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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Primary collaboration

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN XRCO and Elkassar

’’Naturally its poor HP should be its weakness.’’ Sheyan instantly made this judgement. Suddenly, a deafening heart-shaking gunshot resounded from afar! Mingling amongst the zerglings, one of the giant zergling boss's brains suddenly exploded! Greenish fluid filled the sky!

Even with its brains spewed over the ground, the boss remained tenacious as its 4 powerful legs dashed about chaotically;kicking up a huge dust storm. Even the nearby small zerglings were knocked killed or injured. It directly charged for a few hundred metres before collapsing to its death.

This bullet from nowhere was probably Qiaoer's doing. That guy who was about to contend against Mogensha for team leader, seemed like he was rather formidable as well. Such an incredible and deadly concentration of firepower would certainly prove to be an enormous threat especially during battles against other contestants. A hidden assassin who could deliver fatal attacks anytime;even if he didn't open fire, his presence alone would be a constant thorn in the flesh. Others wouldn't be able to fully concentrate on battling, constantly afraid of sneak attacks.

Mogensha was high kneeling on the ground, his incomparable precision techniques were on full display as he pressed the trigger. Once again his signature firepower boomed out. A round accurately pierced into a zergling's eyes and lodged into the body. Another round struck against a zerglings's incisive claws, allowing the desperate Tulip who was about to suffer a blow to escape. The last round had an effect that even Sheyan hadn't seen before.

When the final bullet was released, a light blue helix trajectory followed it;the tip was fused with light blue glow. It directly headed straight for the dagger in Reef's hand, causing that dagger to jolt with electricity in a flash. The next second, the furious Reef drilled his weapon heavily into a zergling. The zergling roared in despair, flying backwards from the impact of its frail abdomen being struck viciously. The dazzling light blue electricity sparkled, frying and cracking open the zergling's pitiful body as its blood fluids burst out. The electricity dispersed towards the surrounding zerglings, causing to crawl back in retreat as they wailed in their paralysed state for a few seconds.

Obviously it wasn't only Sheyan that improved. Even Mogensha himself managed to acquire certain benefits from Venter's blood key. Reef glanced back towards Mogensha and offered him a thumbs up. Mogensha returned the good gesture, and carried on releasing his burst shots;striking down another 2 zerglings.

Sheyan wasn't idling either, he speedily concocted several dosages;tossing towards the contestants in the battlefield. In exchange for that, the few contestants traded over several utility points, roughly from 200 - 300. Compensating the cost of Sheyan's mixing resources.

Reef was drenched in blood, looking rather pathetic. Sheyan lifted his white grade shotgun as he charged forward. Boom Boom Boom! He forced back the zerglings ahead of Reef, he then stood in front of Reef to substitute him. Consecutively, the other two machine gunners clad in battle armour rushed forward to aid;their twin machine guns spat out long fiery tongues of flame. DA DA DA! Following the crisped sounds were flesh and repulsive blood fluids, quickly massacring the remainder of these Arachnids.

Sheyan sighed in relief, but observed that neither Tulip nor Reef had relaxed. They glanced back towards the base, before examining that turtle like engulfed in flames and smog tanks. Their expressions were rather sullen. Reef sighed and issued out in his deep voice.

’’I'm afraid there's another wave.’’

Mogensha interrupted him.

’’What's happening?’’

Tulip frowned and replied.

’’I discovered a hidden mission. Its details mentions that they haven't received any signal from the 'bearing' base which is 400 kilometres away, for 5 days;they wished for us to investigate. Following the mission pointers and exploring to the west side, we discovered human troops being surrounded and attacked by arachnids. We stepped in and finally forced the arachnids back, but they are left with these two heavy tanks. Afterwards throughout the journey retreating back to base, we encountered waves and waves of arachnids attack;each wave stronger than the other. Thus, we are afraid there's another wave coming.’’

Simultaneously, Sheyan and Mogensha received the notification:

’’Your temporary party member contestant no.33091 requesting to share the mission: 'Rescue'.’’

’’You receive the shared mission: 'Rescue'. Mission contents: Escort the survivors from Bearing base back to Steel Whip base.’’

’’Because Steel Whip base is also susceptible to scourges assaults anytime;before returning to base, you will not receive any assistance from them.’’

This shared mission to the contestants had great flexibility. This was because they could definitely abandon the two snail moving tanks and swiftly retreat to their Iron Whip base, avoiding any potential risks. Since it didn't involve any penalty, it indicated how difficult this mission was;the final waves of attack would surely be devastating. Currently, Sheyan's eyes flickered, wanted to speak but controlling himself.

As they marched on for roughly 500 metres, yellow dust clouded the distant atmosphere. Approaching nearer and fast, an earth shaking black string of hoarde could be seem rumbling in from the horizon.

Seeing this image, Reef instantly declared.

’’Run! This mission cannot be accomplished now!’’

Tulip yelled back in shock.


Reef forcefully continued.

’’Then summon any of your creature companions to guard the front. If you think that just pure charm can call the shots in the group, then you're being naive! A high charm contestant can only add flowers to the group, only individuals who can directly aid in combat can be hailed as charcoal in the snowy weather*!’’

(TN: *Chinese idiom: Provide the crucial help in the hour of need!)

Tulips eyes burned with reluctance, but Reef's influence wasn't something she could refute. She could only grit her teeth and summoned out her creature companion: 'Alaskan giant bear', the giant bear was 2 metres wide, and 5 metres tall. Black shiny fur, fierce ivory fangs as it released deafening roars from its throat;appearing terribly vicious.

At this moment, even the support contestant Henrik and crazy Harnik came sprinting over from the Steel Whip base. They brought along two armoured machine gunners, unknown how they even recruited those two. The reinforcements slightly relieved the audience. Instead, Mogensha noticed Sheyan and transmitted a message through the nightmare imprint.

y the previous soldier i rescued, he should be a SCV controller worker. His relations isn't bad, and can be proven based on the two machine gunners that followed us. Therefore, the possibility of me returning to the base and borrowing two SCVs (The engineering repair cars) is high. Although the steel whip base doesn't have any manufacturing plants for these tanks, but undoubtedly these two siege tanks can definitely be repaired by the SCVs. As they repair while travelling, this will certainly increase the movement speed of the heavy siege tanks, and even recover their battle capabilities;greatly lowering the mission difficulty.’’

Mogensha's eyes sparkled as he listened, and frowned.

’’Then why......’’

Sheyan gently replied.

’’Because this would fulfill the benefits of the party, but doesn't suit my benefits. Moreover, a party that doesn't experience blood and fire, risks and dangers;completely doesn't have any investment value.’’

As the two continued their conversations, the arachnid horde swept in from the distance, hiding the sky and enveloping the earth. Very rapidly, the first line had arrived 20 metres away from the retreating party. The aggressing wave again primarily consisted of zerglings, but their quantity was so horrific that it would cause anyone to turn petrified!

At this moment, the newly participating support contestant Henrik took the initiative. A mediocre looking book appeared on his right hand;but as the pages flipped open, 10 cm above it floated out numerous mysterious symbols, repeatedly churning and skipping about. Then he started to chant aloud several cryptic sentences. When the last sentence was completed, the route behind the group suddenly floated out black glow.

’’Oil Technique!’’

As Henrik pointed, the places floated out and appeared huge clusters of black oil;forming a 10 metre long. 5 metre wide area. The fiercely pursuing zerglings instantly slipped and toppled over, their limbs frantically dancing about trying to grab any footing. In the end, they could only roll about in the black oil in futile. The second tier zerglings trampled over their counterparts as they charged in, but followed the former as they tumbled over the internal black oil regions.

At least 20 zerglings were trapped in this 'Oil technique' field, yet some zerglings emotionlessly trampled over their unlucky friends as they pounced in ferociously. It was easy to tell that this magic could only persist for a temporary duration. But as the oil region accumulated enough zerglings, Henrik's finger was already carving out a curve in midair. Wherever his fingers past through, was shockingly trails of ignited flames. He then pushed out his palm bluntly into the empty space, a raging fireball roughly half a metre was formed and directly shot towards the black oil field.


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