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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Narrow road

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

A list of statistics appeared in Sheyan's vision.

’’Your weapon 'Ambition' dealt 140 points of damage to the orc.’’

’’Musket type weapon ability 'Ready' triggered. Additional explosive strike rate of 50%.’’

’’Your shot landed on the enemy's head, explosive strike rate increased by a further 26%.’’

’’'Ambition' released an explosive strike!’’

’’'Steel Canvas Black Arms Strap' effect - increases the explosive strike damage of 250% to 300%!’’

’’Your total damage delivered: 140 x 300% = 420 points!’’

’’You shot the orc's head, 'Ambition' dealt a total resultant damage of 373 points!’’

’’Your damage dealt to the orc's head exceeds its HP by 1/6 , thus causing the orc to suffer extra negative effect in the hair.’’

Of course, when Sheyan opened fire, the other two orcs weren't idling. They roared loudly with revolting white breaths released.

Charing straight up with their raised weapons!

Chopping down!

Even though his agility had reached 28 points, he still had to pause to take that shot. Hence it was too late to avoid the ferocious chop of the orcs!

The wooden club and stone hatchet carried the stifling wind sound, heavily smashing against Sheyan's back and head! The two strikes caused Sheyan to lose his stability, his vision darkening as he collapsed down. The wooden club had dealt a full 70 points of damage to him! Furthermore, that stone hatchet had dealt a explosive strike against his head, blood splashing out tragically, as it deducted 124 HP instantly.

Fortunately Reef arrived, releasing his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar'. A formless shockwave reverberated out;throwing thousands of dried leaves into the sky, scattering about. The 3 orcs were caught in this shockwave, the 70% speed deduction caused them to stagger about sluggishly.

Sheyan seized the chance to make a backward roll, swiftly leaving the attack range of the orcs. Roaring loudly, he bent his back and dove against that filthy orc! Tightly clenching his fists, concentrating his strength as he heavily pounded against the orc with severe concussion!

Damage! Crushing damages!!

The nightmare imprint indicated his damage output of 53 + 30 points! Crushing damages were indeed destructive!

Sheyan's powerful 40 points of strength were in full effect, dishing out crushing damages against the poor orc. Even though Sheyan's punches were ordinary, but after his enhancements in strength;the damage dealt in terms of ordinary attacks and crushing damages were not to be trifled with!

The orc bent down in agony, spitting out a mouth of repulsive vomit! But it was no weakling either, retaliating with a punch towards Sheyan's chest! With that sneaky counter attack, it deducted another 60 HP from Sheyan! It was obvious in this 'A' difficulty world setting, Sheyan's innate ability 'Endurance' was not as useful.

But with that one punch, Sheyan's armour suddenly radiated with a blueish brilliance, like electric sparks jolting through. A strange howl suddenly resonated out, a howl similar to a zergling. The blue sparks surged into Sheyan's fists, electrifying them with blue brilliance,

His fist suddenly burst forth in breakneck speed! Then pulling back, and striking again! Pulling back! Striking again!

With his first punch, its speed had obviously increased.

When his second punch released, it already carried an after image,

But the third punch burst forth like an indiscernible formlessness, like a sweeping gale! The destination of the first punch didn't even have time to inflate back up before Sheyan's follow up punches arrived.

Sheyan's armour special ability! 'Zergling Rush' activated!

The next 3 ordinary strikes will receive a speed boost of 100%/200%/300%!!! Every strike will have its damage reduced by 50%!

Yet Sheyan noted that even though his basic strike damage was reduced by 50%,the consecutive crushing damages were exempted from the 50% weakening!! This undoubtedly meant that the crushing damages took precedence over the weakening effect of the equipment.

With a speed boost of 100% on his first strike, his fist moved at a terrifying speed equivalent to 56 points of agility!

His second fist completely overshadowed the first with a tremendous 78 points of agility speed.

The third fist was just unbelievably, 100 points of agility, his fist like the wind!!

The 3 punches were perfectly executed in one breath under 2 seconds! Although his basic damage from the punches were considerably low from the 50% weakening, its crushing damages were completely unaffected! It also negated his opponent's defence! More importantly, one of the crushing damages actually released an explosive strike!

’’Your ordinary punch dealt a total of 25 + 30 (Crushing) = 55 damage to the orc.’’

’’Your ordinary punch dealt a total of 26 + 31 (Crushing) = 57 damage to the orc.’’

’’Your ordinary punch dealt a total of 24 + 56 (Crushing, explosive strike) = 80 damage to the orc.’’

With such frightening explosiveness, its resultant damage almost reached the heights of 'Ambition' !! More crucially, its frequency of outburst was definitely higher than 'Ambition'! Of course, primarily the opponent must have a considerably punitive strength compared to Sheyan for him to deal crushing damages. Next, Sheyan had to first tank the opponent's attack.....

After the third punch, the accumulated might instantly blew the orc off the ground, before Sheyan viciously elbowed across its face. It didn't even have time to mourn painfully, before Sheyan struck again towards its blooded face and protruding eyeballs;finally killing of this orc.

Yet this small victory didn't signify the end of the battle, it was merely the appetizer. After slaying the orc, Sheyan didn't dare to rest as he hastily gulped down two mouthfuls of vodka. He then hurried over to support Reef against the two orcs.

Naturally, using his shield to resist attacks, Reef had a much smoother time with the orcs. A huge portion of the orc's attack would be weakened from the resistance of his silver storyline shield 'Alien Skull'. Moreover, his passive ability 'Rude' would occasionally surface, along with the passive ability of his lightsaber;it effectively guarded and weakened the damage output of the two orcs! Indeed, a professional MT was much more tactful than Sheyan's current beggar state.

(TN: Remember 'Rude' is Reef's rank B+ passive ability that creates AOE damages occasionally, Reef's stats are in Vol 5, ch 43 )

After two minutes, the two orcs slumped over the ground, their corpses still spasming as black blood streamed out, dyeing the scattered dried leaves;the vile essence draining away from them. Sheyan and Reef didn't have a joyous expression on them, only a bitter smile.

One must understand, these orcs were probably one of the most average and weaker creatures existing in this world. Comparing it to the other worlds, they were probably equivalent to an ordinary pirate on board the Bell and Mug. Yet Sheyan and Reef had to unleash their full force to subjugate them, and even wasted so much time. That indicated the frightening prospects of other creatures in this Lord of the Rings world!!!

Reef picked up a dropped white key;casually opening the chest but unexpectedly gasping in shock.

’’The rewards aren't bad. In this ordinary chest, it actually rewards 6,000 utility points!’’

Sheyan instead was pretty aloof as he replied.

’’This things are just the realm trying to tease at our cravings, it is useless in the end. The only possibility is for raising our skills, but it requires the adequate potential points as well. Careful! Yet another batch below!’’

As Sheyan's words faded, 200 metres away below appeared 4 more orcs. Realizing humans ahead, then emitted a queer grunting sounds, charging straight for them like bees.

After Sheyan spoke, Reef was stunned. He suddenly recalled he couldn't bring any utility points, potential points, items nor equipment back. It was like an icy bucket of water poured over him by Sheyan, sighing resentfully.

’’What do we do? I reckon we are still be able to handle 4 orcs.’’

Sheyan pondered momentarily, suddenly suggesting.

’’We will charge down as well. When you arrive at the enemy, immediately unleash your 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', lowering their movement speeds. Then we will escape, it is best we don't conflict. They don't seem to possess any long range attack capabilities, they won't be able to tie us down. After going past them, we will head directly for the valley below. It is best we follow the trail of the mountain stream, this will help us mask our odour and walking trails. If we can't shake them off, then we have to try splitting up to escape.’’

Reef raised his brows curiously.

’’Wait, if we want to flee, why didn't we head upwards before they clash with us? Why must we charge towards them.


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