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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Hidden mission

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The collision dealt the most damage to the enormous scourge;a clear crack split open on its exoskeleton, expulsing its dark purple flesh. Sheyan knocked his head against the nearby barrack, his helmet shattering into pieces;the excessive blood flow indicated his severe injuries. The soldiers nearby gasped in horror, yet they weren't aware that Sheyan's HP was a out of this world 530 points. Moreover he had the terrifying 19 points of defence, complementing his innate ability! Hence, this could only be considered superficial to Sheyan.

Instead, that unlucky soldier that was kidnapped by the giant scourge was heavily injured. His shoulders were wounded badly, and after the drop from the sky, the extend of his injury was unimaginable. Fortunately, Sheyan shook his head before rolling towards him. Based on the current age technology, he could be saved as long as he was alive. Naturally, if this soldier lived on, then Sheyan's reputation would definitely soar greatly. Undoubtedly because of that possibility, Sheyan was bent on preserving his life.

The giant scourge fluttered several times before getting up again. One of its wings was torn through, and it couldn't take flight;its eyes exuberating with malice as it focused on Sheyan and charged in. Sheyan was originally able to dodge, but doing so would expose the poor guy. A second later, he heavily collided against the giant scourge once again!

A spiky outgrowth penetrated through his armour at the abdomen, leaving a huge bloodied hole. With his face twitching, Sheyan swung in an oppressive punch, viciously smashing against this crippled beast's eyes;green fluid exploded out everywhere. Even if the beast had thick skin, it still released an awfully miserable groan and retreated 5-6 metres;its wings constantly flapping onto the ground, churning out huge gust of dust.

Even if Sheyan could be considered to have a thick impregnable body, the giant scourge's impale into his abdomen was extremely vicious;leaving significant damage. Another few more strikes could not be tolerated, yet he still had to protect this injured soldier and not evade. As the saying goes, fury rises from the heart and evil from the guts. Sheyan glanced at his surroundings, he couldn't resist reaching down habitually;already prepared to activate 'Ambitions' to give his beast a taste of the caribbean sea!

But at the crucial moment, ’’DA DA DA’’ the continuous and familiar sound resonated into his ears. A string of fiery bullets, one directly pierced into the scourge's body, lodging deeply within;this time igniting its entire body aflame.

Another bullet as though released at the same time landed onto the thick pipes beside, ripping several holes as a colorless gas dissolved out.

The last bullet instead refracted against the steel wall above, before landing onto the power button of the barracks. The barrack's steel door instantly opened from inside, coincidentally blocking Sheyan's front.

The giant scourge roared in anguish amidst the flames, the only thing it could attack was Sheyan! Instantly, it charged towards him, yet when it moved it directly struck against the pipe that was emitting the colorless gas! Its body was already combusting in flames;in the next second, an intense explosion triggered! It directly fried its outer carapace, the fiery flames licking in. Sheyan who was merely 5-6 metres away from the explosion was fortunately covered by the barrack's doors, hence he could only feel the intense heat;he wasn't the least bit injured!

This precise planning, formidable field awareness;the 3 bullets were not inferior to 3 contestants acting at the same time! Apart from the golden AK Mogensha, who else was capable of this feat?

Seizing this breathing space, Sheyan carried the injured soldier and dashed out. But in order to maintain his farce, he didn't do it abruptly. After distancing himself from the range of attacks of the giant scourge, he even panted heavily as though he couldn't support anymore.

At this moment, several fighting soldiers felt a certain relief;beginning to engage in firepower reinforcements. The bullets shot out from their 'C-14 'Impaler' gauss rifles', but landed onto the giant scourge without much effect. Obviously that beast had primary defences against long range assaults, and Sheyan's close combat assaults dealt substantial damage to it. But it seemed like these storyline soldiers had abundant combat experience, furthermore a freakish gunman like Mogensha was covering them as well. Therefore, they slayed it without much dangers.

After slaying the giant scourge, Sheyan received an increase in 300 points of reputation. In addition for saving that soldier, he received 500 reputation points. Apart from that, he received an item called 'Arachnid nucleus (Medium)'. This thing wasn't edible, it didn't trigger any functions. Yet according to Mogensha, it could be exchanged for reputation points with military officials. Mogensha had already slayed several arachnids, yet the 'arachnid nucleus' he gained had a (Small) at the back.

After the giant scourge's disposal, the other suicidal scourges gradually lessened. It seemed like no backup was coming, and the remainder was quickly exterminated by the guided missiles and rifles. Sheyan suddenly voiced out to Mogensha.

’’How many 'Arachnid nucleus' have you collected?’’

Mogensha directly replied.

’’7-8 pieces.’’

Sheyan looked at him intently.

’’Give it to me. In the future any 'Arachnid nucleus' as well.’’

Mogensha hesitated for awhile, but refreshingly declared.


At this moment, a shadow flashed out from the entrance of the steel base, sprinting over like a monster. Behind him was a faint afterimage, it was the fastest guy in the party Crazy Harnik. His body was covered with greenish fluid, emitting an awful stench. His right chest had a shocking fuzzy strip wound, probably resulted from the claws of a beast.

Harnik panted heavily, coughing out blood before looking at the two.

’’Hurry to the west post to assist, Tulip managed to acquire a hidden mission. After it completes, I reckon it will aid us greatly!’’

This information no doubt pumped adrenaline into them. Sheyan glanced at Mogensha after listening before hurrying over. What was unexpected was that two other machine gunners clad in battle armour also agreed to aid them. Asking them carefully, the actual reason was because Sheyan had rescue their squad leader, Santis.

After pressing onwards for the west for nearly a kilometre, they finally heard sounds of battle;increasing their pace over. From far, it could be seen two massive metal tanks were slowly treading slowly with their belt wheels. Its exteriors were riddled in scars, the metal armour had folds and creases, even both main cannons were distorted;thick smokes funneling out from its engine. It seemed like being able to move was already a miracle.

Reef's left hand clutched onto a black glowing dagger, his right hand lifting a weird monster skull. Leading several people as they attacked and defended in front of the tanks! Assaulting them were hundreds of wolfdog like creatures.

The creature had a well-developed front claws, its entire body seemed to not be covered in skin exposing its red flesh;its flesh and vein lines were distinct. Sharp spikes sprouted from their head and backbone, their claws nastily sharp. Its head was similar to an anteater. 3 - 4 creature amongst them had a built that was larger by 2 -3 times. Their 4 remarkably sharp spikes erupted out, roughly signalling their commanding presence in the pack.

Mogensha halted with a taking aim posture, before transmitting a list of information to Sheyan through the nightmare imprint.

(TN: Remember Mogensha had a true 'insight' ability)


Unit property: Ground forces, living organism

Length: 1.2 metres, weight 52 kg

Strength 11 points

Agility 19 points

Physique 2 points

Perceptive sensing 0 point

Charm 0 point

Intelligence 0 point

Spirit 0 point

Arachnid ability: 'Carapace lvl0' (A tougher carapace enhances survivability)

Arachnid ability: 'Sharp claws lvl0' (Sharper claws will aid in swiftly slaying enemies)

Zergling special ability: 'Junior Genetic modification' Allowing creature to receive 30 additional HP.

Zergling special ability: 'Metabolism drive' (Active) User movement speed permanently increased by 33%

Zergling special ability: 'Adrenal hormones' (Inactive)

Description: Adept in pack battles, best at tearing through whatever is in their path with their sawtooth edges and sharp claws on their arm. Including any stable forts!



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