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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Dangerous counter

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:TN and Elkassar

The katana had penetrated through Sheyan's chest! The devastating might of a real world's weapon, was far beyond Sheyan's estimation. Yi Wufu smirked gleefully as he withdrew his katana, yet he discovered that it was tightly lodged within Sheyan's chest, so tight that pulling out was excruciatingly difficult. Knowing something was wrong, he instantly released his katana. However, during the brief moment of attempting to withdraw his katana, it gave Sheyan adequate time to react.

His right shoulder blades tensed up,

His breathing heavy,

Adrenaline pumping throughout his body rapidly......

Clenching his right fist viciously,

He smashed it down relentlessly against Yi Wufu's right leg!!

The punch was overwhelming, like a pile driving drilling into concrete. ’’Crack!’’ Yi Wufu's right thigh instantly snapped loudly! Obviously, his bone had fractured!

The nightmare imprint instantly streamed in a list of information to Sheyan.

’’You released a full force ordinary attack against another contestant in the present world.’’

’’Your attack target: Leg.’’

’’Determining......enemy's strength is 9 points, your strength is 20 points. Your strength exceeds the enemy's by 2.222 times.’’

’’Determining.....your strength is twice your enemy's, dealing additional crushing damages!!!!’’

’’Crushing damages is 50% of that damage.’’

’’Crushing damages is considered as an additional attack, and negates defensive abilities. This category of damage takes superior precedence.’’


’’Factoring in basic close combat ability.’’

’’Factoring explosive strike rate of 'Alcohol Master'.’’

’’Crushing damages is an explosive strike!! Total damage is 25 points + 26 points of crushing damages.’’

’’Enemy's defence is 6 points.’’

’’After factoring 40% limitation and defence, resultant damage of first attack is 12 points.’’

(TN: I omitted the details because I honestly don't know how author calculates that (1=19%) so i feel it's better to not confuse readers.)

’’You deal additional damage of 21 points of crushing damages.’’

’’You deal a total of 33 points of damage!!’’

With one crushing fist, Yi Wufu's face turned pale! Not because of the sheer pain, but the underlying horror! He only had 120 HP, but one normal fist removed a quarter of his life! And this was under the protection of the 40% limitation. His only explanation was that Sheyan's strength was overbearing, and induced that domineering crushing damages.

’’BAKAYAROU*!!! If I had my equipment, how would I be so miserable?’’ His veins were about to burst on his forehead, as Yi Wufu yelled out. But actually even in the realm, Sheyan who possessed equipment and his innate ability, was equally a nightmare for his type of contestant.

(TN: Japanese curse word)

After abandoning his katana, Yi Wufu stumbled back in retreat, he had no choice!!

Sheyan endured the katana lodged inside his chest;he was like a berserking wild beast with arrows all over its body, yet still charging forward with murderous frenzy! With that one misstep, only 1, Yi Wufu had been reduced to a sorry state and could only stagger backwards while facing Sheyan. He could only rely on his agility to widen the distance.

Suddenly, Sheyan pounced forward with his fist. Yi Wufu immediately dodged, as the fist landed onto a pillar in the middle. Fine cracks formed around his fist, as dust floated down. Sheyan was relentless, his twin fists carried the wind as he smashed out. Yi Wufu gritted his teeth as he rolled and dodge. Whichever furniture they passed through, Sheyan left a calamity there with his fist!

Abruptly, Sheyan pulled out the katana from his chest, blood drenching it as he chopped towards Yi Wufu. Yi Wufu was extremely adept with such close combat fighting. Don't mention about raising his powers in the realm, even in the present world itself, he had trained in the arts of Kendo for 30 years.

As Yi Wufu observed Sheyan's sword handling, he knew this guy was a layman beginner. ’’Naked unarmed sword!’’ He roared as he executed a kendo technique. With his palm, he wedged the incoming katana rigidly firm! At that instance, Yi Wufu instantly flushed with delight. For a samurai like him, once he lost his katana, it was equivalent to losing his entire security.

But at that exact moment when Yi Wufu made the abrupt decision to clamour the katana, Sheyan instantly loosened his grip, and sunk his left elbow down! His action looked extremely clumsy, as though losing his balance, with the elbow bearing his entire weight! Naturally, his target was that same left thigh he had struck earlier!

This attack once again triggered crushing damages, but unfortunately not an explosive strike!

The piercing ache pervaded into Yi Wufu's soul. More critically, Sheyan had realized previously;their digitized evolved bodies weren't perfect, if a contestant accumulated too much damage within a particular area like the joint, the functionality of it would start to decline. Hence, once his leg sustained more damage, most likely, his speed would definitely decline!!

Yi Wufu didn't possess as much HP and defence as Sheyan had, even his offense was slightly weaker due to crushing damage. Under this circumstances, if he even lost his superior speed, then his fate would've been sealed. Yi Wufu roared furiously as he sliced dow against Sheyan, thinking that his enemy would dodge and he could then execute a twist and unleash his next attack. But sadly, things didn't go as planned.

Blood splashed up, Sheyan accepted the slash with his skull! The sharp blade cutting into his scalp but not powerful enough to chop through his skull. A clump of black hair mixed with blood scattered down.

While the katana chopped against his skull, his fist swung and collided into Yi Wufu's chest! Yi Wufu's vision darkened, that intense pain dispersing rapidly from his chest inwards, sending an irresistible pressure up as he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

This was the tragedy of an agility based combatant facing up against Sheyan. Although their attacks and movement completely overwhelm their opponents, openings were bound to surface whenever they released their attacks. Coming in close contact, anything was possible! Especially, for a patient freak like Sheyan, enduring the initial 4 sword moves, before creating his own chance for breakthrough only at the fifth move!

It seemed like Yi Wufu was being suppressed disastrously;yet if he faced Mogensha, then that would be his bliss. As for Sheyan encountering a lethal gunmen like Mogensha or Diaz in the present world, his only consideration would be how to flee.

Gaining the upperhand, Sheyan wouldn't let go so easily. He scrambled forward with incessant strikes, disregarding his personal defence in exchange for offensive oppression! Moreover, his HP now was still left with about 140 points, how was Yi Wufu going to fight against him? Instead, the samurai kept his cool, repeatedly dodging Sheyan's punches. In the end, he was forced into a corner, as a momentary lapse in judgement allowed Sheyan to knee his belly;instantly turning dizzy and vomited blood.

’’BAKA! BAKA!! Why is it like this?’’ Yi Wufu's bloodshot eyes radiated with despair, stumbling backwards as he howled in anguish.

’’I haven't revived my family's honor... and my beloved lady isn't mine can I be defeated now?’’

Suddenly, threatening chilliness emitted from his body! Feeling this immense threat, Sheyan knew it was his perceptive sensing warning him! He instantly blocked his front with his hands, and dove behind! It was like a desperate wolf trying to hide from a hunter's shotgun. Yi Wufu clasped the katana hilt with both hands, his expression dull and blank;a total void of emotions. He slowly raised his katana as though it was a thousand ton heavy. Finally, the katana rose above his head, taking a kendo 'Daijodan' posture.

During the process of Yi Wufu raising his katana, Sheyan really wanted to seize the chance to attack;however, he was forced back by the stern warnings of his perceptive sensing. At this moment, Yi Wufu was like one with his katana, dazzling, elegant, filled with hidden ability! Sheyan was able to sense;when Yi Wufu executed his stance, his body's 'spirit, energy, essence' had concentrated onto the katana's blade. Like an impending tsunami, the energy rolled in peacefully, but once unleashed, it could sweep away cities and mountains!

Instantly, Yi Wufu swept horizontally with his katana, releasing a shocking blade ray. A head flew out, blood gushing out from the decapitated head. The head carried an unexplainably ghastly serenity, naturally no idea she was just killed!

That decapitated person was that female servicing Yi Wufu beforehand. Adorned in a sapphire dress, the headless body stumbled around and spun rounds, blood spurting out from the neck like a fountain, before slumping to the ground. The blade ray disappeared amidst the drizzling blood, vanishing with elegance and sorrow!!!


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