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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Wizard tower!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The sunlight beat down ferociously. Yet in this harsh winter, the temperature remained rock-bottom. The ice and snow had no intentions of melting, releasing a crunchy sound when feet trampled over them. A line of movement headed expectedly towards the wizard tower, still emitting the same malevolent aura.

When Sheyan finally saw it closely with his naked eyes, this structure should not be be hailed as a wizard tower. The largest portion of this structure was constructed with deep black foundation rocks, revealing the stark solidarity of this structure. Chisel marks covered the periphery, possessing a faintly crude firmness.

Yet because of that fact, it could be hailed as a grand fort or a magnificent stronghold, but definitely without any relation to wizardry. Silver threads of cracks joint each other allaying the roof;its calcite composition conducted sorcery, protective seals carved out against the granite, partitioning the different energy regions. It was obvious, only the roof could lay claim to the description of wizard tower.

Thinking with their feet, one could tell. Most likely this tower was constructed by the orcs under the command of Saruman's doppelganger. Being able to construct in this manner, they had already done their best, it was impossible to ask more of them. When Sheyan arrived at the tower entrance, a massively burly uruk-hai strided out from inside. His face sinister and fierce, carrying a gigantic bow slung across his back. The bow looked rather gruff;yet no matter the bow string or the bow arm, a layer of waterlike glow streamed around it. Obviously, this was no ordinary weapon.

The rest of the uruk-hais saluted in fear, making way to the side. The massive uruk-hai observed Sheyan and asked.

’’Who's this?’’

Chief jailer Greckelor walked out. His voice muffled and held back, one could sense the desires beneath his tone.

’’Your excellency Lurtz, the majestic god has arranged for him.’’

(TN: Lurtz is the first ringleader of the uruk-hai scouts)

Hearing the name Lurtz, Sheyan's heart jolted with an electrified notion.

’’This actually Lurtz?’’

In the movie, the fellowship had a core member called Boromir, this prince of Gondor was slayed under the frightening arrow skills of this uruk-hai. Even the elvish prince, Legolas, was hindered by him. His strength and skills were one of a kind. Looking at his status now, it seemed like he was extremely important to Saruman's doppelganger.

Lurtz coldly replied.

’’Wait here.’’

After speaking, he turned and left. After a brief pause, he walked out signaling for Sheyan to follow him. It was obvious this uruk-hai had a superior intellect to other orcs, outstandingly smooth with the common language of Middle-earth.

From outside, the wizard tower didn't look very big, yet its interior wasn't small. Sheyan followed Lurtz as they advanced. Repeatedly ascending to the next level, doors after doors;in a flash, everything was captured inside his memory. He would then dwell on this in the future.

Their final destination was a laboratory polluted by a piercing pungent stench. An enormous oaken table was set up nicely with test tubes, various other heating catalyst, a crystal ball, and several types of spirit lamps. The walls were vividly constructed by thick stone and metal alloys, a network of protective arcane energies layered over it. The internal walls were even fortified with various elements, indicating the frequency of accidents occurring here. Of course, Sheyan didn't recognize certain magic apparatus and items.

Saruman's doppelganger was currently in deep thought while seated on a stool. The apparatus in front of him had been shattered. Sheyan was familiar with it, it was the same glass fragments of that 'Curse-mix' he threw out to scare the bunch of orcs. This powerful wizard raised his head, Sheyan could feel his glare like an incisive dagger, threatening to slice through his organs. It was obvious the huge disparity of power between the two.

Don't even mention Saruman's doppelganger, perhaps Lurtz could silence Sheyan with barely a single arrow. In Sheyan's prior calculation, even if he was Reef, the extreme limit he could face should be that chief jailer, Greckelor;and this was in a one against one situation. Fortunately, Sheyan entered this world with the aspiration of not slaying or doing battle, it was merely to drag out their period of stay, and survive.

But more crucially, Sheyan's biggest encouragement was that he could choose to return to the nightmare realm at anytime. From hindsight, he could tell the doppelgangers current mood. Adding on his vicious and merciless nature, if his farce with the 'Rank 6 Black Art mix technique' was revealed, there was a 30 - 40 % probability of instant annihilation on the spot! Fortunately he had the protective charm of returning to the realm. Since he did not have to shoulder the burden of death, naturally he would gladly gamble. Even if he did lose, there was still Reef to buy more time for them.

Saruman's doppelganger didn't bother turning to observe Lurtz leading Sheyan in. He continued to sit quietly on his stool.

’’My slave said he discovered an interesting matter, and had adequate evidence to prove he isn't lying.’’

Speaking till here, the aged Saruman doppelganger slowly raised his hunchbacked body. Coughing several times, his eyes continued to glare at the shattered glass shards on the table.

’’I originally didn't believe him, hence Mr Greckelor had to endure 3 lashes of the whip in vain. But under his bitter endurance, I didn't miss out on this interesting specimen..... Or evidence? For now, I will bestow a reward for Mr Greckelor's loyalty and shrewdness. Please answer some of my questions now. If you dare to lie or your answers are unsatisfactory, then prepare to suffer the fate of a memory scour spell.’’

’’This supreme magic spell can perfectly extract most of your memories. But there are two side effects. The first is that your brain will feel more dense then red wine gravy, and the second is that you will experience excruciating, unbearable agony during the process. You have 10 seconds to think about my suggestion. Lurtz, reward Mr Greckelor with a mug of Orc drought, and 25 kilograms of meat, the bloodied kind.’’

Sheyan hobbled towards the table. Lurtz vicious vision tightened. Yet Sheyan unhurriedly picked up a glass shard, as he prostrated himself before Saruman's doppelganger.

’’My respects, grand lord wizard. I am an advanced alchemist assistant, Seaman. My master has been researching on biological weapons since years ago. All along he believed that the strongest weapon isn't forged, but something similar to a body possessing a self-restoration ability. Hence, he concentrated his research in this direction, and gained certain small insights. I am merely a disciple that inherited a small portion of his legacy.’’

’’In view that I had a deeper understanding and knowledge compared to these orcs, nimble arms and a clearer mind, abundant experiences in this field, and more effective and efficient work rate;hence, I have grounds to request for delicious food, cleaner residence and certain finite privileges.’’

’’Ho, please refrain from using that expression against me, my lord wizard. I'm just a lowly man blessed with a critical mind. This is just an essential weapon an outstanding alchemy assistant would bring along. It seems like Mr Lurtz is a little moody;there are many reasons why a human's emotions are unstable, but for a uruk-hai, it must be because his master berated him. Hmm....from this perspective....and the numerous clues here, there seems to be loads of dirty and uncleaned apparatus. Looks like your current assistant is not competent. Of course, the reason I can stand boldly in front of you, is because of a phrase - A wise and quick-witted alchemy assistant would be welcomed anywhere.’’

Saruman's doppelganger replied with a chilling voice.

’’If your talents are even half of your sweet lips, then I can very well guarantee satisfaction for your previous two requests. But first you have to tell me, who is your master?’’

’’Pardon me.’’ Sheyan shrugged his shoulders. ’’I'm not permitted to mention his name. If not my oath would backlash against me, my brains would explode in a split second;it would be worse if it went through a memory scour. Believe me, Lord Wizard. A living Seaman is more useful than a dead one.’’

Saruman's doppelganger was all along a wily old fox. He only listened to half of Sheyan's flowery speech, and within this half, he only believed another half. However, the reason Sheyan had schemed deliberately for a chance to enter the Wizard tower, he hadn't placed his full confidence on just mere speech to move Saruman. After all, most intelligent people in the world believed their eyes more than their ears.

As Sheyan was about to retrieve a 'Blended mix' of bear and fox to gain the trust of Saruman's doppelganger, he suddenly caught sight of two orcs carrying a dead Snow bear in;leaving a trickle of blood trail. His eyes flickered, instantly calling out to the two orcs.

’’What are you two doing? Why haven't you covered the wound of the Snow bear? Once it loses excessive blood, it will cease from being a quality concoction material!’’

The orcs really had a half-witted brain, instantly falling into a daze upon Sheyan's words. Then their hands broke into a panic frenzy, as they placed the Snow bear down to try and patch up its wound. Sheyan yelled out.

’’Forget it, fetch me that blade and pincers by the side.’’


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