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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 6 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Imprisoned

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’A foolish, meager spy? Interesting.’’ Saruman's doppelganger laughed hoarsely, seeming rather pleased. He then continued to inspect the others.

It was probably because he was a contestant that Sheyan performed better than the rest. Even the formidable elder elves, after a mere 10 seconds of chilling gaze from the wizard, had their vitality crushed to a limp. They only recovered after several hours.

After Saruman's doppelganger had 'appraised' and screened them, the captives were all ushered towards a prison, situating in the inhabited middle region of the place. The reason why the prison wasn't located in any caves, was because the kind dwarves who could handle rocks easily, were similarly captives of the Slaves Seizure squads. Not only was this prison enveloped by a sturdy domain formed from the wizard tower, it was segregated into a inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring held the prison cells, along with some of the resident orc jailers. The outer ring was the dwelling place of the guards, comprised mostly of uruk-hais. Yet more crucially;even if someone broke through the inner and outer ring, they definitely wouldn't be able to escape the thousands of intense surveillance of the packed orc caves around the mountain range. From hindsight, the secrecy of this place was completely sealed up.

In this world of ice and snow, the elves who lacked winter clothings felt terribly uncomfortable. Shivering inside the ice-cold prison cells, they were locked up for two days. They were both physically and mentally drained. The only source of comfort from the low temperature was that it effectively froze their bleeding wounds, and halted any infections. Even the medicines provided from the orcs were effective;Alicia's injured arm did not worsen but healed swiftly.

To prevent any unnecessary troubles, same species were arranged into the same prison cell. Hence, Sheyan very delightedly reunited with Reef inside the prison cell! Of course, the wounded Alicia was also delivered here. When the two reunited, they were exceedingly joyous.

As they conversed, Reef also knew that the Slave Seizure squad sent by Saruman similarly captured other orcs along with the various creatures. Apart from that, Reef had personally witnessed a rogue uruk-hai being slaughtered. Naturally, the two were extremely delighted at being locked up inside the prison cell;they wished for Saruman's doppelganger to completely forget about them, bestowing life imprisonment onto them.

The third day was a sunny day, a rare sunlight penetrated into the prison cells. This was undoubtedly a luxury for the miserable elves, squeezing each other at the cell window to enjoy the warmth. The elf maiden, Melody, also crept towards the comforting sunshine. Yet it seemed like her status was neglectable within her own kind. In this harsh environment, she was mercilessly pushed to the side by several stronger elves, reduced to sobbing in misery by the side.

Upon seeing this scene, Sheyan's eyes flashed with an evil tendency, his heart felt rather bitter. Alas, he had no influence over those elves, and could only watch helplessly in his cell. Suddenly, his eyes fluttered, gazing towards the orc jailer and called out.

’’Psst, big guy. Yes yes, you without the ears, come here!’’

The direct glares of the sun could easily damage the orc's eyesight. Hence, orcs who had to work outdoors were used to wrapping a black cloth around their eyes, making for simple primitive sunglasses. This 'all brawns but no brains' jailer was irked by Sheyan's calling, striding in big steps towards him and frustratedly roared.

’’Shut, mouth. If not, skin you! No ear, honor and glory!’’

Sheyan pointed at it, earnestly speaking.

’’You dare to disrespect me? Be careful or I'll strip you of your strength!’’

The orc laughed out hilariously.

’’Little worm, man. Hu! Lies!’’

It was all along boring in here;after hearing this banter, several other bored orcs came over to participate in the liveliness. It seemed like these simple orcs were like different tunes playing to the same melody. Sheyan was still worried they wouldn't congregate. He immediately tossed out a bottle of 'Curse mix', exploding out an immense poisonous fog. This fog instantly caused the lowly intelligent yet flourishing with muscles orcs a decline in 6 points of strength (3 points x2 for orcs/uruk-hais). These bunch of orcs weren't as mighty as the uruk-hais, an entire 6 points of strength cut was rather distinct.

To the orcs who relied wholeheartedly on their brute strength, a 6 points weakening was undoubtedly an unprecedented calamity for them. They roared in horror, flaring their weapons at Sheyan. Puffing and spurting their saliva in rage, wanting to gobble up this damnable 'wizard'.

Sheyan folded his arms across his chest, lazily continuing.

’’Kill me, and your strength will be permanently weakened. Although my meager powers are vastly inferior to your god (Saruman's doppelganger), it isn't something you filthy, trifling fools can offend.’’

The orcs glanced at each other, their weapons gradually tilting back down. Their simple minds were tangled up by fear! Looking at Sheyan, who possessed mysterious power, their gazes carried a tinge of respect now. Sheyan obviously wasn't going to pass on this, he tossed out his bait.

’’Of course, I can forgive your ignorance and return your strength. As long as you agree to one tiny request.’’

The orc jailer, who seemed like their chief jailer, instantly turned vigilant. Stammering, he replied.

’’Impossible, you, release, die, never!’’

Sheyan sneered in secret and replied.

’’I'm not asking you to release me. See that little elf girl at the opposite cell? Deliver her to our side of the cell.’’

That chief jailer clad in nail leather armour was momentarily shocked. It was obvious his simple mind required more time to process this information. After a brief pause, he leaked out an intuitive smirk and leaned closer, grasping the iron balls with his fingers and replied.

’’Woman elf, you like? Mating, them? Greckelor, I, also like!’’

Sheyan was amazed. Is this orc chief jailer trying to be friends with me? But he immediately replied. Regarding the orc's intellect, he absolutely wouldn't feign civility and worm his way into a friendship. Instead, it seemed like he had found a compatible relation, who shared a common language. Now, even with his pathetic +3 charm, and without the hegemon Jinkuang, it could still achieve the upper hand. Since that's the case, Sheyan instantly released an excessive and mischievous laughter.

’’Yes yes, bring her over to my cell. Then I will release your curse.’’

The orc chief jailer shook his head, his face filled with dread as he stuttered.

’’Elf, touch, poof, suicide, become seed! Strict punish, die, us!!!’’

Alicia walked towards them. After a brief explanation, Sheyan was finally enlightened. Actually, elves possess an innate ability to ignite their own life essence in extreme despair, causing damage to their surroundings and transforming into a seed. This suicidal tactic was extremely peculiar. Sheyan couldn't help recalling his previous encounter in the Harry Potter world. Venter's lover, Danny, casted a similar ability called 'Fairy's Praise'. It seems like this orc chief jailer and received strict orders, not permitting a single convict to perish.

Sheyan laughed hysterically.

’’Relax, she won't commit suicide. If you don't believe me, try asking her if she is willing to come over? Hmm, how about this. If you can satisfy my request, I not only will relieve you of your curse, but introduce you to a drink you've never tasted before.’’

’’Drink?’’ Raising the subject on drinks, the orc chief jailer instantly bared his yellowish teeth, replying with a stammer.

’’Oh? Delicious as, Orc draught?’’

The orc's favourite delicacy was naturally Orc's draught, concocted with fermented honey and blood. Its flavour was sweet and carried the piercing fragrance of blood the orcs loved the most. Many orc squads would bring along Orc's draught during operations, and more during wars. Because it required fresh blood to concoct, such methods were simple yet cruel. Fresh Orc's draught could be drank after 3 days, but the most optimal period was after a week.

Sheyan disdainfully snorted.

’’You call Orc's draught delicious? Is there a cup?’’

Chief jailer, Greckelor immediately retrieved a wooden mug, it was still stained with dirty. Sheyan poured a cup of 'Endless Spirited Vodka' inside the mug. This orc was rather shrewd, smelling it first before tasting it a little. Instantly his bloodied eyeballs swelled up, gulping it down with ferocity!

’’More! More more, cup, full! Full! Full!’’

Chief jailer, Greckelor, had eyes sparkling like mini stars, jumping aggressively as he raised his mug, violently licking his lips as he shouted at Sheyan. The orcs surrounding them were similarly drawn in by the intoxicating fragrance, their eyes glimmering with insatiable greed. Sheyan naturally knew the tendencies of these orcs, akin to pirates/bandits/murderers etc. He only cared about the chief jailer's ideas. Tossing his wine cup up, he stored in back within his nightmare imprint and laughed.

’’If you're thinking of robbing me, then you've got the wrong idea.’’

The orcs glanced at each other again, crowing in and whispering together. Swiftly, they nodded in agreement and Greckelor marched over again. His voice stern and sincere.

’’Lock her, over. You, drink, how much?’’

Sheyan straightforwardly replied.

’’My drink requires time to ferment, I will offer you 10 mugs, but only at night.’’


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