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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Katana

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan surveyed the room, noticing that japanese still had his back facing them;as though he was completely oblivious. The female too, was diligently brewing tea without the slightest disturbance. Instead, spilt tea droplets exposed her nervousness.

The Chairman of the United Bamboo gang looked at Sheyan with an ashen expression;his eyes about to pop out, slapping both hands onto the wooden floor he exclaimed.

’’Come, do it!’’ The Fourseas gang was able to hire a monster like you, it is indeed I, Gu Yuean's misfortune!’’

The person that Sheyan just killed was called Huan, as for the chairman, his name was coincidentally Gu Yuean*. Yet Sheyan couldn't be bothered with him, casting aside his shirt filled with bullet holes as he stripped off a black suit from one of the corpses, and wore it. Preparing to walk out, the Gu Yuean's eyes widened with shock.

(TN: Hu-an (胡安) is almost identical to Gu Yuean (古月安) in chinese)

’’You're not going to kill me? You're actually not going to? What game are you trying to play?’’

Sheyan turned around with a frustrated look.

’’Didn't you hear me? Whoever tries to kill me, will die! If you had fired against me, I would surely destroy you. The only reason you're still alive, is that you didn't open fire against me.’’

Gu Yuean was brimming with disbelief.

’’Then....then why did you assault my people?’’

Sheyan felt a belly of hot air rising, as he pointed towards the japanese woman.

’’I was just f***king asking that woman for directions, but that japanese tried to kill me with a dagger! Just ask that bitch if I'm right.’’

Gu Yuean had a puzzled expression on his face, turning around immediately to interrogate her. As they conversed in japanese, Sheyan simply ignored them and proceeded to leave the room. But at this moment, a sudden chill enveloped his back, the same icy cold sensation of a venomous snake slowly slithering towards him;shocking him rooted to the ground.

Behind him, that unperturbed, devoted to art kimono male straightened his body as he turned calmly. His hand held a old-fashioned katana! His glare was directed straight towards Sheyan's back!

’’You, are, not, allowed, to leave.’’

His voice as clear as water. Although his chinese wasn't accurate, his pronunciation was extremely clear;like water droplets falling from a gentle bamboo in the still courtyard. Drip by drip, the deathly cold silence piercing into the ears, and deep into their hearts.

Sheyan turned around rapidly, drinking two mouthfuls of his 'Endless Vodka', bringing his health back to 80%. His pupils had shrank as he asked.

’’You're a contestant?’’

But as the word contestant left his mouth, Sheyan instantly received a stern notification from the nightmare imprint.

’’Warning: You are suspected of mildly leaking the realm's secret. First offence, no disciplinary action taken.’’

’’Warning: You are suspected of mildly leaking the realm's secret. First offence, no disciplinary action taken.

’’F****, How did I forget about that?’’ Sheyan was shocked. He immediately recalled the first few warnings received back in the Terminator world.

’’In the real world, it is strictly prohibited to divulge any information pertaining to the nightmare realm, whether passively or actively done.’’

’’The unique abilities obtained in the nightmare realm, should not be casually use in the present world. If not, faced with massive repercussions! (Example of a passive usage)’’

The samurai had thick black brows, roughly in his thirties to forties. He appeared cultured and refined, leaking out an incisively sharp aura;he was like a cloth wrapped over a dazzling weapon, gentle and meek outside, but devastating on the inside. As he witnessed Sheyan's wine cup, his eyes flickered.

’’Good stuff!’’

Sheyan replied gently.

’’You're pretty knowledgeable? What do you want?’’

’’Yi Wufu, please advise!’’

After speaking, he unsheathed his shimmering katana, piercing straight towards Sheyan! The two were nearly 30 metres apart;yet as his snow white kimono fluttered to the rhythm of unsheathing the katana, he had arrived in front of Sheyan!

As the saying goes, when an expert makes his move, even knowing it was equivalent to not knowing. Based on his one move, Sheyan could determine his agility was at least around 25 points to 30 points, his speed was able to suppress him totally. But to Sheyan, his biggest headaches were still those formidable support magician type contestants. Instead, an agility type close combatant would probably not have an innate defense, and was an opponent Sheyan welcomed greatly.

Like a drifting leaf, the samurai gracefully arrived, and the first thing Sheyan did was to retreat! This was the experience he gained from facing Vampire Edward back in the Harry Potter world. Knocking against a wooden sliding door behind him, he exerted strength into his back. The door broke into dozens of splinters, scattering in all directions! The katana shimmered, slicing mercilessly against his chest and arms. Long trails of blood was drawn out without staining the katana blade. Before the first wave of blood landed, the second trial had already been carved out!

Even though he was facing a barrage of blades, Sheyan didn't slow down, his back breaking through every single obstacle until it collided with cold, solid wall! Moreover, the position he ended up in was cunning, coincidentally in the corner of the room! The walls by his side would now limit the frontal assaults to only 90 degrees, restricting it substantially. For an agile close combatant trying to rely on speed superiority to strike at vitals from every angle, this was now an impossibility. Especially those with abilities specially suited to backstab an enemy, naturally all these was impossible now!

The katana shimmered coldly, flashing by his left shoulder as a blood ray spurted out. Sheyan didn't even get the chance to see its shadow, before a chunk of flesh was carved out again. Yet Sheyan was unconcerned, such a degree of damage was still acceptable! More importantly, he knew that contestants would similarly be bounded by the 40% damage regulation even in the present world! His eyes were combusting with a fiery blaze.

Yi Wufu consecutively executed 4 sword moves. This monster ahead had rigidly took it head on. Even though Sheyan had 4 gruesome long slash wounds;for some unknown reason, every time he gazed into Sheyan's eyes, Yi Wufu would feel a painful burnt sensation.

The tranquil and graceful Yi Wufu, certainly hated such an inharmonious feeling!

Yet the worst part was, this enemy had a perceptive sensing that could stifle his own, he was completely unable to receive any combat log information about the enemy;while everything was plainly visible to the enemy. The combat log was vital in indicating who occupied the advantage!

Yet it fueled Yi Wufu's desire to behead his enemy, using blood to dye his snow white kimono. Only by killing, could he climb to the pinnacle of existence!

After his fifth sword move, he suddenly felt a ripple of reaction from his enemy. He couldn't help sneering.

’’Can't handle it anymore? You think you can break through my sword path?’’

’’Although I don't have my equipment now, my pure agility is already 23 points. Even a barrage of bullets is nothing to me!’’

’’I, Yi Wufu, have been training with the sword since I was 4 years old, right up till 38 years! My swordsmanship has 35 years of experience. Every single sword move has been honed painstakingly a thousand times. You only received 4 moves, and you think you can see through me?’’

As expected, everything was in accordance to Yi Wufu's judgement. The enemy slumped his shoulders, looking as if he wanted to attempt to break out of the flurry of swords. Yi Wufu laughed;his wrist twisting as his katana swerved from a strange angle, slashing down against his enemy's lats! This ingenious move.....was like a wave crashing against an immovable cliff, water mist filling the atmosphere, as a torrential waterfall of wave remnants came showering down!

The katana flashed by, slicing a long wound on Sheyan's lats. His flesh whirling out of the wound, exposing the rib beneath. Yet at this moment, Yi Wufu finally showed an opening;it was a calligrapher stroking brilliantly without stopping, but eventually, there would always be a short moment of pause after a masterpiece.

At that instance the katana halted momentarily, Sheyan pushed his chest right into the knife blade of the katana!

Blood finally dyed the katana as it splashed everywhere. Yi Wufu was completely stunned at his opponent's drastic suicidal tactic! The katana was a deadly weapon;no matter how exquisite his sword arts were, he would definitely not miss out on the chance to drive it into the enemy's flesh. Normally, when his deadly katana drilled fatally into the enemy's chest, it would signal the conclusion of the battle. Therefore in this instance, Yi Wufu felt a temporary relief.

Who could fathom the agonizing terror of a katana impaling one's chest. Yet if Yi Wufu had witnessed Sheyan's battle with the centaur Hertz Ruhr, he would've been utterly amazed. This move was Sheyan's signature trump card! Even if this move ended up in a failure, with his high HP and defense, he could afford it. Since he was willing to take the gamble, he wouldn't allow himself to suffer a crushing, unsalvageable defeat!


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