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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Ocean-freak Moria's egg

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Melody thought for a moment before answering Sheyan.

’’I guess so. I've already gotten back half of my previous life's memory, even the skill arts and battle experiences. Sadly, my body's potential hasn't been developed;if not, i wouldn't have to fear those uruk-hais any longer.’’

Sheyan suddenly recalled something, something that cause him to have goosebumps.

’’Were you a male elf or female elf previously?’’

Melody rolled her eyes, she could understand Sheyan's underlying intent, as she turned furious yet charming.

’’A twilight elf is borne through immersing in the glorious radiance of the divine tree. Thus one will only obtain fragments of memory and cultivation experiences of the previous life. One's innate talent and intellect would also turn brighter, as for other matters...we wouldn't know.’’

Sheyan released a long breath. If a twilight elf retained the full memories of the previous life, then a female carrying a male's memories, that would be really frightening.

On the contrary, if a male carried a female's memories, then that would be like an angel from Thailand*.....this mentally disturbing sort of elf, couldn't be hailed as a leader by other elves.

(TN: Thailand is known for their transvestites, that is why i presume)

Sheyan then supported Melody by her waist as he assisted her to stand. His hands brushed against her softness, a unique fresh scent filled his nose, an unavoidable desire boiled within him. This elf maiden had actually decided to make him her 'Protector', and trusted him wholeheartedly. Naturally, he felt he could do whatever he wanted. If not for the the pursuing orcs, Sheyan may have really pushed this elf maiden down.

The just awoken Melody appeared rather feeble as she staggered for the first few steps, fortunately her footsteps became lighter and more steady after several dozens of metres. After close to a hundred metre, Melody suddenly halted a footsteps. Her voice carried a hint of surprise.

’’Why is there such an intense life aura!?’’

Sheyan was taken aback as he surveyed around while breathing harder, yet he helplessly decided that this twilight elf was really too formidable. Melody then casually plucked out a tiny green leaf from the crack on the ground, before softly twirling it and breaking it into pieces. Then she blew it into the wind as it formed massive amounts of green glowing firefly speckles, hovering amidst the wind. Although the strong winds were present, the glows seemed to be unaffected.

The glows quietly hovered for a moment, before flying against the wind into a stony crack on the left;finally assembling into a regiment of green twinkles. Melody swiftly walked towards it, pinching up that object the green glows were revolving around. Upon seeing it, Sheyan instantly gasped in shock. The truth about that 'intense life aura' that Melody mentioned, was shockingly that same unique black stone!

Melody retracted her finger, causing the green glows to dissipate, before condensing together again into a perfect imitation of a jade parrot perched on her shoulder. Melody then carefully scrutinized that black 'marble' in her hand, her face becoming more and more intrigued. Finally, it turned solemn.

’’This is obviously an egg that has been stripped off its life support, yet this remnant still carries such a frightening life aura! The amount of creatures that are able to reproduce with such an egg within the Misty Mountains can be counted with one hand!’’

Sheyan was amazed.

’’You're saying...this rock, this an egg?’’

Melody earnestly nodded in acknowledgement.


She then regretfully sighed and continued.

’’It's a pity this egg has already suffered immense injuries previously, and exposed to the sun and rain for so long. Thus its internal core embryo has been dissolved and evaporated. If not, it can be considered to be a rarely seen treasure. The exterior shell now still contains some vigorous life force, it can still be used to concoct some potions.’’

Sheyan's thoughts were stirred as he replied.

’’I previously managed to collect some similar eggs, but the ones I found still had a core. Perhaps that's the spirit embryo you're referring to.’’

After speaking, Sheyan then retrieved that perfect egg from his pocket. When Melody say that cyan colored core, she instantly yelped with delight.

’’Yes, this is it!’’

While yelping, she used her snowy white delicate fingers to carve out several abstruse symbols in the air. Speckles of sparks emerged wherever her fingers pass, not fading away under the sunlight. It looked like ancient elf characters, as the symbols floated in mid air, gently rotating about. It gave off the feeling of a miniature solar system.

Following that, she placed the mysterious egg core within the floating symbols. The mysterious egg started revolving, Sheyan could sense pulses of heat being issued out. The cyan core gradually turned berserk, and started evaporating from the heat. Threads of cyan fumes were released, but was locked in by those symbols, completely unable to dissipate out.

The elf maiden shut her eyes and deeply inhaled. The cyan fumes then completely drifted into her nostrils, before the entire core disappeared. Then she released a long exhalation, looking like she was relieved off a huge burden.

After a pause, the elf maiden then repeated her actions as she absorbed the essence from 3 eggs cores. Sheyan observed her, realizing her face was glowing radiantly, roughly similar to the difference between a female who had just finished putting on makeup. Putting it bluntly, compared to the previous Melody, she was now like leaf that had been washed by the autumn rain, this was a crystal like luster complexion.

A unique exuberance of nature, something hard to describe in words. The fresh aura was dense around her, emitting whiffs of fragrance to those who were standing within 3 metres.

Melody titled her head to glance at Sheyan, curiously muttering.

’’You body possesses a mysterious respectful aura. Those few eggs had been sheltered by that aura, once you took them out, I was able to feel it.’’

Sheyan understood this was the special element of the realm, as he bashfully smiled.

’’That must be divine grace bestowed unto me by our god.’’

Melody spoke as she once again selected another core out. Sheyan was still thinking that 3 wasn't enough, yet after the core formed into the cyan fumes;melody gestured Sheyan to inhale it instead. Sheyan was slightly surprised.

’’You don't want to absorb it?’’

Melody shrugged her shoulders and replied.

’’I want to, but actually these egg already possess no life. I reckon a wave of domineering blazing force had robbed away their most precious soul before they had the chance to incubate. Hence, absorbing 3 is enough. Anything more can only be used to treat wounds. However, you can try absorbing it too, the first time is extremely beneficial to your body.’’

At present, many thoughts started to clash against each other in Sheyan's mind. Ever since he had been captured by Saruman's doppelganger, mysteries and riddles had been continuously compounding. Yet this was the first time, that he could sense the thread of truth to be almost within reach!

Still lost in thoughts, he walked towards the abstruse symbols, and deeply breathed in. The cyan fumes automatically drifted into his body, forming into a vigorous snake as it swam deeply into his heart. In a flash, it felt like his heartbeat was increasing mightily, his blood surging through his vessels like a tide!

Simultaneously, the nightmare imprint transmitted notification:

’’You've absorbed the essence of Ocean-freak Moria's egg (Deceased).’’

’’Your current state is recovered to the max (Optimal) state.’’

’’You receive an additional temporary 50% boost to your health.’’

’’Scanning...: This is the first time absorbing the essence of Ocean-freak Moria's egg (Deceased). All your attributes permanently +1.’’ (This effect is a one off effect)


’’After appraising Ocean-freak Moria's egg (Deceased), you activate the relevant milestones.’’

’’Terminated inheritance - Collect 20 Ocean-freak Moria's egg. Current status: 2 collected.’’

’’Nation pillar - Lord of Gondor, Regent Denethor's wife, Finduilas, has contracted a terminal ailment. It is said that 4 items are needed for treatment, which are Ocean-freak Moria's egg, Unicorn's blood, Elf's golden leaf, Dwarf's heart of stone.’’

’’Woah! Tentacle - Ocean-freak Moria's egg is an extremely irresistible bait for any octopus. Attract a hundred King octopus in this world using the Ocean-freak Morias egg as lure.’’

’’Gourmet - Minas Tirith's boss is organizing a huge assembly, exchange a rare delicacy to obtain his recognition.’’

’’ actually the egg of that huge ass octopus?’’ Receiving this information, Sheyan's mind instantly jolted with electric currents, blasting through the enshrouding black clouds! The fog of mystery, was finally penetrating by a thread!

’’If that's the case, then everything can finally be explained.’’

Sheyan hadn't expected that he himself would be able to reap that attributes +1 permanent benefit. Naturally it should be related to Melody's method of absorbing. Perhaps by consuming it, it would randomly add 2-3 points of attribute, but definitely not an all round +1 bonus.

A permanent +1 attribute was already relatively tremendous, but within this difficulty 'A' setting world, it wasn't really a major factor.


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