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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 24


Chapter 24: Abnormality

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

An extra effort to snuffle out an unexpected deviation. This time, the uruk-hais bounded 3 strands of black vines, tying them securely. Then they carried them to return.

The uruk-hai leader had a sullen expression, advancing hastily in huge strides. It was obvious, this mysterious valley hosted a grave hidden threat, this threat had occupied this region for a long time. Even this formidable uruk-hai leader was rendered helpless and carried a severe apprehension, fear feeding his anxiousness.

Before they got caught, they had already penetrated several miles into the pine forest. Although the uruk-hais were physically strong, their speed swiftly declined after carrying the human load while running. When they finally reached the edge of the forest, the 2 uruk-hais were already out of breath;their sweat like a heavy downpour. Their sickening body odour pierced into Sheyan's nose.

But at this very moment, the uruk-hai leader released a howl;a howl filled with fear and panic! The impression of this uruk-hai was that of utter arrogance, unwilling to submit even against death. But yet right now, he was actually howling with horror!

Simultaneously, Sheyan's head turned heavy as he fainted into a semi-conscious state, no longer aware of what was happening around him.

Within his hazy consciousness, Sheyan was back at Siqiao town. Yet he was a stranger here, everyone around him were the ruthless henchmen of Huashan Fei. He begun slaughtering his way through, seeking any familiar face. Yet his strength vanished without a trace.

During the searching process, Sheyan could feel his heart turning increasingly restless, increasingly unbearable. He became terribly thirsty, finally managing to find a glass of water to drink, but shockingly the water combusted into fiery flames! Suddenly, a venomous snake coiled around his neck, choking him mercilessly!

Sheyan clutched the snake with both hands, trying his best to pull it off. Yet his hands couldn't be raised! His throat coughed out choking sounds. It seemed like this venomous snake was toying with him, constantly threatening to sink its fangs in but retracting it instead! But just when Sheyan convinced himself the snake wouldn't bite him, the maroon venomous snake stretched open its mouth, chomping down onto him!!!

In his shock, Sheyan instantly screamed as his eyes slammed open.

The pitch-black sky entered his vision, along with twinkling stars.

A boundless starry night.

No moon.

’’No a single trace of blood nor fire, where did the shabby Siqiao town go?’’

’’Oh it was all a dream, or a mind-blowing hallucination. How real it felt!’’

Sheyan struggled, realizing the ropes were still as sturdy as before. Suddenly, a wave of frenzied delight overwhelmed him - ’’This daddy here is not blind!’’

Though his vision was still blurry, the difference felt like heaven and earth compared to that eternal darkness. After regaining his composure, he finally felt the freezing rigidity of his body. HIs cracked lips coughed out a dried filth.

Sheyan swung his head, struggling as he twitched his body, wrestling against the damned rope vines.

Nearby, the cringing face of the uruk-hai leader had turned stiff. This demonic fella had a queer smile as he laid horizontally on the snow, rigidly dead. His twin hands clutched tightly over his throat, 5 thick fingers lodged deeply into the flesh;his body in shambles, his complexion ghastly purple. It seemed like he had strangled himself to death! Though he had died, his enormous frame still released a threatening aura.

A traumatic fear lingered into Sheyan's heart.

’’If i wasn't tied up, I would've been choked to death by that venomous snake in my dreams;or rather choked to death by myself!’’

After a long while, a violent coughing drifted in from the side. Reef had awoken, beside him laid two uruk-hai corpse. The two uruk-hais had died in each other's arms. No they didn't die from excessive ejaculation, but rather it seemed like they had recently put up a desperate struggle against each other, but ultimately perishing together.

The two glanced at each other speechlessly, yet an elation surged within them. They were terribly baffled, no clue as to what had happened. But no matter what, surviving was an unexpected bliss.

Sheyan kept attempting to free himself from the vines, but to no avail. The vines were tied too tightly, trying to struggle free was simply impossible.

On the other hand, Reef's lightsaber had been activated numerous times, consuming much utility points leaving him with close to nothing left. Helplessly, the wriggled over to scrape against nearby rocks, finally severing the vines after a ridiculously long struggle.

After regaining freedom, Sheyan rushed over to Melody;discovering that her condition had worsened, she was now completely unconscious. Fortunately, her clothes were intact, no vestiges of being violated. Reef took the chance to rummage through the uruk-hai corpses, what he found was hopeless....

Locating a bamboo tube on their waist, Reef hurriedly drank a mouthful before immediately spitting it out. The drink was practically blood, it emitted an awful fishy stench.

Perhaps the drink was like fine wine to the uruk-hais;but to Sheyan and Reef, not instantly fainting from being poisoned was already a thankful matter.

Water was no issue, stuffing random snowflakes into their mouths was adequate, besides there was still a lake previously. Yet the problem was the uruk-hai's food, which was essentially raw meat biscuit. The raw meat still had feathers, fur on it. Both Reef and Sheyan had completely no appetite for such food, if not necessary, they wouldn't eat it at all cost.

The two discussed for a moment, two options were plausible now.

One was to head back towards the direction of the avalanche.

The next was to return into the forest, swimming across the lake and advancing forward. After a short debate, they decided to return to the lake.

The first option was to return to a land of ice and snow;even if they didn't freeze to death, they would die from hunger. Besides, there was a high probability of encountering more uruk-hais. For them who were still unfamiliar with the mountain, death was a given. Instead by continuing ahead, although an unknown dreadful and mysterious force laid ahead, they could probably live longer.

Borrowing the glittering illumination from the sky, Sheyan carried the elf maiden and advanced with Reef leading the way. After a long walk, they returned to the edge of the lake. It was night time, the pine forest was a deserted ghostland. A strange prickling sensation could be felt, as though something in the darkness was constantly spying on them.

When they reached the lake, both of them were terribly exhausted. Without food to replenish their energy to cross over the lake, they leaned against the pine trees to rest for a while.

After a while later, their thirst was too strong as they knelt beside the lake. The icy cold water turned warm in their mouths, finally quenching their thirst. Trembling in cold, they gathered several pine cones and pine wood, startin up a bonfire;as they warmed themselves beside the flames.

’’Pu chi!’’ Suddenly a sound splashed from the lake, rocking their hearts. They remained motionless around the fire, the pupils tilting towards the lake. A path of shadow shuttled amidst the water with astonishing speed. Though the moon was nonexistent, the starlight was resplendent;casting a dazzling silver along the surface of the lake, a remarkable serenity. Now, it seems like fish had delivered themselves to satisfy their hunger.

Sheyan pondered for a moment before understanding;the reason the fish were aroused, was probably due to the bonfire. Just like how bugs and little insects were attracted by light, the fish were the same. Sheyan had grown up by the sea, he was naturally extremely adept and clear in utilizing light to lure and catch fish.

Naturally with his abundant experience in fishing, Sheyan wouldn't pass this responsibility to others. Crouching while gesturing silently, he slowly edged his way towards the fringe of the lake. Even without making a single sound, the ripples in the glittering silver lake had become more violent. One could tell how agitated the fish were.

The bonfire blazed on, occasionally producing cracking sounds from the burning twigs. Apart from the movement of water, the area was completely still. Sheyan crouched silently by the edge, his breathing becoming lighter and lighter;his body seemed to be turning into a stone carving.

Without supplying firewood, the bonfire gradually extinguished. Deep red embers remained glowing under the dark sky, floating and drifting away with the blowing wind. Suddenly, the water splashed. That cunning fish could tolerate no longer, leaping out of the silvery crystalline water, throwing itself in the direction of that bonfire.

Sheyan immediately pounced forward ferociously. The lake was the epitome of cold. As Sheyan touched the water, it was like sinking into an ice hole during the winter solstice. Even his white breath instantly condensed, his teeth chattering profusely without restraint, producing clear shivering collisions.


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