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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 70


Chapter 70: Realm taboo

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’What in the world?’’ Sheyan was confused, suddenly receiving a notification.

’’Warning, warning. Contestant no.7277630 has violated the realm's regulation - using the active ability 'Daijodan essence' in the present world!!!’’

’’Warning, warning. Contestant no.7277630 has violated the realm's regulation - using the active ability 'Daijodan essence' in the present world!!!’’

’’Warning, warning. Appearance of special punishment task. Contestant no.7277630 utilized an active ability of the nightmare realm in the present world, bearing severe repercussions. Please kill all eye witnesses of the present world within half an hour, if not he will be erased. Task completion has no rewards!’’

’’Using an ability in the present world actually induces such a frightening punishment.....then if he was filmed using the ability and broadcasted on TV....then wouldn't he be doomed to die?’’ Sheyan celebrated the fact his ability now was almost all passive except for that genetic mix. Yet concocting those were done individually and affected no one else, hence he wouldn't suffer the same fate.

The nightmare imprint once again transmitted a notification.

’’Your current military rank is 2nd Lieutenant. Contestant no.7277630 current military rank is reserve-duty Major! Do you wish to use your military rank to oppress him? This will prevent him from taking the emergency measure of returning to the nightmare realm.’’

Of course, Sheyan wouldn't decline that. Currently, he could see how strict the realm was with regards to military ranking. Even a mere 2nd lieutenant was able to oppress a reserve-duty Major!! There were several layers between both ranks, a 2nd Lieutenant still had to pass through his Lieutenant phase, Captain phase, before reaching Major. That was a vast difference between military tiers. Yet Sheyan was able to oppress a reserve-duty Major. This signified how immense the weight of a genuine rank was, it was totally out of his imagination.

Once again, Yi Wufu slashed out, blade rays flashing out with peerless ferocity;the sword aura permeating throughout the room as the rays slashed against the corpses within the room. Yi Wufu's eyes shrank, because one target that he had to kill was actually blocked by someone. Sheyan pounced forward, pulling back the dazed Gu Yuean of the United Bamboo gang;pulling him back from the depths of death.

That formless blade ray slashed against Sheyan's back, carving out a deep cut as blood sprayed out. The formless bade rays carried traces of blood, without dwindling in strength, it clashed through the partition walls. ’’Boom!’’ The thin wooden walls exploded into pieces, yet remnants of the blade rays managed to advance and chop against the concrete wall behind;releasing a piercing sound as the cement rocks crumbled down, exposing a 1 metre long scar on the wall.

After Sheyan had rescued Gu Yuean, he shouted.


Sheyan grabbed him and sprinted out. According to the realm, if this eye witness were to survive, then Yi Wufu must die! Sheyan grasped this concept clearly. Gu Yuean glaced at Sheyan with gratitude, immediately scrambling pathetically down corridor and fled. Sheyan then hastily hid himself at the corridor's bend. He had calculated everything by this time.

Naturally, Yi Wufu was forced into desperation to have to use his special ability. That meant that he had no intentions of dying now. Hence, his emotions would definitely be filled with anxiety and panic, and would certainly not spare the Gu Yuean. If Sheyan could hide in ambush now, he'll definitely take him down.

With a bloodlusted aura, Yi Wufu clenched his katana as he dashed through the corridor. His sword essence had been accumulated to the maximum, if gods blocked him, he would kill gods, if demons blocked him, he would kill demons! But at the corridor bend, an appalling figure appeared, one that was covered with distinct slash wounds. An unyielding, unwavering figure as he bluntly collided into him!

Blood, rage and excitement! In a flash, blood soaked deep into the tatami mats like spring water!


Sheyan panted in deep breaths. That punctured, horrific wound over his chest, one could see through it from the back to the front. If an average person sustained such an injury, he would've died long ago. Caught in an awfully disadvantaged position, Yi Wufu still put up a terribly valiant struggle against Sheyan, causing painful injuries, Especially this final blade, deeply impaling Sheyan's chest wound once again. The daunting sword essence wreaking havoc within his body. If not for Sheyan luckily producing an explosive strike at the last minute, he may very well died alongside him.

But everything was worth it. Sheyan picked up the crimson blood key from Yi Wufu's corpse, simultaneously receiving the milestone notification - ’’'Suspect' completion rate: 2/10’’ More crucially, during the battle, he unknowingly followed Reef's advise, allowing his body to experience more stress from the enemy. Although it was exceedingly dangerous, it was still an effective method!

Sheyan could feel, a queer sensation within his body. This sort of sensation wasn't something he experienced before, it felt peculiar like an inspiration. His blood circulation was like a tide, constantly rippling about his body. When the day comes when it calms down, that should be the day his innate awakens.

Sheyan retrieved is 'Endless Spirited Vodka', gulping down whatever that was left. He could feel the life force permeating into his bones, as he released a satisfied sigh. Even though Yi Wufu was dead, but he seemed like he had a rather exalted status back in the present world. At least, he could claim equals to that United Bamboo gang. If reinforcements arrives, that would be huge trouble. Thus Sheyan hurried to the toilet first, wrapping himself up before cleaning off his blood stains. He then put on a set of clean clothes, and headed straight for Crab's room.

Although there were 2 underling guarding the room, they obviously were nothing to Sheyan. With an anxious spirit, Sheyan rummaged through the room before hearing strange movements from the toilet. Kicking the door open, he finally saw a bound up person. His mouth was stuffed with a cloth, producing ’’Wu Wu Wu’’ whimpers, if not Sanzi, then who?

Sheyan hurriedly untied Sanzi. Sanzi seemed like he had suffered a great deal of hardship;seeing his older brother after such a long uncertain period, his tears streamed down like the tide, his voice shaky.

’’Brother Yan!! They hit me and starved me, and choked me with that bucket of water. But I didn't say a single thing!’’

Sheyan patted his shoulder, his voice solemn.

’’Well done, it's dangerous here, let's go.’’

’’En’’ Sanzi acknowledged, walking out he saw the two guards sprawled over the floor. He hatefully stomped onto them thinking they had just fainted. But after stomping, he realized something was wrong. One of that had his tongue severed and flung 10 cm away from the mouth, one was bent in a grotesque 70 degrees backwards;no matter what, both couldn't be alive. He got a fright as his face turned pale.

’’Brother Yan! Brother Yan! They....they....seem to be dead!’’

Sheyan gently replied.

’’I know, I killed them. After hearing how they tortured you..anyway, whoever touches my family shall die!’’

Sanzi was stunned.

’’Then, where's Crab?’’

Sheyan disdainfully scoffed.

’’Of course he was the first to go.’’

At this moment, shouts and screams could be heard from outside. Previously when he was taking care of the United Bamboo gang in their room, the place was enclosed and soundproof. Hence, even after an intense battle with numerous deaths, not a single commotion was made.

But after facing off with Yi Wufu;with his vicious 'Daijodan' sword rays, he almost demolished the entire room, causing such a huge ruckus. In additional to other security guards realizing that the security guards Sheyan removed had gone missing, of course they blew the entire matter up.

Since his retreating route had been cut off, Sheyan opened the window and looked down. The club was 5 storeys high, behind it was a remote back alley without a single soul in sight. With such a high altitude, an ordinary person would have his bones shattered into pieces by jumping. But to Sheyan, jumping down wouldn't really pose huge damages. He instantly ordered Sanzi.

’’I'll head down first, wait a while before jumping. I'll catch you.’’

Sanzi was stupefied.

’’Brother Yan, this is the fifth floor!’’

Sheyan replied calmly.

’’You trust me?’’

Sanzi remained quiet. He had idolized Sheyan since young. Biting his lips, he nodded his head.

Sheyan had 10 points in agility, just now two times of an ordinary person. Pushing off the window ledge, he directly jumped off the railing. Using the air conditioner vents as his footstools, he made his way down to the alley in 10 seconds. Signalling to Sanzi, Sanzi closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall off like a piece of rock. Sheyan easily caught him, before making a roll to disperse the impact. Hence, the two brothers successfully escaped unscathed, as they blended into the human crowd with ease.


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