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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17: Violent fighting

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The stubby orc bared its repulsive teeth, its fingers rough and short but enough to mobilize the knife nimbly;slicing it up and down. Bloodied rough skin rolled up against the blade in strips, not sparing a single inch. Occasionally, it insatiably licked the bloodied knife blade, looking like a gourmet chef.

It was obvious this orc was an expert, the disturbing despairing cries failed to influence him. 10 minutes later, the captive reduced to a grotesque flesh demon, trembling incessantly! Yet the fearsome thing was the potency of the 'Mucus of the Ocean-freak Moria' was in full effect, his life was fully preserved!

An orc by the side diligently gathered the blood dripping skin, while drooling with desire. He placed the skin inside one of the stone basins. The fragments of skin were then abandoned by the side, fluttering along with the dried human skin amidst the wind. After gathering flayed skin, and dumping everything into the stone basin;the orc tossed a spark into the basin. The basin rumbled and a billowing flame erupted up ferociously.

A massive fiery pillar formed against the white winter, spiraling up and skyrocketing into the sky. An unfathomable odor filled their noses, the fragrance of boiling blood, an encaustic and piercing fragrance;seeping deep into one's organs.

Several orcs then lifted up the skinless captive, flinging him right into the icy abyss! The mournful shrills dragged on for a tragically long period, constantly echoing against the 4 corners of the icy mountains, finally fading gradually after a long while.

The remaining captives were instantly shaken by such a vile fate. Although some had been experienced hunters, they could not guess the intentions behind this cruel actions. The only thing they were certain of was, they would be the same calamitous fate!! They frenziedly struggled, yet the Black Moody Whip tightly constricted down their hopes!!

Time sped by, captives after captives were dragged onto the stage. The sorrowful wails pierced deeper than the knife into the flesh. Skin continued to fuel the fiery pillar. Elves were no exception to this monstrosity. Hearing her compatriots terrified cries, and repeated grotesque fate, the fear in Melody's eyes slowly receded;unyielding resolution replaced it.

Although her face maintained a horrified expression, a faint greenish glow radiated from her bound hands, repeatedly wrestling against the black rope. The glow stubbornly flickered, probably a special ability of a twilight elf. The unique characteristics of the Black Moody whip was unable to seal her ability completely. It was obvious, Melody had made a resolution. No matter what price she paid, she will definitely escape from the cruel fate of being flayed alive and tossed into the bottomless abyss of ice!

After 4 captives were settled, the stubby orc felt sore in his arm. To carve out a person's skin completely and yet preserve his life, it was definitely a physically and mentally draining matter. The orc sat down, greedily sampling the accumulated blood pool over the stage. His eyes suddenly shifted to Melody's body, gradually releasing a lewd and demonic gaze.

Looking at their current actions;it was obvious the reason the orcs provided preferential treatment to the captives beforehand, was to maintain their optimal conditions till now. Their goal was for them to remain alive after they had been flayed!! No one knew their underlying motives. But because of that, they hadn't dared to violate Melody. This was because of the elves ability to offer themselves back to nature, transforming into a seed of nature.

But these orcs knew now, the abilities of the elves were being completely suppressed by the binding black Moody Whip. When the elf maiden, Melody, was being tied up, the orc tying her was probably a sadist, purposely allowing her plump jewel curves to protrude out. The short orc licked against his thick lips, a distinct bump appearing at the crotch.

The orc stood up, kneading restlessly against the distinctly swollen bump at its crotch, its gaze falling over the Melody as it walked towards her. Melody's face turned pale, but her expression remained haughty and indifferent. Her lips tightened. Instead, the green spots of flow had started to congregate against her tightly bound hands.

Sheyan, who had been observing all this, was already storing his power and waiting! As compared to the other captives, Sheyan held a huge advantage with his incredible 37 points of strength. In this world difficulty of 'A', it could be considered as a good figure. Over their entire journey, Sheyan had been assiduously struggling. Although his wrist had been slightly injured by the friction, the black vines over him had been loosened up. He even had a small freedom of space to move his hands.

As the orc approached Melody, Sheyan's muscles instantly tightened, bursting forth with an explosive might through his wrist! The strips of black vines instantly ripped into 3-4 strips and scattered to the ground. The black vines were like a dying snake, coiling up in rounds on the ground. This sudden outburst was something everyone hadn't anticipated, of course except Reef who was well aware of Sheyan's actions.

Sheyan kicked off with both legs, propelling himself forward! The snow shoved out in all sides by his kick. Yet his target was not that vile stubby orc, it was actually the ocean-freak nearby!

The reason was simple. He was already rather familiar with the strength of an orc, but had never engaged an ocean-freak before. It was hard to imagine that short and slippery octopus tentacle dealing any physical damage;hence, most likely it dealt magical attacks. From the looks of its grey and fat head, it seemed like it would be rather lacking defense wise. Moreover, once he assaulted the ocean-freak;no matter how block-headed that stubby orc was, he couldn't possibly continue his advances against Melody.

Without a doubt, Sheyan's surprise attack was successful. A metallic shimmer flashed over his fist, tightly clenched as he swept it out swiftly, producing a stifling oppression. His target was the huge greyish head of the nearby ocean-freak. Yet although the ocean-freak hadn't anticipated a sudden assault, its sole gigantic eye was completely devoid of blind spots!

A blinding neon flashed in its eyes as it observed Sheyan's fist that was about to smash in. Then a black laser glow shot out!

The laser pierced straight into Sheyan's chest, emitting black fumes from it. Sheyan could feel a burning pain against his chest, his flesh rotting out. A deathly ash black luster enveloped his body. The nightmare imprint instantly reflected out.

’’You've been struck by a 'Spirit Ray'. After factoring defense, you receive 127 points of damage. Attack type is spirit element, your innate ability 'Endurance' is ineffective.’’

’’You receive a nasty curse 'Weakened', your attack powers reduced by 15%.’’

’’F***! It is indeed the type I hate the most!’’ Sheyan gritted his teeth.

Still, his unavoidable fist smashed into the ocean-freak's head!

The firm fist rattled against the soft head texture! 49! 25!Two glaring damage figures appeared by his imprint, the first belonged to his basic damage, the second was his crushing damage dealt! Thick greyish mucus secreted out from its convulsing and waving tentacles, splattering against Sheyan with electrifying intensity. Burn marks appeared on his body, but Sheyan maintained his iron expression. Unyielding, he released another vicious punch, smashing it straight into the ocean-freak's eyeball.

’’Pfff! Pfff!’’ a consecutive stuffy sound resounded, like grapes being forcefully squeezed. Sheyan's vicious fist directly collided against the twin pupils of the ocean-freak;black, white and blended red exploded out, mucus flowing down constantly, dripping onto the icy ground. Immediately coagulating into a frozen chunk under the extreme low temperature.

After its eyes suffered such brutal explosion, the ocean-freak had undoubtedly lost its strongest asset. It wrestled frantically, tentacles swerving chaotically, trying its best to swing its head around to prevent further damage to its eyes. But how could Sheyan allow it that opportunity? His eyes flashed with cold hearted ruthlessness, ignoring the two fuming orcs who were charging in. His hand drew back, once again heavily pounding in!


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