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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Strength of 40 points!

TRanslated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’Live, try your best to survive, hold on until you no longer can...’’

Sheyan and Reef carefully scrolled through the mission contents, coming to terms with the cruel reality.

After seeing the setting evaluated as 'A' difficulty, Sheyan instantly recalled the Starship Trooper world. That difficulty 'B+' side mission 'Eradication of Spore Colonies' had already tortured his entire group, causing them to hover between life and death;yet it only satisfied the basic completion requirements. Yet for this party establishment mission 'Survival', it had an unknown evaluation, and the world's setting was devastating! It was a 'A' (Nightmare) difficulty!

This concept solely signified that the entire setting was two categories harsher than the previous demanding side mission! It could also imply that Sheyan may have to face enemies that were two categories superior to the Blade Empress's forces! Thinking of this, Sheyan could feel a chill creeping up his back as he pitifully sighed.

After an investigation of his imprint, Sheyan discovered those arachnid larvas he purchased couldn't be used here. Of course this was to be expected. If they could simply ride on a arachnid overlord, easily traversing hundreds of kilometre;then the mission difficulty would surely be easier.

’’Oh shit!’’ Reef couldn't help cursing. ’’The setting difficulty has reached 'A'! What kind of damned grading is this? When I previously cut into the Pirates of the Caribbean world, its setting difficulty was only 'D+'! There were at most several Decaying undeads only.’’

After hearing that, Sheyan felt a strange inkling.

’’The world you experienced, could it be that history storyline of the Pirate of the Caribbean world 'Destruction of Paragon Fleet'?’’

Reef nodded.

’’That's correct. That time with great difficulty, someone in my party managed to trigger that mission. Why? You also experienced that plot?’’

Sheyan gasped and reply.

’’Did you perhaps encountered another party then? That party had a core member, a female called Zi.’’

Reef was astonished.

’’How did you know? That was our second time colliding with their Illume union. Our both sides were at loggerheads. Beside it was a naval warfare, and we merely clashed in long distance, there was why the number 1 contributor accolade for that battle was snatched by them. Hais, if only we had achieved that reward then, perhaps things may not have went down the drain.......’’

Reef sighed as he spoke, reminiscing about his past. He suddenly noticed Sheyan's expression and asked.


Sheyan had an awkward look as he stammered.

’’Actually, what you said reminded me. That number 1 contributor for the battle was....was actually me.’’

Reef immediately shook his head violently.


Sheyan didn't know whether to cry our laugh.

’’It's true. Why would I lie to you?’’

Reef shook his head, earnestly replying.

’’Seaman, although I admit you're a formidable guy, but it's not that I belittle you. That time, the Illume union for some unknown reason, seemed to have assembled their full forces for that historic storyline battle. Based on your previous strength, It is impossible to have gotten number 1.’’

Sheyan shook his head gently.

’’Based on what you said, then the Illume union summoning their full might may not be for that historic storyline battle! It is actually to accomplish a huge historic event for the main storyline of the Pirates of the Caribbean world - 'Davy Jones disgrace'. Therefore.....their powerful members did not even step in.’’

Following that, Sheyan's next sentence immediately silenced Reef's doubts.

’’'I shaped metal dissolution liquid mixture', you guys aimed for that right?’’

This time, Reef finally believed him. He released a long sigh as he shook his head bitterly.

’’It looks like it is fate indeed, I never would've're actually this strong!’’

Sheyan smiled reluctantly.

’’It was just luck.’’

Reef shook his head, he suddenly inquired.

’’What is your strength now? Even after enhancement of medicine buff?’’

Sheyan counted.

’’29 points.’’

Reef nodded, suddenly triggering a trade request. He directly transferred that dark gold grade necklace 'Smith's Matrix Microchip' to Sheyan;when Sheyan wanted to transfer his 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' over, it was rejected by Reef. Sheyan asked curiously.

’’What's this about?’’

Reef remained silent for a while before answering.

’’I cannot equip this necklace, it is idling with me, but you can definitely exploit its greatest potential. As for that insanely domineering 'Monstrous Fighting spirit', if I wear it, I will breakthrough to the disgusting threshold.....but that problem is, I do not possess the qualifications now to possess such a tyrannical might!’’

(TN: Remember necklace usage requirements was either all attributes above 15 points, or military rank above private first class. Reef cannot equip because his rank is a reserve-duty one, not that his rank is low.)

Sheyan stared into his eyes, his voice immensely profound.

’’You cannot avoid it forever. One day, you'll definitely have to face it!’’

Reef agonizingly shut his eyes, pausing a moment before replying.

’’But it's not now, really.’’

Sheyan sighed, he no longer forced him. When Sheyan put on that Dark gold necklace, his attributes soared to a terrifying state. If one considered him to be an outstanding close combatant, then the only phrase that could describe him was - Freak!

At present, if Sheyan were to maximize his strength;by activating the necklace's ability 'Format', consuming a gene blended mix of 'Bear + Eagle', then his strength would reach a domineering 40 points! His agility would be 23 points, his physique 35 points! Moreover he had a 15% damage bonus. With such an impressive might, it already surpassed the Mountain Troll, even Venter would be considered a dreg to him.

However, the reason Sheyan could attain such an impressive attribute, was because he was holding onto that Dark gold necklace. For a Dark Gold grade equipment, under normal circumstances, it should not even be in Sheyan's possession. But think about how Reef acquired it? His grand 40 men strong party had been sacrificed, leaving him as the lone survival with that accessory! Did Sheyan have 40 members to go through water and thread of fire with? Even if he had an incredibly ingenious mind, maybe he could perhaps work with a quarter of the total force. But where was Sheyan going to find 10 others who were willing to die and sacrifice for him?

Suddenly, the winds carried a noisy commotion. The sound was extremely peculiar, it was like the grunting sounds of a human throat, or the muffled roars of a wild beast. The two of them glanced at each other, instantly hiding themselves behind a metasequoia tree. After a brief pause, 3 human like creatures approached closely.

These people appeared filthy, their lead colored skin were covered with excrescence warty bumps;their clothes were ragged or bluntly putting, it was hide. Their foreheads shrunk in, with protruding mouths, their tiny eyes glinted with viciousness. Their height were close to that of a human bending their waist over, the tallest one was as tall as a human. They had messy hair, corpse like skin, long arms and was hunchback and slightly lame. From their injuries, one could tell they had black blood. The weapons in their hands were somewhat unsophisticated, wooden club, hatchet and so on.

Currently even without an insight ability, Sheyan was in possession of that helmet with a 'Pulse detector' ability. He carefully placed it on, trying his best to conceal himself as he utilized its ability.

After a covert flashing scan, Sheyan received details on those creatures. They were orcs! Instead, the other information provided were all '? ? ?'. Causing Sheyan's heart to wrench, the 3 orcs seemed to have felt something and halted their steps. Their tiny vicious eyes searching far and wide. Currently, Sheyan wanted to curse out loud. He had 25 points perceptive sensing, yet he only used a probing device from far and was actually discovered. This only meant one thing - those orcs had a perceptive sensing that was close to 25 points!!

Reef suddenly transmitted a message to him.

’’They do not have any bows, it shouldn't be the creature that shot that arrow. Attack?’’

Witnessing these 3 orcs slowly approaching, increasing their cautiousness as they did so, trying to sneak away was impossible. Sheyan nodded as he replied.


He instantly pulled out 'Ambition' and leapt out! In this desolate 'A' difficulty world, Sheyan didn't dare to withhold anything! Upon seeing Sheyan, the 3 orcs grunted oppressively, charging forward with their mucus dripping.

Sheyan sprinted down;when there was a 5 metre gap, his legs bent and suddenly kicked off the ground!

With his mighty 40 points of strength, the ground beneath him exploded with mid. His entire body soared through the air, kicking heavily against the first orc's chest. ’’Crack!’’ A dull crunch emitted from its chest as it depressed down slightly, before lifting from the impact and crashing against a fir tree 5 metres behind. Blood frothed out from its mouth, evaporating into blood mist due to the cold air.

The kick looked devastating, but it only dealt basic strength damages. The orc coughed and grunted, crawling back up as it roared furiously. This time, its other two compatriots had raised their wooden club and hatchet, wildly rushing in. Sheyan panted slightly, raising 'Ambition' in his right hand.

Taking aim,


The crackling gunfire of the caribbean sea echoed through the chilling atmosphere of the Misty Mountains. A lethal lead bullet mercilessly tore through the skin of a orc's forehead, its foul blood bursting forth, revealing the eerie skull to the cold! The fearsome might of the gunshot startled the orc into retreat, clutching its head as it painfully grunted.


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