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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Your elder brother has no choice but to profane!

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

In truth, amongst the elves in the Lord of the Ring world;those who hailed from the grand Kingdom Valinor of the undying lands, were the most noble, they were known as 'elves of the light'. This was because they immersed inside the radiance of the divine tree in the undying lands. These elves were exceedingly rare and powerful, not even known in the movies. The undying lands were akin to the divine kingdom of the elves, only known to be infinitely far from Middle-earth.

Other elves are considered dark elves, including Silvan elves, Lindar elves, even Eldar elves and Avari elves. Yet there were a small minority of elves who had seen the divine Tree in the undying lands before. These elves were either elves who randomly drifted and chance upon it, or reincarnated in Middle-earth. They were known as 'grey elves' who were neither of the dark nor the light. Although they were similarly considered under the dark elves category, due to the fact grey elves had seen the divine Tree before, they were more noble than standard night elves. Actually their official term wasn't grey elves, but were actually hailed as the elves of the twilight.’’

In the eyes of every dark elf, an elf of the twilight was like a leader who could lead them into the holy land of Valinor. In extremely rare cases, a grey elf would suddenly awakened its memories of the previous generations, thereby advancing to become an elf of the twilight. Which was what Melody was experiencing.

Being aggressively berated by the pack of elves, Sheyan instantly imploded indignantly.

’’'Your mother, what filthy human? Which part of me is dirty?’’

’’I hadn't even said anything about you bullying this little elf sister, brother here had to pull some tricks to protect her. You actually dare say I'm profaning her??’’

’’More importantly, do you have eyes? It was she who leaned in herself!’’

After listening to these elves vehement hurls of insults at him, Sheyan knew he definitely wouldn't be able to contend in a debate against so many elves. But.....Sheyan wasn't one that could normally tolerate being wronged. His furious spirit raged within him, seething deeply up his gall.

’’F*** your mum. This brother here was purely acting out of goodwill. I hadn't even moved on her, you guys that to malign me???’’

’’What remove your filthy carcass from profaning her?’’

’’F***, today I have no choice but to f***king profane!!!!’’

With a fiery ball of rage consuming his mind, his furious instincts had taken over. His right hand had started to explore around the elf maiden's chest without restraint, then tracing up those alluring curves directly ascending the peak!

After he pressed in, Sheyan felt a melting warmth and flexible sensation, employing more force as his strength rippled back from the abundant elasticity. He couldn't help swallowing his saliva lecherously. The murderous howls of the elves rocketed into Sheyan's ears, ultimately consoling his retaliation.

’’Hmph, this is called profaning, understand? So what if I profane?’’

At this moment, he suddenly felt the woven straw vines around her chest becoming more and more of a hindrance. He so much wanted to rip it apart and fiddle with the two under ripped softness. His breathing turned heavier, an incredible impulse urging him to use both hands to earnestly toy and fiddle against it.

Yet Melody appeared as though she was completely oblivious to Sheyan's grave crimes, she did not have the usual shameful reaction of an ordinary young lady, completely did not look like a victim. She did not even contain any notion of resisting, much less caring about her own elves;continue to lean against Sheyan's chest and enjoy the sunlight.

Her hair floated loftily against the sunlight, producing speckles of shining glow. It appeared like a dream or fantasy, everything around it was surreal.

The furious roars of the elves outside the prison cell was more than just anger. They rattled violently against the iron balls, the roars turned into desperate howls. It was like watching their ancestral tomb being dug out.

At this moment, the elf maiden suddenly halted her singer, sweeping her gaze towards her fellow elves. She then swung suspiciously towards Sheyan, finally glancing down at the demonic palm pressing her chest. Her expression was filled with curiosity of what the chaotic bickering was about. Then she very calmly returned to her chorus of hymns.

But for some unknown reason, when Melody shot a composed look into Sheyan's eyes, it was like being cleansed by that serene gaze. His heaty impulses suddenly died down. Even though the elf maiden hadn't offer any resistance, Sheyan obediently withdrew his hand.

At this moment, the outside elves seem to have caught on. Although they were furious, they weren't unreasonable. The fact was that it was impossible for an elf maiden to be so calm after suffering such violation and insult, unless she was willing.

This was also what they were extremely unwilling to see. To them, their inherent nature caused them to feel like a superior race over the humans. Only those extremely valiant, distinguished heroes with noble bloodline can receive the acknowledgement of the elves, and be a suitable companion. Under normal circumstances, if an ordinary human and an elf wanted to date, they would incur the abandonment and expulsion of both sides!

Yet shockingly this usually unnoticeable elf maiden, Melody, was actually performing the tune of the 'Twilight Harmony' right beneath the faint glare of the sun, and in this sullied and filthy environment;it was like crying out for mother nature's resonance! This anchored her current status firmly as an esteemed worshipped individual.....but it resulted in a terribly awkward fate, something unprecedented that had never surface before.

If a twilight elf and a human were to fall in love, what would happen?

Expel her? No, that wasn't possible. This was the first appearance of a twilight elf in over 317 years in Rivendell!

Accept her? That tacitly approved one thing, that was a lowly wretched human could blaspheme an elf, not just an elf but a twilight elf!! Just this thought itself could cause the elves to go berserk! This dilemma was the worst case scenario for those elves. They sighed in misery, even the few elders were silently shaking their heads;repeatedly gazing at this nature goddess for an oracle guidance.

The Twilight Harmony sounded long, but also sounded short. As its name sake harmony implies, it completely resonated in perfect harmony resonance with mother nature. It was like the cries of a new infant, the clamour of a crashing wave, the thunderous crackle in the night sky! When Melody finally shut her little mouth, her voice still lingered on. Treads of melodious harmony scattered about, swirling within their ears.

After singing, Melody continued to lay comfortably in Sheyan's embrace. She glared upwards at him, as though warning him to stay motionlessly as a pillow. Then she reached out to the bucket by the side, scooping up a ladle of water. Yet it was exceedingly hard to praise the quality of the water contents;it was slightly murky, and rotten leaves revolved around the it. This wasn't the orc's pee, but those crude and dirty orcs similarly drank such water......

Elves who were naturally clean normally kept their own dew for hydration, they wouldn't even carelessly drink from springs. Don't even mention drinking, even touching it was considered disgusting by Melody as she instantly gave up on it. Upon seeing her frown, Sheyan instantly stretched out his hands as he retrieved his own water supplies from the nightmare imprint. Of course, the water was certainly disguised as part of this world.

Melody suspiciously examined Sheyan's hand, she asked curiously.

’’How did you do that?’’

Sheyan laughed, caressing her hair like how a big brother would pamper his sister.

’’Good girl, hurry up and drink.’’

Melody gracefully allowed the water to flow smoothly down her throat. Then passing it back to Sheyan with a grateful expression.

’’You want to drink? You really like my chest right?’’

Sheyan was about to drink, but after hearing the last phrase, he instantly choked on the water. Wiping away the spills, he bitterly smiled.

’’That was an accident, a slight carelessness.’’

Completely unaffected, Melody swayed her slender fingers in mid air, as though feeling up the sunshine. Her skin was slightly transparent under the sunlight, as delicate as a porcelain. Using a conceited tone, she replied.

’’You are the protector I've decided on, so I wouldn't mind whatever you want to do.’’

The elves instantly had a headache upon hearing that. Elder Chauwin yelled out from outside the cell.

’’O Noble twilight elf! You cannot take this lowly man of Gondor as protector. This man of Gondor even has black hair! 3000 years till now, not a single royalty of Gondor has black hair. We cannot accept such a mediocre black haired man to be your protector.’’

Melody didn't even bother turning to face him to answer.

’’Right, just 6 minutes ago, my beloved fellow elf pushed me away from the warmth. Yet a mediocre black haired man allowed me to bask in the sunlight. Your rejection is pointless to me, it is utterly useless. He is mine, and I am his.’’

Sheyan was shocked, wanting to smile;but not because he was overwhelmed with favor and elation, but more of amusement as this absurdity. Fortunately at this time, a group of uruk-hais suddenly marched in, their eyes beaming with scarlet glows. They forcefully ushered the elves back to their cells, the chief jailer Greckelor slowly approached in. His face filled with honest cruelty and unyielding cunningness as he pointed towards Sheyan and stammered.

’’It's him.’’

Two uruk-hais waved their hands, walking into the cell and dragged Sheyan out. Melody stared on with a sunken expression;as a newly awakened twilight elf, she had to first go through training and tempering before being able to unleash her abilities. If not right now her only advantage was a slightly strengthened body. Sheyan glanced slyly towards Reef and lightly shook his head, sneakily offering him a thumbs up. A slight curve of his lips as he obediently followed the uruk-hai out.

As expected by Sheyan after he was escorted out of the prison. The inner ring was relatively loose as compared to the heavily fortified outer ring. Perhaps, not even a house fly could escape. When Sheyan strutted out of the prison, he leaked out a cunning sneer upon seeing where these uruk-hais were bringing him to.

’’So it is there indeed. Looks like the bait I cast out has been hooked.’’


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