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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Invasion of check point!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After a series of considerations, Sheyan still felt advancing would be like experiencing nine deaths but still alive, while returning backwards would be 10 deaths without living. Hence, Sheyan hurried back to the pine tree, seizing the uruk-hais hatchet and chopped against the pine trees. After a series of hard work, he managed to craft out a simple wooden ladder he could use to ascend the boulder.

After expending much effort and energy in trekking back and forth in this vile environment;by the time he had settled all these troublesome matters, it was already nighttime. He didn't dare to advance in search of Reef as he laid against a flat stone to rest;popping pine nuts into his mouth to recover some strength.

As he lied down, he started to ponder about the recent peculiarities, even with his capability, felt like he was lost in a tangled mess of complications. Sighing, he recalled that strange rock previously, as he fished it out to examine it again. As he fished it out, he immediately inhaled a deep breath of cold air, completely surprised.

A sliver of glow emerged from the cracks in Sheyan's fingers, it had a tyrannical blazing sensation. In this harsh winter climate, it was an encouraging warmth. Shockingly, it was the insidel of that black rock that was emitting the glow.

Sheyan had never seen this strange object before, its inside was practically like a small world! This object was actually able to emit its own charcoal like glow, it was truly bizarre, a mystery of the earth.

Due to warmth from the illumination, drowsiness slowly invaded him. Dangers were present everywhere here, Sheyan wouldn't permit himself to sleep in this treacherous darkness. Yet the drowsiness continued to assault, it was almost unbearable. His mental and physical state had been utterly worn out.

Fortunately, Sheyan knew certain survival tactics. He quickly carried Melody and climbed up a massive pine tree. Tying her to an enduring branch, he then leaned against the bark within the canopy of the pine tree. Feeling comfortable and warm, he gradually fell asleep. Only a soft glow emitted out from a black rock onto them.


Meanwhile, within the former snowy valley. Massive amounts of orcs had consecutively appeared. These orcs appeared rather thinly weak, their clothes tattered and looked as thin as a match. Shivering amidst the cold winds, they were shouldering huge amounts of firewood. No doubt, they had the lowest status amongst the orcs/uruk-hais.

Those elite uruk-hais that pursued Sheyan previously should be of the highest ranking, and these orcs over here belonged to the lowest, cannon fodder rank. In their eyes contained huge fear, as they trudged on with their load of firewood. It was as though they were fearful of an immense danger ahead.

As they exited the narrow mountain pass of that snow valley, they hated when they caught sight of that desolated pine forest. No amount of lashes and beratement could force them to advance. Even when some were forcefully whipped to death, blood staining the white snow, the rest of the orcs still refused to budge. After a brief moment, hundreds of elite uruk-hais arrived.

These uruk-hais were extremely threatening;their bulging muscles and wolf like savagery portrayed their strength to be close to those uruk-hais that had pursued Sheyan previously. They were currently surrounding and protecting 5 ocean-freaks.

The physique of these 5 ocean-freaks was relatively enormous. The greyish skin on their heads wrinkled up in folds, only a round sinister glow steadily radiated from the eye on their head. It seemed like their mental prowess was exceptionally deep, they had come prepared.

With the appearance of the ocean-freaks, the feeble working orcs instantly trembled violently, such was the extent of their fear. With the 5 ocean-freaks as the core, ripples of spirit energy swerved out, as the orcs involuntarily walked up in a stupor, as they placed countless amounts of firewood at the periphery of the desolated pine forest. After that, they ignited the firewood. The pine forest was originally abundant in natural oil. After the outbreak started by the firewood, the flames continued to flare up to the heavens, casting a crimson red against the night sky.

At this moment, the uruk-hais and ocean-freaks started to retreat back into the snow valley, using animal hide to cover their nostrils. The 5 ocean-freaks then entered into a temporarily dug shelter, a temporary ice cavern;with the uruk-hais heavily guarding the entrance. It was obvious, the ocean-freak had a certain understanding towards the place's oddities.

The blaze of the pine forest was awe-inspiring. Even the snowy peaks could see clumps of dense fumes spiralling up. A queer ashen color floated out from the flames.


Sheyan woke up in awe of the magnificent wildfire.

Although he slept on an uncomfortable tree, it was enough to recover from a huge portion of exhaustion and pain. Sheyan couldn't help but sigh, because he wasn't startled awake by the flames. Instead, it was because of the nightmare imprint.

’’Scanning....: Contestant no.1018 party establishment mission 'Survival' has reached the next relevant checkpoint!’’

’’Warning: Contestant no.1018 party establishment mission 'Survival' has reached the next relevant checkpoint!’’

’’Warning: Your difficulty is raised once again. From now onwards, every equipment on you would be stripped and placed inside your interspatial region of the nightmare imprint! If the nightmare imprint has inadequate space, it will be delivered into your personal room.’’

’’Details: Party establishment mission 'Survival' has several checkpoints. Every time you reach a checkpoint, you will trigger an increased difficulty!!’’

Seeing this string of notifications, apart from sighing, what else could Sheyan say?

At this moment Sheyan finally notice the brightly illuminated scarlet night sky. Also, the abnormality of those flames. His mind was flooding in with numerous notions, immediately aware of an impending huge crisis heading in his direction.

To be able to create such a massive operation within this harsh snowy valley;apart from Saruman's doppelganger and his uruk-hais, there was noone else. The decisive extent of their operation to set ablaze the forest, probably indicated their resolutions towards these few escaped captives!

Thinking of that, Sheyan sighed deeply as he slithered down the tree. Hastily gathering everything he needed, and bringing along that newly crafted wooden ladder, he carried the unconscious Melody and proceeding forward within this rocky ravine. Checking the twilight elf's blessing from his nightmare imprint, he realized that it was bound to expire in a few hours. Hence, he hurriedly proceeded with haste.

As of now, although the orcs had displayed their seriousness through this large scale deforestation, they still had to wait for the fire to subside. Hence, it provided Sheyan with at least several more hours. Following that, they still had to cross over that strange lake filled with those fiendish fish, to be able to truly start tracking down Sheyan.

Regarding the random campsites of the uruk-hais at the other side of the lake, Saruman had probably attempted to explore here before, but suffered a huge setback with no survivors. Hence, traumatized by his previous failure, he would surely enact steady measures to proceed steadily and surely.

However within Sheyan's thought process, he could sense an awfully tremendous mystery. Besides it was simply absurd that Saruman would engage his entire nest of orcs in pursuit for just merely a handful of captives! There was an underlying motivation and unspoken truth to all this, it was just that he couldn't dissect it as of now.

As he pondered, he trekked through the rocky ravine. After losing all his equipment, it was crucial that he maintained his optimal condition. This was in preparation to deal with any dangers after crossing over the gigantic boulder.

On his way, Sheyan consecutively found several other pieces of those round black stones. After breaking them apart, he realized most of these black stones were already rotten, and emitted a rotting stench. Yet two were preserved, liquid trickled out upon opening them yet there wasn't a trace of that cyan colored core.

Very quickly, Sheyan returned to the bottom of that gigantic, dam-like boulder. He knew a certain danger laid ahead, hence he wasn't in a hurry to ascend the boulder. He shut his eyes, as he regulated his breathing to prepare his mind. But when Sheyan was about to climb the boulder, he suddenly popped open his eyes in shock. Because from a distance behind, an appalling dense sound of scraping footsteps tremored in!

’’F***!!’’ Sheyan's pupils shrank. He was like a turtle in a jar with this massive obstructing boulder ahead of him, there was no means of escape! He just couldn't understand what unorthodox method the orcs used, to be able to swiftly traverse through the scorching blaze of the fire, speeding through the lake to arrive here so quickly!

The scraping footsteps became fiercer, distinctly getting closer in a flash. When it was finally several dozens of metres away from Sheyan, he could see certain shadows pushing aside the rocks. Sheyan placed Melody down, as covered her as he braced himself. A killing intent flashed from his eyes, as he abandoned all his complex thoughts;wholeheartedly focusing on his current desperation, his heart still carrying a trace of regretfulness.



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