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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Elf of the twilight

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The chief jailer, Greckelor, attempted to put on an imposing manner.

’’Wine cup, mine. Elf woman, yours.’’

Seyan scoffed in silence, turning around stubbornly as he poured the contents in the wine cup into his mouth. Greckelor's eyes flushed with despair, shaking with iron bars and furiously yelled.

’’Drink! No!!! Wait!’’

Finally, Sheyan successfully reached an agreement with the orcs using hand gestures. For the price of 9 cups of 'Endless Spirited Vodka' and freeing them from their curse, the elf Melody would be transferred to their cell. Yes, Sheyan managed to trick them and gave only 9 cups.

Still, the chief jailer, Greckelor, was extremely concerned with his superior's orders;emphasizing that the elf maiden had to be willing, preventing her from committing suicide. Although as males of the same kind, he understood the passionate desire of Sheyan in mating, the transaction would be voided if the elf wasn't willing.

Reef glanced at Sheyan, using his nightmare imprint to transmit his message.

’’Should we make a run for it?’’

Sheyan shook his head gently.

’’These orcs should only be the first line of defence, they only handle the trivial matters like feeding and watching the prisoners. I reckon the exterior has a fearsome uruk-hai line of defence. If we rush out now, undoubtedly, I'm afraid our Lord of the Rings journey ends here. We mustn't.’’

Reef nodded, acknowledging Sheyan's points. He then leaned against the corner of the cell and sat down. Sheyan was starting to be more confident of his own judgements. Even in a prison cell, Reef sat strictly according to the rules, he still carried his noble and dignified posture. Undoubtedly, he had been long accustomed to this style in the present world.

The prison door of the elves cell swung opened. Greckelor tried his best to gesture and signal to the alarmed and frightened elf maiden. The pitiful elf maiden repeatedly shrunk back, obviously disregarding whatever Greckelor had to say. Several other elves started to step forward and spray raging insults at him. In this prison, their abilities had been suppressed greatly. Hence, they could only curse at the orcs, stinky, crude, and just a ball of flesh.

After a long while, the chief jailer, Greckelor, once again stood in front of Sheyan. He scolded in agitation.

’’Lies, you. Elf not willing. Cancel, agreement.’’

Sheyan scoffed disdainfully as he replied.

’’Bring me over, I'll speak to her.’’

After speaking, he once again gulped down the vodka, the intoxicating aroma infiltrating Greckelor's nose. He then stared down at his bulging muscles, his eyes still hiding beneath the black cloth, and then glanced at Sheyan's arms;which were noticeably smaller than his by half. Finally, he made a simple, win-win decision. Besides, this little worm Sheyan couldn't possibly post him any troubles.

No doubt once Sheyan got into action, his few phrases instantly captivated the elf maiden. Even though Melody was still shy and bashful, she lowered her head and followed him over. Reef turned to shoot a surprised expression at them, then sunk back into his meditative self.

Although the cell wasn't narrow, it wasn't spacious as well;only two windows allowed the sunrays in. Currently, it was being occupied solely by 2 other human captives. The two humans were guile and sneaky;when the orcs delivered food, they directly snatched away Sheyan's and Reef's portions. It was just that Sheyan and Reef had prepared food inside their interspatial area, had did not wish to bicker over the rotten stew delivered by the orcs.

Yet the two humans took their ignorance as weakness!

They watched as Sheyan brought in such an alluring yet bashful elf maiden into their prison cell. She was as pure and refreshing as the springs. Then they observed the orc jailers gathering outside as they greedily feasted on their drink. With a sly smile on their face, they inched closer. The taller poacher issued a stern and malicious warning.

’’Lil kid, hand over that female elf. If not, your throat will be slit tonight!’’

Sheyan looked like an elder brother, brushing aside the messy hair on the little elf sister's face. The words of that poacher completely fell on deaf ears as he continued without a slightest care or concern. Fuming, the tall poacher charged towards him. Without even turning around, Sheyan released a back kick, coincidentally landing against his chest. A 40 points of strength force instantly sent that guy flying backwards, crashing against the prison wall behind. His facial muscles twitched, shriveling up like a prawn;his complexion deathly pale as he retched non-stop but nothing came out!! He probably fractured several ribs, his eyes brimming with dread. How would he dare to retaliate?

The shorter poacher was originally turning restless;yet upon seeing Sheyan's effortless might, he instantly retreated wretchedly into the corner.

Actually, they were indeed unlucky to meet two contestants like Sheyan and Reef. The body search was completely futile for them. Their equipment was disguised by the realm, and they even had the nightmare imprint to store away their hidden trump cards. How could they even match up to Sheyan, who was fully equipped?

Except Sheyan whom she treated extremely intimately, Melody carried a trace of icy-cold arrogance towards the other humans. She had a refined and courteous aura that would repel people a thousand miles away. She completely ignored Sheyan's explosive aggression, it was like watching as Sheyan kicked away an obstructing stone. Afterward, she dashed towards the window, basking underneath the permeating sunrays.

Sheyan stood silently behind her. Being locked up inside the shade for several days, Melody enjoyed the sunlight with a guiltless countenance. Elves were children of nature, their disposition carried a cleansing ability;as Sheyan stood behind her, he unexplainable refreshing aroma lingered into his nose. It was the same smell the tender grassland emitted after a rain;untroubling the heart and clearing the mind.

The elf maiden basked in the sunlight for a while, her face exceedingly radiant. She suddenly turned around, focused and sincerely asking Sheyan.

’’You saw me being bullied by my fellow elves, that is why you schemed and transferred me here, right?’’

Sheyan wasn't a person to claim credit, he wanted to laugh it off but suddenly noticed the serenity in the elf maiden's eyes. Her gaze of pure innocence. Hence, he earnestly nodded his head.

Melody turned her head away, stroking her hair as she composedly replied.

’’I won't thank you. You are the protector selected for my coming of age ceremony, this is naturally required of you.’’

Sheyan turned petrified instantaneously....his lips stammered but his heart was shouting out. ’’I don't want to be that protector!!! I just want to be a beast who takes liberties and run!!! I'm not a possession!!! I'm just an innocent passerby!!!’’

The screaming thoughts swirled around at the back of his tongue, none leaking under the watchful supervision of the calm Melody. Melody giggled as she sat on the floor wrapping her hands around her knees. Slanting her head as she gazed at Sheyan, her pureness seemingly trying to pry deep into Sheyan's heart and mind.

Observing Sheyan's dazed expression, Melody impolitely commanded him to sit behind her, using him as a pillow. Snuggling up into his bosom, she finally shut her eyes and started humming an unknown elvish song.

At this instance, Sheyan abruptly sensed a disturbance. He could clearly see the sunlight penetrating through the window distorting slightly;like a streaming river, jubilantly radiating into Melody's body who was pressed against his chest. This elf maiden's tender body was like a piece of thirsty sponge, wholeheartedly absorbing the nourishing sunlight!

Gradually, Melody's tone turned ethereal like and discernable. Even though they were pent up inside a filthy prison cell, her voice drifted into the human's ears like a fresh springwater, thoroughly cleansing their bodies. Although Sheyan could not understand the contents of her humming, he could smell the fresh aroma exuberating from her. A faint yet clear elation welled up in his heart;it was like starlight blending with sunlight, bestowing revitalization of his soul.

The elves in the opposite cell suddenly broke into an intense uproar, bellowing loudly and repeatedly the words 'Twilight harmony'. Even some of the aged old elder elves started tearing, and some started laughing ecstatically. Yet the distance along with the prison bars prevented them from clarifying the matter. Melody ignored them, leaning against Sheyan as she continued singing softly under the warmth of the sunrays.

After a long while later, the elves were finally permitted to enter the internal courtyard for a fresh air. Once they stepped out of their prison cell, they instantly dashed towards the human cell. Elder Chauwin grabbed the iron bars tightly, cyan colored veins swelling throughout his arms. His voice tough and unyielding as he clenched his teeth and rebuked.

’’Human! Release our Elf of the Twilight!!! Stop profaning her with your filthy carcass!’’


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