roughly understand, as they immediately asked.

’’That thing, is that the mother ocean-freak?’’

’’En’’, Melody nodded as she affirmed, then she continued.

’’That's correct. According to the records in Rivendell, this legendary creature like the mother ocean-freak has always chosen fairly harsh and peculiar environments for their breeding ground. But the records don't contain what environment, only today do we know that they actually require an environment like a hot spring. But according to the records, the mother ocean-freak is normally extremely protective of her children eggs;during incubation she wouldn't even touch them even if she was on a hunger strike. But yet at this moment, she has actually left this breeding lake.’’

But at this moment! From a visible distant, an unfathomable red glow galloped in!!!

An intensified splendor, filled with an arrogant tyranny,

That condensation of red glow heftily clashed against that regiment of blue glow!

In an instance, Sheyan, Reef and Melody held their heads as them stumbled 7-8 steps backwards, releasing a painful groan. The dreamy imagery they were viewing was instantly shattered like glass. Especially Melody who had suffered the most severe harm. A ghastly white covered her face as she tottered backwards, looking on the verge of collapse. After huge breaths did she regain her composure, and weakly inclined into Sheyan's arms.

Sheyan instantly caught and supported her, then he gazed towards Reef at his side. Resisting that splitting headache, he exclaimed.

’’Did you see what that red glow was?’’

Reef clutched his head and shook it.

’’It was hot and released a clamorous sensation....’’

Sheyan pressed against his temples with his left hand, searching through his memories for clues, but that damned headache was persistent. Reef who was leaning against the wall spoke up.

’’Holy, why is the wall's temperature suddenly so hot?’’

Sheyan's heart stirred as he caught Reef and spoke.

’’Initially when he reached the end of that mountain valley and discovered that eerie cave entrance, you remember telling us it was insanely dangerous. How did you know?’’

Reef thought about it and replied.

’’Initially after getting spirit controlled by that damnable octopus, not only was I tasked to scoop water to sprinkle over the eggs;I also had to carry some fully watered eggs through that east arched door of the mountain belly, and up some rocks. The surface of those rocks was slightly hotter.’’

’’From there, I could see two roads outside the east arched door. The right road will lead to that cave entrance you wanted to enter from after roughly a hundred metres. The left route felt like it contained unfathomable depths, apparently leading to a deep rift valley. I could even see intertwining cracks running horizontally through the ground, with faint glowing red rays penetrating through. Even that humongous beast, that mother ocean-freak seemed to have her guard on towards that side. The orcs were all incomparably fearful.’’

Sheyan's mind instantly processed through the information, suddenly replying.

’’Previously when you were bound inside the mucus, those coconut sized eggs in your face had already been incubated?’’

Reef's leaked out a disgusted expression and nodded.

’’Yes. When these eggs have mutually swallowed each other till they reach the size of an range, they would sink down the mucus. That is probably to borrow the warmth of the rock surface to incubate. Roughly 5-6 days later, cracks would emerge on those eggs. At that time, the eggs would then be transported and placed outside that eastern arched door to incubate. The rocks there are at least above 30 degrees. However, the incubation success rate is still low, and they would rapidly be destroyed. Only a small handful of ocean-freak Moria's eggs will pass, and successfully grow into a coconut size.’’

Sheyan breathed intensely for awhile, before flatly releasing air and exclaiming.

’’I know what that red glow is!!! In the movies, it is probably the only one that could collide head on with that damned fat octopus.....apart from that legendary beast, who else!! And only that creature is able to turn the icy cold walls into a life supporting warmth!’’


’’Maiar, divine servant of the Dark Lord.’’

’’A blood descendant of the Balrogs’’

’’A fugitive’’

’’The last fiery whip user’’

’’Flame devil Balrog - Durin's Bane!!!’’

After this string of words left Sheyan's mouth, Melody's face turned exceedingly pale. She rubbed her temples weakly;her voice still cold and cool like the spring waters, yet it contained a distinct feebleness.

’’I remember from my last life;after the Dark Lord Morgoth had been defeated in the War of Wrath during the First age, most of the balrogs had met their ends then. However, there were still a few fugitives that had escaped underground. Yet that was over 6,000 years ago, perhaps, this balrog had been hiding under the Misty Mountains?’’

Reef suddenly smiled bitterly and spoke up.

’’Previously I was affected by that poisonous fog, but you weren't....the reason should be because of this balrog.’’

Sheyan was also enlightened.

’’I understand now. Wherever the balrog shows up, its scorching nature would heat up the rocks. When you crossed the boulder previously, that balrog was probably asleep. That was why the poisonous air was concentrated densely under the low temperature, and became heavier than air, accumulating at a low-lying for when I arrived earlier just now, the balrog had probably found trouble with the octopus already. Hence its flaming temperature had probably started heating the poisonous fog, causing it to float and drift away.

(TN: Okay for those that don't understand, this involves science. Cold air sinks while hot air rises. So if the ground is hot, then the air will heat up and rises up, while the denser cold air will sink to the ground)

Reef sighed.

’’Also, your twilight elf blessing probably allowed you to assimilate into nature, hence the octopus wasn't able to sense your existence.’’

Suddenly, an unexplainable sound echoed in from the distant cave. ’’Chi chizz’’ It sounded like water being splashed onto red-glowing charcoal, but with a rummaging billowing that was amplified a hundred folds. Following closely was a murderous deafening roar. The resounding roar reverberated against the mountain walls, shaking the ceiling and sides as tiny rock fragments came spraying down like a rain shower.


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