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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 74


Chapter 74: The truth about Achievement value!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Of course, for Sheyan who disregarded the police completely, caring about his own criminal records only fed his curiosity. Putting it bluntly, he was feeling bored during the dull process of processing and and manufacturing the raw materials. The process was excessively bloody, revoltingly smelly and terribly filthy, but Sheyan didn't care. All this knowledge was gained from the Uruk-hai diary, and who was the author of the diary? The corrupted wizard, Saruman! Hence, the brutality and vicious process of manufacturing.

After killing Yi Wufu, Sheyan earned 12 potential points. In addition to his remaining 1 previously, his 13 potential points were adequate to upgrade his rank 6 'Black Art mix technique (damaged)' slightly. Sheyan originally planned to continue upgrading his tier 1 'Integrating knowledge', but realized it had reached its limit. The nightmare imprint notified him that unless he acquired more pieces of the diary, it was already the maximum limit of the skill tree. After additional investigations, Sheyan realized that for all ability skill trees beneath rank 8, the maximum it could reach was lvl 3.

Following the corresponding notifications, Sheyan then raised all categories of the tier 2 'Uruk-hai gene fluid' skill branch to lvl 2. It then activated the third tier of the skill tree.

Tier 1 - Integrating Knowledge lvl 3

Tier 2 - Uruk-hai gene fluid (Bear/Eagle/Fox) all categories at lvl 2 (Effects: Strength/agility/intelligence +3)

Tier 3 - Concoction mastery 'Support' (Unactivated)/Concoction mastery 'Curse' (Unactivated)

Obviously, the third tier had two option branches, allowing the user to select;either an assistant to allies or a bane to foes. This was actually within Sheyan's expectations. For a Rank 6 ability, how would it be only limited to supporting skills?

Sheyan had only spent 4 potential points, he still had 9 left which was more than enough to spare for the third tier of skills. He then invested another 4 potential points into both support and curse concoction expert, activate both skills.

Description of 'Concoction Mastery 'Support'' - Lengthens expiry period of medicinal mixtures/dosages to 24 hours, effect duration increases by 100%.

Description of 'Concoction Mastery 'Curse'' - Lengthens expiry period of curse mixtures/dosages to 24 hours, effect duration increases by 100%.

Those two passive abilities solved a huge headache for Sheyan, it removed the awkwardness from needing to concoct the mixtures at the start of battles. Following the activation of the third tier, the fourth tier of the skill tree surfaced. Similarly, the fourth tier needed to be activated.

Tier 3 - Concoction Master 'Support' lvl1/Concoction Mastery 'Curse' lvl 1

Tier 4 - 'Uruk-Hai Gene fluid: Blended mix'/'Uruk-Hai gene fluid: Curse mix'

After viewing the fourth tier, Sheyan was stunned. As he sunk into his daze, he momentarily recalled the words when he just got promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. The words that hoarse voice spoke previously - ’’Cherish your achievement points, just like how you cherish your lover, how you stingily allocate and use it....if not......believe me, you'll certainly squander it way in the near future and regret.’’

Sheyan was already feeling the bitterness of regret. Back in the Starship Trooper world, he blatantly overlooked the option of receiving achievement points as his rewards twice. That surmounted to a whole 8 achievement points!!!

This regret was triggered when Sheyan wished to raise the skills of the fourth tier. His nightmare imprint transmitted a clear notification.

’’Warning: To promote, it requires 2 potential points and 1 achievement point! Please confirm Yes/No?’’

’’Warning: Achievement points gained from transactions cannot be used!’’

2 Potential points, Sheyan still had the means for it;but although 1 achievement point may not seem like a big deal now, but.....but!!! This was merely a step to reach the fourth tier of the skill tree! This meant that from here onwards, undoubtedly the horrifying truth was that more achievement points were needed;and the amount needed would be astronomical!

What makes matter worst, achievement level was equivalent to one's status. A dip in achievement points would spark a same dip in realm status. Sheyan currently had amassed 56 achievement level (missed out 2 points earlier). Yet in actual fact, he could only afford to spend 6 points, if not his rank would be demoted to Staff Sergeant!

Obviously, if his achievement level dropped beneath 50 points, for Sheyan who was pending to establish a party, that was an unacceptable disaster. Without a powerful party, his personal scores who drop by above 50%;while after establishing the party, all the more he couldn't give up on his vital rank of a 2nd Lieutenant. Once his rank dropped, then his qualification to establish a party would be gone;leaving only one conclusion, the party would be utterly disbanded.

Sheyan shook his head, tossing this intense regret to the back of his mind. What was done has already been done, no point brooding over it;from here on, he would be wiser. After Sheyan went over to comfort and thank Jessica, he returned to the nightmare realm.

The realm was exactly the same, the soft glows and organic like walls, along with its untold mysteriousness. Sheyan couldn't resist the urge to feel the elastic, bouncy and warm wall;which reminded him of the Mother Nest previously. In his mind, he couldn't help forming this ridiculous notion - What would be the ultimate evolution of the Mother Nest? Would it be the same as this nightmare realm?

He quickly shook his head and discarded these useless thoughts. Reef had yet to return to the realm. Sheyan's current attention was naturally directed to his message left behind for that 'Acid Gland' from the rare elite hydralisk. Sadly, although many offered to buy it, only a handful mentioned about appraising. The only exceptions were ones that asked for ridiculous exorbitant fees, ranging from 5,000 utility points to 12,000 utility points. Of course, none suited Sheyan's stand on the matter.

’’I knew it, trusting chance rather than proactiveness is futile’’ Sheyan shook his head miserably. He then hurried to the official appraisal room of the realm, to apply for an appraisal. After forking out 1,500 utility points of appraisal fees, he awaited the results. But roughly 5 minutes later, he was disappointed.

’’Warning: Your appraisal has failed.’’

Sheyan wanted to vomit blood onto the screen, it actually showed his appraisal had failed!! There was actually such a fraudulent thing, fortunately the fees were fully refunded. After retrieving back the acid gang, he nervously ensured that it hadn't been damaged or spoilt. But now, he was lost. After returning to his personal room, Sheyan contemplated for a long time, before observing that Jinkuang dragging his feet in;hunchbacked, he carried a tattered sackcloth bag in. That sneaky appearance of his, had completely no difference to a mouse that stole the chicken's egg.

After strolling in, Jinkuang gulped down a bellyfull of water, burping several times before fishing out a cigarette butt from the sackcloth bag;starting to smoke elatedly. Sheyan was speechless, and had no authority to refute him.

’’Oi, what are you doing it, what you're smoking is another's used cigarette butt, and you're forcing me to smoke secondhand smoke with you....isn't that equivalent to a fourth hand smoking?’’

(TN: Lol author can be really lame at times)

The slut Jinkuang totally ignored his master's existence, exhilaratingly rummaging through the harvest of his tattered sackcloth bag. Sheyan suddenly recalled that this servant was about to appraise stuff. His eyes sparkled as he asked.


’’Oi oi oi, David. A 500 utility points task, you want it?’’

In the next second, Jinkuang was right in front of Sheyan, his eyes flickering with greed as he folded his hands into a begging gesture.

’’My dearest favourite master, any task that will increase my livelihood, I will definitely accept.’’

Just when Sheyan was about the hand over the Acid gland from the hydralisk to him, his heart skipped a beat. Glancing at Jinkuang with an up-to-no-good luck, he took several steps back before taking out the Acid gland.

’’Don't come near. Let me first test you what this is, just give me a rough explanation. If you cheat, I'll deduct money ya'know!’’

Jinkuang's mouth widened, tip-toeing as he peeped in;then he took out a presbyopic glasses spying in with discerning eyes. He then slapped his thigh in enlightenment.

’’Isn't that a pig's heart or liver from a market? First wash it clean, then stew with red/white radish, scatter some soy sauce, vinegar and onions;at least it is capable of f***king 3 bowls of rice!’’

Sheyan was lost for words.



The goblin Jinkuang frowned.

’’So, I got it right, right!’’

Still amazed, Sheyan replied.

’’I am very sure of your capabilities now. Just one last thing, 3 bowls of rice is enough, why must you add that **** there?’’

Jinkuang shot a crooked smile.

’’Don't you feel that word carries more weight? Oi oi, gracious master why are you leaving, what about the money? least leave that pig heart with me, I can save at least 1 week of grocery fees!’’


Sheyan returned to the realm's appraisal room. He sighed helplessly as he took out the acid gland once again, applying for appraisal.


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