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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Chris Redfield's Lucky bracelet

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan's pupils contracted upon seeing the next item. Even if he was mentally prepared for something terrible, he nearly snapped and cursed in rage. Because the item he drew.......was that counterfeit product that slut Jinkuang manufactured! That 5% success rate, Black venom powder. Sheyan almost vomited blood. As for its value....just look at how many bags of fake powder Jinkuang dumped away and you'll know.

The final draw, Sheyan took in a heavy breath as he stretched his hand into the blood chest.....


During their two day voyage, the two brothers chatted about their past experiences. Sheyan churned up several fragments of story for Sanzi;mentioning about how he had previously learned certain self-defense martial arts, from a retired russian marine he encountered during his days as a seaman. As Sanzi listened to Sheyan's stories, his hair stood as he worriedly asked.

’’Brother Yan, after killing so many of Huashan Fei's men and Crab's men, won't you be wanted by the police?’’

In his heart, he wanted to reply that he wasn't afraid of any policeman, but restrained himself and consoled Sanzi instead. Sheyan was more concerned for Uncle Dasi, he knew Uncle Dasi was holding on because of him. Once he knew he was safe;because of his crippled hands and losing his boat, he may not have any desires to carry on living. Thus, he had to think of a way to give him hope.

No doubt, nothing would be better than a brand new Fu Yuan for uncle Dasi. His uncle's lifelong dream had always been to own a huge fishing boat without any obligations. If he ordered a brand new boat, and invited Uncle Dasi to be the overseer of it, then surely it would renew his spirits.

Of course, that was just the icing on the cake. The real deal would definitely be that medicine that will heal Uncle Dasi's hands. That item could only be purchased with a higher military rank, hence he needed more time.

While planning in his heart, he produced an object and started fiddling with it. It was a little string, radiating a soft red glow. Occasionally a translucent illusion would appear in spots over it, and carried a strange lingering cologne fragrance.

Sheyan had always held utmost confidence in himself. When he tried his luck with Yi Wufu's blood key, it was really a gamble.

This time, his gamble paid off.

This item was the main reward he obtained.

That very last object he drew.

It was a shabby looking, secondhand red bracelet

It was called 'Chris Redfield's Lucky bracelet'.

Sheyan's fingers stroked against this unimpressive looking bracelet. He had examined its details several times, yet he still couldn't contain the urge to read it again.

Chris Redfield's Lucky bracelet. (Blood sealed, unable to activate)

(TN: Chris Redfield is a character from Resident Evil)

Weaver: Shinji Mikami

(TN: He is a game designer best known for creating the resident evil series)

Rank classifier: granting up to rank 7

Releasing the first blood seal - Allows you to grasp the rank 5 passive ability: 'Luck art'.

Releasing the second blood seal - Allows you to grasp the rank 6 passive ability: 'Major luck art'

Releasing the third blood seal - 50% probability of grasping the rank 7 passive ability: 'True luck'. Also, 50% probability of a curse, causing you to randomly lose one ability.

(TN: It was 'Authentic Luck' previously, decided to change it to 'true luck' because it sounds simpler and smoother)

Usage prerequisites: nil

Description: 'Luck art' is a rare ability that only several important storyline characters possess. It can turn a misfortune into a blessing, handle a crisis effortlessly. This luck bracelet is a treasure cherished by Chris Redfield, anyone in possession of it, is either his friend or his foe!

Usage fee: 28 potential points.

Usage requirement: At least release a blood seal

Realm evaluation: A

Details: This ordinary bracelet was originally white. After being stained countlessly by fresh blood, it formed a mystical magic power. The blood owners of it were - Leon S. Kennedy/Albert Wesker/Claire Redfield/Ada Wong/Chris Redfield/Rebecca Chambers etc

(TN: All these are characters of the Resident Evil series)

Unsealing: 3 incomparably powerful seals lingers on this object. There is only one way to unseal them, that is by using the blood of 3 different main characters! After releasing the seal, one only has a small timeframe to learn before it is resealed.

Unsealing: To learn the overbearing ability 'True luck', one must face a tremendous risk! Truthfully, even Chris Redfield may not completely possess this ability! (Because he is only the main lead of Resident Evil 5, unlike the permanent leads, the likes of Harry Potter and Jack Sparrow)

Observing this object and pondering about the junk Yi Wufu had, he probably stored several main character's blood. It was Sheyan's bad luck that he didn't draw out any of those blood bottles from the chest. Killing these storyline characters was exceedingly difficult, even for an innocent kid like Harry potter. But obtaining a trickle of their blood, would definitely pave certain useful measures for using it.

To learn this monstrous ability, even for Sheyan, would post a thorny problem. This 'Luck art' belonged to a vague illusory category of abilities. Comparing with Sheyan's Rank 6 abilities from the Uruk-hai diary, it definitely required a massive investment in potential and utility points;one will then be able to learn it to the highest rank, and display its awe-inspiring might.

Regarding Sheyan's current state, relying on acquiring potential points was not realistic. He hadn't established a grand scale party yet;thus, it was difficult to achieve a high mission exploration rate, and scoring generous rewards of potential points was a fantasy. Moreover, the 3 blood seals over this object would cause the value of it to deflate terribly low in the marketplace. Besides, he had the chance of learning a rank 7 passive ability 'True luck', that normally only a main lead could possess!

Sheyan had a rather deep impression of that rank 7 ability, this was because he had personally witnessed the main lead Jack Sparrow possessing it before. Also previously, Diaz similarly mentioned Harry Potter possessing it from his father's bestowing. Hence Sheyan made an epic inference - It seems that only a storyline main lead, or someone that was placed in the position of a storyline main lead would possess it;that was why they could always turn a misfortune into a blessing.

After his reflections, Sheyan stored the 'Luck Bracelet' back. Although the realm advocates contestants to make trade offs that could build their strength;if Sheyan were to sell this item because he could not use it now, he had to sell it together with the blood of 3 storyline main leads! If he sold it alone, then its value would plunge pathetically. After affirming his decision, Sheyan no longer pondered about the matter. He was about to meet Uncle Dasi soon, his heart was surging with unfathomably deep emotions.

With the assistance of Sheyan and Sanzi, this small merchant ship easily moved through the storms and arrived at the port safely. Sheyan was so capable, the shipowner did not even have to step in, Sanzi too, was rather skilled. As they parted, the owner expressed his intentions to keep them.

Sheyan had so much on his mind right now, he wished terribly that he could split himself into two, how would he find time to be the vice head of the ship? Instead Sanzi was pretty moved, but after thinking that Uncle Dasi still needed someone to take care off, he could only reject him regretfully. The shipowner was determined, not only did he not accept their money, he even paid them several days worth of salary;leaving behind his name card and number, they could contact him anytime they changed their minds.

With Sanzi leading, Sheyan arrived at place called Xiwu pier in Taiwan. This place was pretty identical to Siqiao, belonging to a rather gloomy grey zone. The only difference was that the overlord of this place unlike the cruel Huashan Fei, was a person called Da Shu. He was incredibly astute and favored great relations with others, having his foot in both the black and white of society. Previously, Uncle Dasi had arranged for a portion of their goods to transfer to Da Shu;because of that, Da Shu allowed them to stay in Xiwu pier to nurse his health.

When Sheyan reached Xiwu pier, it was mildly drizzling. He and Sanzi got down from their ride, breathing in the refreshing and cooling fishy air. Scanning around, no matter the distant ocean or the surrounding houses, a layer of thick haze enveloped everyone's vision. The distant light rays struggled to penetrate through the haze, indicating it was approximately noon.


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