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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Twilight dictum!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Suddenly, Reef's coarse voice resounded in urgently.

’’Oi, something big has happened. Those slaves...those vile orcs are fleeing like a bunch of frightened hares. Eh, what's that? Shit....wait, there are two orcs fleeing towards your direction!’’

Sheyan didn't have the time to process what Reef just said. After hearing that two orcs were making their way here, he immediately jolted up and hurriedly notified Melody.

Melody's eyes flashed with a chill, green speckles of glow started coagulating on her hands, as if it was becoming heavier and heavier. When an orc appeared at the turning corner of the cave, the weak looking Melody suddenly yelled out. The green condensation on her hand transformed into a leafy green wooden javelin, then she ferociously threw it!

Twilight Dictum!

The javelin didn't seem very fast;but as it flew through the air, a helix of air swivelled around it. It appeared as slow moving as fate, but its resolution seemed to have broken through the confinement of time!

Following her javelin toss, Sheyan could feel a gale rushing against his face;it was as though the air in this cave became so ferocious, breathing itself was difficult! The orc was about to raise his head, but in that instance, the javelin penetrated his chest! Instantly, his body lifted from the ground, his face still displaying an indescribable shock, widening his mouth to howl but nothing came out.

His twin hairy arms gripped against the chest, trying to pull the javelin out. Yet the area of contact between the javelin and the orc's flesh was experiencing a transfiguration. The javelin was morphing into vines and wood, twisting and dissolving into an upright hearty root;as it grew deeper into the orc's body. Then the greenish leaves and moss of the root swiftly overwhelmed the orc's flesh, cruelly extending over its entire body. Within seconds, the orc had metamorphosed into a tremendous, cumbersome treeman!

With a flick of her finger, the treeman's rigid wooden arm was forced backwards, strands of cyan vines folded out of the arm like a tentacle. Dashing up from the spiralling flight of stairs behind, the other orc was instantly obstructed.

The obstructed orc was extremely flustered, roaring furiously as it send a fist crashing in. His built was extremely sturdy, after the punch, the muscles over his body vibrated with powerful boldness.

The upheld rigid wooden arm from the treeman, instantly stumbled forward;obviously its strength was far inferior to the orc behind it. The inertia of the orc's fist carried him forward as his fist slammed into the nearby wall. Rocks sprayed everywhere, as the orc pulled its deeply lodged fist inside the wall.

The orc fumed with rage, as it shot out another fist. The treeman was rooted to the ground, as it used its chest to invite the fist.

’’Boom!’’ The chest of the treeman collapsed inward, splintered fragments of wood chipped off. Yet the brazen vines on its body shot forward like a noose, as it coiled around the orc's body in front of him;it was like a parasite seeking blood. The orc roared furiously, tearing apart the green vines over his body, but what it was doing was ripping his own flesh apart.

At this moment, Melody once again inscribed several ancient elvish characters in midair, this time carving out symbol. On this symbol, it radiated a glaring brilliance.

That same glaring sunlight of the morning sun at twilight!

The symbol started to revolve rapidly. When the orc finally freed himself of the vines and buried his head forward to charge, that mysterious symbol raced towards it with astonishing speed!

It directly pierced through the orc!

A huge disgusting bowl sized, bloodied hole appeared on the chest of that orc.

The periphery of that bloody hole seemed to be sizzling, not a single droplet of blood leaked out!

Thump! Thump! Thump! The orc continued to charge forward a dozen metres, his face exposed an expression of disbelief as it clutched its chest. It then lost control, its whole body convulsing violently as it finally raised his head;his vision interlocking with the icy cold eyes of the elf maiden. The life in his eyes gradually expiring into darkness, and vanished, utterly extinguished.

The immense body of the orc tumbled down, crashing loudly as it collided against a rock.

In a split second, the vines of the treeman drilled into the ground, swiftly taking root. In a mere dozen seconds, it transformed into a genuine tree, the unlucky orc was its foundation. Yet with the appearance of a sudden luscious tree within this cave, it really was a mismatch with the surroundings.

Melody marched forward, as she placed her slender white palm against the bark of the tree. A green stream of glow flashed out, directly absorbed by her. The spirit energy she had expended in this battle had been replenished. Instead, the tree suddenly withered rapidly as it returned to dust on the ground.

Such a terrifying, cruel way of battling, yet it contained the gracefulness of an elf. The speckles of green were brimming with life, yet it was hard to imagine that beneath it, it was fueled by her own vitality.

’’What a formidable Melody.’’ Sheyan couldn't help but gasp. Currently, he had lost all his equipment;if he had to battle with an orc, he would suffer a crushing defeat. However, Melody was able to singlehandedly slay the two orcs, and she was still brimming with vitality. Sheyan hadn't even calmed down his excitement, but Reef was now crying out in exasperation.

’’Dammit! Hurry up and get rid of these abominables before that old-clumsy-damnable fat mother octopus returns!’’

After hearing his desperate and flustered cries, Sheyan didn't dare to hesitate. He hurried further into the cave, and down the spiralling stairs. When he walked out of the narrow cave mouth, he was utterly appalled.

In his vision, was an absurdly enormous hollow mountain belly;within the rocks of this mountain belly grew numerous patches of subterranean moss and vegetation which emitted a faint phosphorescent. The cavern wasn't dark at all, and was humongous,at least as big as 4-5 football fields. The shortest part of this place was a couple of dozen of metres.

At the west, ripples of water could be seen, forming a gleaming crystal underground lake;which occupied a quarter of this mountain depth. According to his inference, this underground lake was connected to the lake that they crossed over previously, and could be even linked to other water bodies. That colossal octopus, the ocean-freak Moria probably had swam through that underground lake to reach here.

At the northern section of this mountain belly, the rocks emitted a strange sulfuring stench, its color was a hard to describe scorched black. If one touched its surface, one would be able to feel the distinct heat, roughly 20 degrees celsius. Because of that, the entire mountain belly had a rather warm climate, and even slight sulfuric smell. Such a stifling hot environment underneath the snowy peak, it was indeed a miracle from the heavens itself.

At the extreme east of the belly, there was a barely discernable jet-black gigantic, arched rock door. This arched door should've been formed naturally, yet a thick menacing aura was floating out of its entrance. It was extremely similar to that same cave at the end of the valley that Sheyan was at previously. It seems like that arched door was connected to a channel linked to that cave entrance at the end of the valley.

When Sheyan entered from was coincidentally at the middle region of this mountain belly. It was closer to that underground lake. They hastily chased Reef's cries, discovering numerous crevices on the right wall not too far away. The crevices were huge and small, and were all without an exception bundled by excess amount of foamy mucus.

The foamy mucus had coagulated on the surface, forming solidly like a plastic. Some were still in a semi-solid state, looking like a crystal. Within this mucus was a massive amount of black circular egg shaped objects, like tiny stars.

Sheyan was familiar with these objects, it was indeed those black stones - Ocean-freak Moria's eggs. Initially, these black eggs were the size of a pea, but they would constantly wriggle within the mucus;finally contacting with another. Then they would glue to each other, and engage in a frenzied mutual gobbling! There was completely not a shred of brotherly or sisterly ties.

As for those orange like Ocean-freak Moria's eggs he gathered earlier, they were at least a matured egg that contained at least over ten of these pea sized eggs! When the eggs reached the size of an orange, it would enter into its next phase and sink towards the bottom of the foam, touching the rock. It looked like it was borrowing the warmth of the rock to incubate.


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