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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 71


Chapter 71: Drawing.....

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After Crab kidnapped Sanzi, he prevented Sanzi from eating anything;only serving water, preventing him from having the strength to escape. Sanzi was so famished now, and still had to run vigorously. Hence after a short distance, he clenched his stomach in distraught.

’’Brother Yan, I can't run anymore, I'm starving.’’

Sheyan flagged a cab and headed straight for Yau Ma Tei, before finding a random eatery for Sanzi to fill his belly. Sanzi's appetite was tremendous, fishing with his chopsticks as he wolfed down half a bowl of rice, before talking about his traumatic experiences.

Previously, when Fu Yuan set sail amidst the typhoon, it was extremely dangerous. Yet the heavily wounded Dasi fell unconscious due to his worry for Sheyan's safety. Without their main pillar of support, they sailed wherever the winds brought them to. Finally, they were blown to Taiwan. Fortunately even though they rarely came there, they were sailors and fishermen who could find their own path, thus they settled down quickly.

Huashan Fei was considered part of the underground syndicate of the mainland and Vietnam. Because of the awkward relationship between the two countries, therefore even if Huashan Fei's hand had grown longer, he still wouldn't be able to stretch it all the way there. Hence, they put their minds to ease, first seeking for connections to sell out their fragrant powder from the Sperm whale. Uncle Dasi then split the proceeds amongst themselves, letting them find their own path;even Fu Yuan was sold.

Then the crippled Dasi fell ill;but thanks to Sanzi taking care of him, his condition gradually improved. Relying on their past connections, they rented a little house near the shore. Uncle Dasi could only slowly recover, while Sanzi set out in search for a temporary job to take care of Uncle Dasi.

But after a short while, news of Sheyan appearing in Hong Kong spread to them, and was looking for them. This news caused raised Dasi's spirits, wanting to travel to Hong Kong to find Sheyan. Instead, after a few steps he directly collapsed to the ground before making through the door. Yet he refused to give up, getting Sanzi to search for Sheyan in Hong Kong.....

As Sanzi spoke, tears dripped down into his soup bowl. Sheyan couldn't help but shut his eyes, a sour and heavy feeling surge towards his face. He slapped the table and stood up.

’’We must return to Taiwan immediately!’’

Actually, Sheyan's decision was a sensible one. The police wouldn't poke their noses into the underground society's affairs;but so many japanese and taiwanese had died inside the club, this would spark an international problem and the police couldn't ignore it. If he could hurriedly leave before the police increased their surveillance, that would reduce the hassle.

After forking out cash and with various connections, Sheyan and Sanzi finally boarded a merchant ship bound for Taiwan.

At present, because of the high turnover rate, many ship owners did not manage to hire veteran sailors. Even the the owner of their small merchant ship couldn't find enough manpower at first. But because of that, Sheyan and Sanzi offered their expertise along with a small fee, which moved the ship owner. After a simple introduction, the owner eventually waived their boarding fees, with the condition that they helped out on board.

Because the merchant ship had a deep draft, it required 2 and a half days before reaching Taiwan. After boarding, Sheyan seeked a serene location and summoned out the chest from Yi Wufu's blood key. Naturally, the same 4 options surfaced.

1) Receive 50% of the user's potential and utility points.’’

2) Due to the user being killed in the present world, there's a 50% chance of receiving an equipment stored in the realm. Note: Equipment is randomly chosen.

3) Randomly receive 3 items from the user's interspatial imprint region.

4) 33% chance of receiving an ability scroll of the user, the scroll includes a randomly drawn ability grasped by the user. (Includes basic abilities, advanced abilities, innate abilities). The level of the ability scroll is based on the user's ability divided by 2.

Next, Sheyan continued to receive notification:

’’Contestant no.7277630 violated the realm's regulation and was killed by you. You receive an additional choice of option, but the option will not be repeated.’’

During the Starship Troopers world, Sheyan had missed out on two golden opportunities to earn utility points;but that didn't mean he didn't want it, it merely suggested there were better options. Truthfully to him, his various basic abilities, advanced ability and even that rank 6 ability.....he urgently wanted to upgrade them. To upgrade those abilities, he definitely needed potential points and innate points!

Before his decision, Sheyan considered carefully before deducing one thing. Yi Wufu had a military rank of reserve-duty Major, which means his position within a party wouldn't be low. Hence, chances of him paying 'tributes' to the party was low, and it seemed like the party would place more efforts in grooming him.

From his own inference and deduction, he blatantly chose option 1 - Acquiring 50% of the potential and utility points that Yi Wufu had.

Actually choosing that option was a gamble for Sheyan. Yi Wufu may very well be like him, immediately leaving after accomplishing a nightmare world, and return to spend his wealth only after 7 days.

Through this, Sheyan could also gain several insights from this gamble.

There were 3 scenarios for this.

The first scenario: Completely no potential or utility points. This meant that Yi Wufu had expended everything before returning to the present world;indicating that he may have upgraded his abilities, or spent on purchasing/enhancing his equipments. As for spending a fortune on an object, that possibility was low;unless it was an object that could salvage a desperate situation. But if he had it, why didn't he use it earlier on. Hence, Sheyan would go with the second option of a random equipment!

The second scenario: Receive an average amount of potential and utility points. This is the scenario Sheyan didn't want to happen the most. If it happened, he would select option 4 and make a gamble.

The third scenario: Drawing a generous sum of utility and potential points! That undoubtedly indicated that Yi Wufu was saving up, trying to purchase something good! In this situation, Sheyan's decision would resign himself to fate. Still, the option of a random equipment was more desirable.

A red blinding flash. Sheyan stuck his hand into the blood red chest, but the results left him speechless!! All his scenarios were wrong, and he was shockingly presented with a fourth scenario!!


’’You draw from the blood chest.’’

’’You receive 2311 utility points.’’

’’You receive 12 potential points.’’

’’You still have one additional drawing option, but you cannot choose option 1 again.’’

Through the resounding notification of the nightmare imprint, the result was something he didn't expect. Because from this result, he could tell Yi Wufu had 4,622 utility points and an incredible 24 potential points. Such a strange figure, what did it mean? Sheyan's eyes sparkled with intensity;without hesitation, he selected option 3 - randomly choose 3 items from the dead contestant's interspatial region!!

Undoubtedly, although the potential points could be used extensively, composing of leveling abilities/ enhancing equipments/ execution cost for certain high level skills etc;but still there wasn't a concrete reason as to why someone who save up to 24 points. Furthermore after his crossing hands with him;even though that 'Daijodan essence' was tremendously powerful, it certainly wouldn't require a full 24 potential points to level it!

The most logical explanation for this was that Yi Wufu was holding onto an exceedingly formidable ranked ability scroll! That scroll was probably given a rank 6 or above rating from the realm, that was why it required such a ludicrous amount of potential points to learn!

Of course, this deduction may be wrong. Sheyan wouldn't normally make uncalculated gambles, and he similarly loved the thrill of gambling as well. Without hesitation, he sunk his hand into the blood chest. Even though Yi Wufu may be carrying as many as 20 items;if such a formidable scroll was really around, Sheyan had confidence he could draw it!

During the first draw, an apple appeared within Sheyan's palm. That's right, an apple, as small as his fist, the green kind. It was a food category. After consuming, it would restore 25 HP within 60 seconds, and improve MP regeneration by 20% within half an hour...... the apple was probably worth 500 utility points.


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